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10 Things Church Can Learn From Geeks - The Huffington Post

I found this great article, and being a GEEK, myself- I had to share it with my readers.  You may not agree with all of it.   158 mots de plus

Man Of Faith

Second time the charm? Rumiko Takahashi nominated for Will Eisner Comic Awards Hall of Fame!

Manga artist Rumiko Takahashi has received her second nomination for the Will Eisner Comic Awards Hall of Fame, and fans are hoping she’ll be inducted this time! 405 mots de plus


How 'Deadpool' Saved Ryan Reynolds From Certain Hunk-Hollywood Fate

There is irony in a terminally ill superhero breathing new life into Ryan Reynolds’ career. Aside from the obvious contrast, the 39-year-old was supposed to have left his high-flying heroics behind when his last comic book adventure, 2011’s… 1 435 mots de plus

Scarlett Johansson

Cedar Rapids Comic Con 2016

Today I’m just going to do a recap of yesterday because let’s be honest, I was completely busy and exhausted by the end of the day. 847 mots de plus


50 years. So far...so good

I pretty much painted myself into a corner.  I decided a month ago to write six blogs leading up to my fiftieth birthday only to figure out that I didn’t really have that much to write about when I examined those forty-nine years leading up to said date.  896 mots de plus

My Life

Batgirl cosplay at comic con - 2 videos

Hey folks, for today I got 2 videos with a batgirl cosplayer. She uses the new batgirl design from the arkham knight video game.

Preview: 72 mots de plus