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Automated Cisco IOS Backups: Intro to Cisco Kron Jobs

Have you ever wanted to backup your running/startup configurations or perform a write mem automatically?  If so, here’s how to do just that!

Note: This has been tested on IOS version 12.2. 188 mots de plus


Change a Cisco Telnet Password with these Steps

With the ability for you to discover the advantages of 4G LTE, Cisco routers provide access to applications and services in order to integrate technologies. The best part about it is that the Cisco Routers provide an option for remote access using Telnet. 464 mots de plus


Facebook and Microsoft Team On Transatlantic High-Speed Data Cable

Beginning in August, Facebook and Microsoft are launching a 14-month-long project to lay 6,600 kilometers (4,100 miles) of high-speed cable across the Atlantic, from Virginia Beach to Bilbao, Spain. 500 mots de plus


Crazy sniffing

The story is simple – you fire up your Wireshark and start sniffing (you may have your IP set or not – doesn’t matter). What happens? 278 mots de plus


Take CCNA Industrial 200-601 IMINS2 exam test

When you choose our CCNA Industrial 200-601 IMINS2 exam test, we also provide one year of free updates. This allow you to have more ample time to prepare for the exam. 359 mots de plus


BGP Path Attributes 1 - Weight

« WEIGHT » is Cisco Proprietary Attribute and it’s not included in the BGP updates. Weight can be set between 0-65535 (default value is 0) and higher value is more preferable. 343 mots de plus