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Citations on preprints

Preprints is a relatively new class of scientific publications that seek to expedite the publication of results and new ideas in an updatable format. Specifically, new versions of the same article could be posted when ready. 178 mots de plus

Science Communications

Our Mother in nature, our Mother in grace, because he wanted altogether to become our Mother in all things, made the foundation of his work most humbly and most mildly in the maiden’s womb.

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Dearly beloved, the reading from the holy gospel about the sower requires no explanation, but only a word of warning. In fact the explanation has been given by Truth himself, and it cannot be disputed by a frail human being. 

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God the blessed Trinity, who is everlasting being, just as he is eternal from without beginning, just so was it in his eternal purpose to create human nature, which fair nature was fist prepared for his own Son, the second person; and when he wished, by full agreement of the whole Trinity he created us all once.

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Quiz and Lesson Plan for Friday, October 13

Today’s quiz is now online. Review it for the following;

  • Paraphrasing
  • Writing analysis about quotations
  • Using brackets to modify quotations

The quiz is at 76 mots de plus

Lesson Plans

L'amour sauvage

« L’amour est tendu sur la plage sauvage / Comme un crabe qui demande le divorce / À la vie. » (Élise Turcotte, Autobiographie de l’esprit, 2013)

Photo: Julie Tremblay-Devirieux, 2017


Le musée sous-marin

« Le Musée rend les peintres aussi mystérieux pour nous que les pieuvres ou les langoustes. »

(Maurice Merleau-Ponty, « Le langage indirect et les voix du silence », Signes, p.79.)