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Snatch (2000)

This unique gem of cinema follows the story of Turkish (Statham), an unlicensed boxing promoter, who reluctantly hires a gypsy to fight for him and thereby avoid Brick Top’s (Ford) merciless grip. 897 mots de plus


Bi Gan - Long Day's Journey Into Night

Watching Bi Gan’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night, there can be little doubt that the director himself is a cinephile. Here, we witness touches of Tarantino, Kar-wai, Ming-liang and the biggest of them all, Tarkovsky. 379 mots de plus


Zoya Akhtar's 'Gully Boy' To Represent India In Oscars!

Gully Boy, directed by Zoya Akhtar has officially been chosen by The Film Federation of India to represent India in the Academy Awards – it will be entered in the international feature film category. 100 mots de plus


Not So Guilty Pleasures: Twilight

Seeing as we’re talking about guilt in this post, I might as well fess up to neglecting my blog a fair bit lately. It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post so I’m really sorry for keeping you waiting (I know you must have all been in despair not having any new posts to read). 1 180 mots de plus