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Cisco REST API - Part I: Getting started

First published: 24/Oct/2016
Last update: 24/Oct/2016
ASA REST API version: 1.3.2

REST is an acronym of Representational State Transfer (REST) API. This API provide administrators an option to perform CRUD operations which is Create, Read, Update, Delete. 784 mots de plus


Why Businesses Need to Secure Connected Devices to Win Consumer Trust

The Internet of things is dangerous. If anyone had doubts, just consider what happened on Friday when hackers took over millions of web-connected devices—security cameras, routers, and so on—and instructed them to knock out parts of the Internet. 433 mots de plus


OSPF ile Dinamik Yönlendirme

OSPF (Open Shortest Path First – İlk Önce En Kısa Yolu Aç) Prokolü ile Dinamik Yönlendirme – TEMEL DÜZEYDE ÖZET

Bir yerden sonra statik yönlendirme ağın genişleyip kompleks yapıya dönüşmesiyle birlikte ağ yöneticisine büyük bir külfet getirip işlerin karışmasına sebebiyet verir. 812 mots de plus


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Cisco vuln shows up in attack tools leaked by “NSA hackers” – https://wp.me/p120rT-1rhA


Some Famous Logos and the concept behind it!

Everything creation in this world has some deep thinking and concept behind it. Be it architecture, automobiles or software, everything needs a deep thinking. The world of logos is not a exception either! 407 mots de plus