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Waifs and strays – those papers nobody cites (or reads?)

I guess, like most, if not all of us, who publish papers, we hope that not only will our papers be read, but that they will be cited by others, not just ourselves.  1 309 mots de plus

Science Writing

Beware the Derivative

My mind naturally compiles things–sorting like things into some kind of order. I see the attraction and admire the dedication of people who take records from a location and compile them into a collection that is easily researched. 987 mots de plus

Citation Analysis of Scientific Categories

I stumbled across an interesting paper the other day with the title Citation Analysis of Scientific Categories. The title isn’t really accurate because not all the 231 categories covered by the analysis are `scientific’: they include many topics in the arts and humanities too. 370 mots de plus

Science Politics

World Bank Report Into Research Productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa

This report [1] shows the following:

  • Over the last decade, the research output from sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) in terms of total citations has risen rapidly, but is still less than a third of a percent of the world output, while the continent houses 12% of the global population.
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Richard Lilford

The Gospel describes the Lord’s life upon earth and his return to heaven. But the sublime prophet David, as though unencumbered by the weight of his body, rose above himself to mingle with the heavenly powers and record for us their words as they accompanied the Master when he came down from heaven.

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LSE Impact Blog: The academic papers researchers regard as significant are not those that are highly cited

LSE Impact Blog: The academic papers researchers regard as significant are not those that are highly cited . « For many years, academia has relied on citation count as the main way to measure the impact or importance of research, informing metrics such as the Impact Factor and the h-index. 65 mots de plus

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Congratulations Juan Carlos!


Be it hereby known to all that

the City of Lowell in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

hereby offers its sincere congratulations to… 140 mots de plus