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The Internet of Things & IP Address Needs

With IPv6, there’s no need to fear that there won’t be enough IP addresses for IoT. The real question is whether every ‘thing’ needs its own IP address.   10 mots de plus


Блог ещё одного админа

Вчера в сети наткнулся на блог неизвестного героя, который сталкивался с большинством проблем, с которыми имел дело и я. В наличии имеются настройка 3G и 4G модулей для маршрутизаторов, обзор проблем с MTU и прочие вкусности.

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Flash Recap: All Star Team Up

There’s a ton of crime happening tonight.
Joe calls Barry for help and he appears in the backseat instantly. The indecent exposure guy almost discovers Barry’s secret identity! 3 839 mots de plus

Barry Allen

CCNA 4 Final Exam

Which two statements about DSL are true? (Choose two.)

users are on a shared medium

uses RF signal transmission

local loop can be up to 3.5 miles (5.5km) 4 971 mots de plus


CCNA 3 Final Exam

A network designer is considering whether to implement a switch block on the company network. What is the primary advantage of deploying a switch block? 3 023 mots de plus


Lucha Underground on El Rey Network (11.19.14)

Lucha Underground
November 19, 2014
Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Brother Vampiro.
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