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Citation de Victor Hugo 2

Le poète en des jours impies
Vient préparer des jours meilleurs,
Il est l’homme des utopies,
Les pieds ici, les yeux ailleurs.


Protesters in Scranton Cited on Inauguration Day

SCRANTON — A protest in Scranton during the presidential inauguration on Friday ended with the police stepping in.

Three people are being cited after an incident outside Senator Bob Casey’s office. 419 mots de plus


« The commandment of the Lord shines clearly, enlightening the eyes. » Receive Christ, receive power to see, receive your light, « that you may plainly recognize both God and man. 

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Citing Sources: Remember Your Cousin in Santa Fe

Thank you for the reminder about citing sources!  Sharing this for all to remember proper format isn’t what’s important – make it easier for others to find it. 247 mots de plus


heat of the moment

yes, devouring and notable moments often come uninvited, unintended and lasts for time enough to truncate the no nonsense period to a forgettable, interesting and often, trivial endeavors. 140 mots de plus


Motivation is contagious

Hello everyone ! 

19th of January 2017 : I’m motivated to write this post.

« Motivation : a word for the inexplicable » – Abbot Ernest…

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