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Phones @ Work - Cisco 7912 - Local AC Moore

This is a fine (but severely inferior) Cisco 7912 IP Phone taken at my local AC Moore store. I should say one the local AC Moore stores. 163 mots de plus

Office Telephones

Sourcefire Intrusion Prevention Policy Layers

Let’s talk a little bit about « Policy Layers » and « FireSIGHT Recommendations » in Intrusion Prevention Policy. We mention that in previous blog… 1 182 mots de plus


The Morning Dump - May 22nd

When will Apple Music launch? The Morning Dump – BI

Morning Dump

Installing Cisco ACS 5.6 in VMware

Recently I completed the installation of Cisco ACS 5.6 in VMware. These are the steps I followed:

1. Login to your VMware client

2. Right click on the host where you would like to install the new VM… 218 mots de plus


Only the EU sticks to Russian sanctions.

US business with Russia as usual?

The US high tech company Cisco is said to have sold sensitive technology to the Russian secret service.

Cisco has thus violated the Russia-sanctions, however, the US authorities did not take on any investigation. 90 mots de plus


EIGRP Composite Metrics

Bandwidth – is a metric assigned to an interface. Bandwidth describes the transmission speed of an interface. If the bandwidth is not manually entered, EIGRP will assign implicit value to the interface depending on the hardware type. 513 mots de plus


Quanta Computer exclusively supplies VCE with servers used in VxRack System, say Taiwan makers

Quanta Computer has become VCE’s exclusive supplier of servers used in its VxRack System, a hyper-converged rack-scale system for private cloud applications unveiled by VCE in early May, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers.  49 mots de plus