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Collectif sample sale

I love repro vintage clothing and the most accessible to me is Collectif. I love their sample sales and get something every time I go. 110 mots de plus

A Stroke of Genius

In a fit of 2002-inspired nostalgia, I went to see The Strokes in Hyde Park with my friend Bethany last Thursday. While Julian Casablancas’s hair, £5.50 pints and men announcing loudly that they had sore genitalia left a lot to be desired, I had a great time dancing around to music which reminded me of being younger, skinter and stupider. 284 mots de plus

Outfit Post

Strawberry Fields Forever

Let’s just state the obvious…I am OBSESSED with all things strawberries! Yes, there’s no denying it…when I see clothing that has these adorable little fruits on them, I simply cannot resist. 779 mots de plus

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Baggy Trousers & Perfect Jackets

Me and trousers never really got on so well. For some reason; I always just felt like more of ‘skirts & dresses’ kind of gal. It wasn’t until recently that I realised part of my inhibition and reluctance towards wearing trousers; actually had a lot to do with my choice of outerwear when wearing said trousers. 460 mots de plus

Frocks & Fashion

An ode to The Boy - 36 weeks to go

In the past couple of weeks, several people have said to me, « You seem really calm and relaxed about the whole wedding », therefore making me a) feel like I’m abnormal and b) stress out about the fact I’m not stressed (thanks Mum – I could have gotten your figure or your height but no – you gave me the worrier gene. 1 261 mots de plus

General Wedding Musings

Start Wearing Purple

If there’s one thing my family like, it’s a wedding. After all, it’s the perfect excuse to get dressed up AND get drunk. What’s not to love? 362 mots de plus

Outfit Post

We're all going on a Summer holiday...

This was a piece I wrote last year, before I started working at Kiss Me Deadly – I had an excellent holiday, but I wish I’d packed more sparkly underwear. 477 mots de plus