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Hell or High Water - Review

by Scott Gentry

Following the tragic death of their mother, formerly estranged brothers Toby (Chris Pine) and ex-con Tanner (Ben Foster), reunite upon the discovery that the Texas Midlands Bank is threatening to foreclose on their family’s West Texas farm – land containing mass mounts of oil, ripe for harvest.   1 071 mots de plus


Review: Hell or High Water is 2016's best drama so far.

If you’re looking for something to get you through the end of summer, and also bridge the drought between now and Awards Season Movie Hype, look no further than… 712 mots de plus


A powerful force is set in motion in ‘Unstoppable’

Rating 3.5/5

This film, based on actual events, suggests what happens when determination and experience are brought forward to solve a pending disaster. All of the elements – story, character, action, and cinematography – come together as director… 442 mots de plus

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Brothers in Arms: A "Hell or High Water" Review

By: Daniel Reynolds

It takes some doing to surprise in a bank heist movie. We’ve seen it all before — films that avoid showing the heist entirely… 1 000 mots de plus


Review: 'Hell or High Water' Is the Modern Western You Didn't Know You Wanted

Believe it or not, the best westerns in filmmaking history have been more than action movies. They’ve been more than thrilling shootouts and chase scenes on horseback. 858 mots de plus


FilmWonk Podcast - Episode #90 - "Hell or High Water" (dir. David Mackenzie)

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Post-Apocalyptic Triangulation (Z for Zachariah review)

People are sick. They have an odd fascination with the end of the world as we know it. EOTWAWKI for short. But the problem with the EOTWAWKI is that it’s been done so many time in film, music, visual art and literature now, that we don’t really react to it as viscerally as we should. 861 mots de plus