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Blue Flower Dress

This outfit encompasses two things that I have been really into lately; patterns and hats. The bright blue flower pattern of the dress really plays into the warmer colors that you will see this time of year. 130 mots de plus

My Style

Memories from the Clarks

Living in the same ward as grandma and grandpa caused a lot of contention amongst us kids growing up. It was always a race and/or fight as to who got to sit by grandma during sacrament meeting- she happened to be the world’s best back tickler! 449 mots de plus


Jan Crandall Clark

Before my Mom became the “practically perfect in every way” Mom and Grandma that we know, she was just a normal mischievous little girl. One hot summer day when she was in about 5th or 6th grade she was on “punishment”, also known as grounding. 917 mots de plus


Seven things we love about the new Clarks Kids range 

Who doesn’t love shoes? Even Toddler Munch was excited to wear her new gold trainers last week. Shoes say a lot about our lifestyle and our style.  802 mots de plus