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C2E2 photo gallery

Here’s a bit of a photo gallery full of photos I took from C2E2 2015 here in Chicago of all of the cosplayers and some of the panels I went to. 414 mots de plus


Post Con Grief

If you attended high school in Australia, then you probably learned about the five stages of grief, particularly the Kubler-Ross Model. Traditionally, the five stages are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. 851 mots de plus

Comic Con

Just a thought...

I’ve been itching to write something for a while really about perception of fans in the media and generally. Mainly fans of film and television shows. 1 057 mots de plus


C2E2 2015: Why Cosplay Matters (Plus Pictures)

Howdy, folks!

A few of us Fangirls got to spend some time at the Comic Con and Entertainment Expo at Chicago’s McCormick Place convention centre this past weekend, attending panels, meeting nerd icons (Stan Lee!), and buying entirely too much memorabilia for which I have no space to display… 451 mots de plus


Jenny's First Time...

It’s time for original and inspirational First Time stories as we lead up to San Diego Comic-Con. First up is Jenny- her story is perfect timing since we just came off of Star Wars Celebration and the hype for Episode VII begins! 842 mots de plus


Fart Shame

All the kids were gathered on the carpet and sat cross-legged for kindergarten story time. My teacher called sitting cross-legged « Indian style » and I don’t know if that politically incorrect term is still being used in kindergarten classrooms today, but I’m going to give my non-white teacher a pass. 505 mots de plus

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