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Clarks Tri-Amber

For a great pair of shoes in a size nine is a difficult thing to find. Thankfully there are still companies like Clarks who still cater for those of us with bigger feet than average and who need comfort and style in our wardrobes, or shoe-drobes as it is. 77 mots de plus


Buying school shoes for the 1st time

So today I risked going to Clarks to buy my son his shoes for school. Yes I know it’s last minute but I’m not risking a sudden growth spurt & having to spend more money. 435 mots de plus


The day we said I do

A few of might wonder why Denmark well let me tell you my darlings getting married in Germany is not easy for international couples, especially when one of them comes from Albania. 322 mots de plus

Albanian Blogger

Hint of Mauve

Here is my little outfit concoction that features this gorgeous, mauve skirt. It is a great piece to help you transition from Summer to Autumn… and if you’re anything like me guys, then you’ll get excited for season changes simply because it gives you yet another reason (amongst a million other) to start shopping and thrifting in order to update your wardrobes so that it is up and ready for the season that is approaching. 201 mots de plus