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COME, FOLLOW JESUS: “I Am with You Always”

Matthew 28:18-20

       Ladies and gentlemen, this is the very last COME, FOLLOW JESUS message as I am going to be closing this blog on June 14th and leaving WordPress to move on to bigger and much better things. 1 335 mots de plus


are you really waiting for Him to go first?

I’ve recently had a conversation with someone about Christianity. Somewhere in the conversation, we got on the topic of pursuing God whole-heartedly, when that should happen, and… 569 mots de plus


"If It Wasn't for Noah"

Beloved, one of the dirtiest, most detrimental lies that the devil ever told you was when he said, « You aren’t important. » Beloved, don’t you ever believe that!!! 516 mots de plus


A letter to THE Christian

BOND 222

Dear Christian,

In this world of endless nothingness, we should rejoice. Perhaps, not because of the world but while we are in the world, perhaps not because we are of the world but because while we are in the world, we have joy that the world didn’t give nor can it explain.

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SBC President J. D. Greear Calls on American Churches to Put the Gospel 'Above All' Other Issues, Including Politics and Social Justice, in New Book

Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear is calling on American churches to put Gospel evangelism “above all” other issues, including politics, social justice and worship preferences. 798 mots de plus


isaiah 15-16

I met two friends of a friend yesterday. One was fairly awkward but overall, easy to get along with. The other however, upset me a great deal by being extremely late (like over an hour) and drunk (the loud kind). 559 mots de plus