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Budapest : mise en bouche via la Citadelle

Budapest est une ville qui vaut le détour, ne serait-ce que par ses nombreux monuments dédiés à Michael Jackson. Mais on reviendra une autre fois sur ma seconde foi. 283 mots de plus


on wandering the medieval streets of a citadel in calvi

During a recent trip to Haute-Core (Upper Corsica) and while driving north from Bastia to Macinaggio on the east coast of Corsica and down the west coast from Centuri to Cargèse, I noticed the many, many stone towers that dotted the two coastlines. 428 mots de plus


The Renson Family and Namur

Right: Stephanie and Jean-Francois, 1st host parents
Left: Isabelle and Louis, 3rd host parents

In late April I got an email from my counselor in Belgium, saying that I would be hosted by district 2170 and the Namur-Citadelle club! 322 mots de plus