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Voir, comprendre, ressentir, voyager…

Une autre manière de voir le monde, c’est ce vers quoi tend le jeune artiste Kik Manson.

Du haut de ses 21 ans et de son mètre 85, Kik Manson croque, esquisse et modèle les traits d’un monde rêvé, imaginé et pourtant bien ancré dans la réalité.

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Maggie Ann Vintage

Maggie Ann joined the girls a short while ago and has proved to be a very popular addition. Maggie stocks the reproduction clothing upstairs and travels all the way from Harlow in Essex to bring it to us here at my top floor! 225 mots de plus


Taking Flight Into a New Era

This year my goal was to wear every single item in my closet at least once since we’ve had one of the most beautiful summers in years. 589 mots de plus

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Collectif Clothing sale goodies

I had my eye on several things on the Collectif clothing website and had lots of tabs saved to my favourites so I could stalk them for any discounts so I was very excited when browsing Instagram one day to see that they had a 50% off sale. 1 001 mots de plus

Body Confidence

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello there!

I am Miss Scarlet May and I am very pleased you have stopped by! This is my first blog and i’m still learning the ropes, but very excited to show you all of my vintage dresses!


Define Your Inner Style

Once thing I truly believe is that our fashion tastes often mature and become more refined as we get older. This journey of personal growth allows us to experiment with new styles and really find what we feel defines our personalities. 544 mots de plus

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What To Wear To a Gastroscopy (and what to expect when you get there)

Hello there :)

On Monday I had my first ever gastroscopy, or gastrointestinal endoscopy. Since it’s human nature to fear the unknown, I wasn’t particularly excited. 855 mots de plus

Chronic Illness