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Liima's new clip

New clip from Nordic’s guys of Liima. This band is composed of Efterklang and the Finnish percussionist Tatu Rönkkö.

The single « Amerika » comes from their first album « ii », which will be released on 18th of March on… 8 mots de plus


More goodies from ‘The Final Project’

Heading to select theaters this Friday is the survival supernatural horror THE FINAL PROJECT. The Taylor Ri’chard feature involves a group of students visiting a haunted plantation which is clearly a mistake in our book. 310 mots de plus

Horror News

Un film très spécial

Le casque, on le met sur quoi?…la tête

Le film documentaire » Dis maîtresse maîtresse ! » est un coup de cœur de la MAIF. Il montre le quotidien d’une classe de maternelle dans la périphérie de Lyon. 22 mots de plus

20 Minutes Of Culture

#44 the youtube hoop


Watching shit.

Why are cats so freaked by cucumbers and bananas?


5th feb 2016

Upon reading my last post about the Challenge, I realize that I actually never announced what the next one would be. My intention was, in the last fortnight, to write 10 blog posts. 115 mots de plus

Nouveau clip de Simple Plan

Les québécois de Simple Plan viennent de sortir un clip pour la chanson Opinion Overload, issue de leur prochain album, Taking One For The Team… 8 mots de plus


Top That from Teen Witch: Film Clip

If you were lucky (can I say that?) to be alive during the 90s, then you might have heard of the wonderful movie Teen Witch… 123 mots de plus