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And, behold, one came and said to Him, Good Master, by doing what, shall I inherit eternal life?

If he had come unto Him tempting, he would not have departed sorrowing for what he heard.

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10 phrases pour rester positive

Bonjour à toutes et bienvenue aux nouvelles arrivées! J’espère que vous allez bien et que votre semaine à démarrer sur les chapeaux de roues et que vous profitez de vos vacances! 487 mots de plus


Both love and duty today fashion my homily for your charity. It is not only that I wish, because of my love for you, and because I am obliged by the sacred canons, to bring to your God-loving ears a saving word and thus to nourish your souls, but if there be any among those things that bind by obligation and love and can be narrated with praise for the Church, it is the great deed of the Ever-Virgin Mother of God.

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The Lord puts the parable of the unforgiving debtor before us that we may learn from it. He has no desire for us to die, so he warns us: « This is how your heavenly Father will deal with you if you, any of you, fail to forgive your brother or sister from your heart.

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The Not-So-Great Imposter: Paraphrase Generators

Many writers have been hounded by ads for Grammarly, and nearly everyone has been shafted by autocorrect a few times. Here at the Writing Center, we’ve been noticing some paragraphs that are either inaccurate, or don’t sound at all like the rest of the paper. 1 104 mots de plus


« How terrible is this place, » I will cry out on the Festival of the Mountain, joining myself to the Patriarch Jacob; for like him, I see a ladder, as it were, reaching its way from earth to heaven, with the ladder supported on the ridge that crowned the mountain; so gripped by amazement at the vision, I cry, « How terrible is this place!

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