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MWC 2015: Virtual EPC Startups Snagged by the Big Guys, Filling Gaps in Portfolios

Summary Bullets:

  • Virtual EPC investments pay off for start-ups as major vendors open their wallets, filling portfolio gaps and strengthening their virtual network propositions.
  • Multiple vEPC wins add credibility and a level of completeness to the virtual networking solutions; customers bite and move on from PoCs and trials to commercial services.
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Cisco ACI impressions from #NFD9

If you held a gun to my head and told me to pick the best solution for a next generation data center network solution for a large enterprise with a myriad of requirements such as multi-hypervisor and a moderate amount of physical hosts … I would pick Cisco ACI. 192 mots de plus

Data Center

What is Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)?


Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) is a link-state, hierarchical, classless routing protocol that was developed by Cisco as a replacement of RIP. It has Administrative Distance of 110. 17 mots de plus


Configuring Date and Time on a Cisco 3750G Layer 3 Switch.

The lower end of Cisco switches e.g the C3750 Layer 3, do not have a built-in system clock mechanism. As a result, the time needs to be set either manually or by an external ntp time source. 139 mots de plus


TCP throughput vs. Delay and Window Size

TCP throughput (bits per second) = Window Size (bits) / Latency (seconds)

Optimal TCP Window Size (bits) = Bandwidth (bits per second) * RTT latency (seconds)

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What is Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)?


EIGRP is a classful, distance vector routing protocol that was released in 1992 by Cisco. It is an improved version of IGRP. Fundamentally, it is a distance vector routing protocol, but it also has the characteristics of link-state routing protocol. 43 mots de plus