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Adding a classic to my wardrobe


Because I live in Scotland, majority of my coats/jackets are either wax/waterproof jackets or thick and woolly to protect me from bitter cold winds and harsh rains. 238 mots de plus

The art of not caring

I strongly believe there are certain situations where one has to purposely and purposefully estrange itself from situations, why not even people, to function properly. 140 mots de plus


Item of the day: Clarks shoes

We took Jenson to get fitted for his first pair of shoes a few weeks ago. We went to Clarks so he could get measured properly – they measure the width as well as the length, to ensure a comfortable fit while they’re growing and learning to walk. 103 mots de plus


Clarks USA 2

We were so excited to receive another pair of Clarks Shoes! We thought it would be fun to get a little more dressed up in some classy looking shoes this time. 125 mots de plus


That dress...

…We’ve all had them. Dresses or whole outfits that we’ll never forget. That made us feel ace. That made us walk taller, say witty things and feel top of the world. 609 mots de plus

Things I Love

Animal print loafers!

I have a strange relationship with Clarks.

The shoes are always comfortable, well made and I never deviate from a size 4, but I sometimes struggle with the styling. 197 mots de plus

Animal Print Shoes