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Acting Study #1

This is a great scene from the movie Stepmom. Notice the difference in body language.

Julia Robert’s character is uncomfortable. She’s a bit fidgety at the beginning and makes less eye contact. 55 mots de plus


Griffin's New iTrip Clip Adapter Makes Wired Headphones Work Wirelessly

(Source: www.macrumors.com)

Just days before Apple is expected to announce the

To use the iTrip Clip with Apple’s wired EarPods, for example, an iPhone user would simply plug the headphones into the adapter and pair the accessory with the smartphone via Bluetooth 4.1. 221 mots de plus


Escape or Perish in New ‘Siren’ Clip

Siren looks to be an insanely slick pic. The first clip has big promise, and I’m really digging the setting of the story. There’s certainly hope for this indie with a pulse. 173 mots de plus



I don’t have time to write a post about the whole film unfortunately but I just wanted to share a clip from Manhunter with you. 223 mots de plus