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Wonder Woman Movie's Mattel Figures PLUS Build-a-Figure Revealed at Toy Fair

Toy Fair 2017 was this weekend in New York City, and it provided us our first official look at Mattel’s upcoming Wonder Woman movie action figures. 759 mots de plus

Wonder Woman

Hell or High Water (Review)

Hell or High Water opens with a quiet moment in a small Texan town. The empty streets are shown as woman pulls her car into the parking lot and makes her way to her place of employment: a bank. 1 031 mots de plus

Wonder Woman had its first test screening and the verdict is..

The first test screening for DC’s Wonder Woman happened over the weekend, and it seems there’s some positive buzz in the online stratosphere.

Starring Gal Gadot as the Amazonian Princess, the film is DC’s next hope for critical success following the black clouds hanging over previous efforts, Batman V Superman and the… 540 mots de plus


This Is Who Will Play Ares In 'Wonder Woman'

According to Batman-News, multiple sources have confirmed that Harry Potter actor David Thewlis will portray Ares in Wonder Woman.

The news comes after Warner Bros. 123 mots de plus


Hell or High Water

Hell or High Water felt like the lovechild of Fargo, Smokey and the Bandit, and the state of Texas. Which, as you might imagine, is bizarre, not particularly phenomenal, but definitely intriguing. 618 mots de plus


...pay back

In the spirit of starting this year’s Oscar reviews with honesty, I’m going to be upfront with you. When I saw that « Hell or High Water » was a Best Picture nominee I assumed it was because it was a Jeff Bridges western (he has a history). 380 mots de plus


Hell Or High Water

This contains spoilers about the movie, ‘Hell Or High Water’. If you’re planning to see the movie, don’t read further, unless you’re okay knowing some important matters. 399 mots de plus