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The Green Ray: The Poet in Love

Though it may not seem very obvious, one of the most important cinematic influences for Éric Rohmer was Alfred Hitchcock. If you know enough about Rohmer’s biography, this shouldn’t come across as a big surprise. 1 540 mots de plus


This is a Movie Review: The Intern

If The Intern were to focus solely on Anne Hathaway, it would be pretty dispiriting. As Jules, the founder/CEO of an e-commerce clothing company, her struggle does not go much beyond « Can successful women have it all? 197 mots de plus


A lesson in misteaks: Hot Fuzz and Tim Messenger

The fiction: Hot Fuzz, released 2007. Director: Edgar Wright. Props master: David « Springer » Horrill

The newspaper: Sandford Citizen

A sleepy town full of flowers, churchyards and the elderly. 3 558 mots de plus


October x "Camp"

This morning I decided to re-read one of my favorite cultural reflections, Susan Sontag’s, « Notes on Camp ».  You can tell the research involved took decades of consuming and digesting visual media + art and trying to classify it all into a word that few before knew existed. 471 mots de plus


Pride & Prejudice & Zombies teaser

It’s been quiet a while since the zombie takeover in just about every facet of media (television, film, and literature) was a thing. The ridiculously camp version of the Jane Austen classic, … 78 mots de plus