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The Best Kids Shoes

Although I am sure a lot of us would just go barefoot if we could. Unfortunately most places just won’t let you do that! Ya know, it’s the whole, « No shoes, no shirt, no service! 522 mots de plus


Gotta get going. A fashion post. (I love Fall!)

“Gotta get going. Where we going? What’re we gonna do?” That’s an old song my mom used to sing to us at the beginning of every road trip. 821 mots de plus

Stuff I Like/stuff I Don't Like

Shoreditch Set

I have to admit that until now, the only set i’ve ever owned was either pyjamas or a tracksuit. This set from Free People is about 100 times more fashionable, while being surprisingly just as comfortable. 121 mots de plus


The Classic Black Boot

This shoe can be worn with EVERYTHING. Although ankle boots mark the beginning of autumn, I always find myself wearing my black boots all year round, making it a wardrobe staple. 259 mots de plus



I don’t know about you, but I really hate rainy days especially when I need to go out. But that’s life, you can’t help it. Things are always better when you’re well dressed and you’re wearing your favourite attire. 165 mots de plus


It can happen to anyone

Author – David in the UK

A couple of years ago I was in Paris on holiday and used the Metro to get around. In some of the stations I noticed that there were odd shoes on the track and, surprisingly, most of them wee men’s shoes of various kinds. 344 mots de plus

Losing Shoes