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ΩΡΕΣ ΠΑΡΑΣΤΑΣΕΩΝ: 21.00 / 23.00

Η νέα ταινία του Μαρκ Λόρενς, Καθηγητής με το ζόρι (The rewrite), με τους Χιού Γκραντ και Μαρίσα Τομέι.

Ο σεναριογράφος Κιθ Μάικλς τα είχε όλα- μία Χρυσή Σφαίρα, μια τεράστια επιτυχία με την υπογραφή του κι ανεξάντλητα αποθέματα Βρετανικού χιούμορ και γοητείας. 7 mots de plus


Front of La Cinematheque Francaise

This photo shows the main entrance to La Cinematheque Francaise with its unique architecture complimenting the building that is dedicated to cinema.

More photos to be seen at… 9 mots de plus


How has Adam Sandler ruined your life?

I’m amazed that film studios are willing to give Adam Sandler more money to take vacations with his friends and film it. With poor films like: … 180 mots de plus


Watch Hollywood Blow Up London in the Trailer For London Has Fallen

At this point, the canon of apocalypse cinema is predictable. The audience will witness one of four eschatological events — an alien invasion; a meteor strike; some implausible meteorological event; an epidemic that either kills people or turns them into zombies — that will seemingly only ravage the United States, where Morgan Freeman sits in the White House. 220 mots de plus

1001 Filmes para ver antes de Morrer - #51

All Quiet on the Western Front

com Lew Ayres, Louis Wolheim, John Wray

Ano: 1930

País: Estados Unidos

Direção: Lewis Milestone

Média IMDB: 8,1

Tomatometer: 23 mots de plus


Review: Terminator Genisys

There’s a brief moment toward the start of the film, during the scenes of the future war, where we find that after Judgement Day humans were rounded up and imprisoned in extermination camps.  684 mots de plus