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Mini Con in Moriarty has Potential

Moriarty Mini Comic Con was the newest addition to New Mexico conventions this year, the buzz of the southwest convention community since news of its planning spread through publications and Facebook in late July. 1 510 mots de plus

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Vacation Countdown: Geeking out with Hubby

Mine and Mr. C’s wedding anniversary is just around the corner. It will be year one of survival. ;)

Just kidding! While he gets under my skin sometimes (and I know I bug him from time to time), he is my partner in crime and lucky for me he is a big geek too. 192 mots de plus

In Progress - Gamora's Jacket

I decided to give myself lots of projects to do, all alongside each other, because one obviously isn’t enough! So, even though I’m making progress on all of them, flitting from one to the other means that nothing is getting finished fast. 711 mots de plus


Dover Comic Con 2017 Was the Best Yet!

Arise, arise, Fandoms of Comic Con!
Fun deeds awake: LARP and laughter!
pics shall be taken, bling shall be gotten,
a geek-day, a hot day, ere the sun rises! 435 mots de plus


Geek Corner! Convention Tips.

Hello everyone,

I have a confession to make, I am a full-fledged geek and I think I’ve been one since I was a child. I always gravitate towards nerdy things, that’s why I thought it would be appropriate to create a new segment dedicated to all of the nerdy things I love. 722 mots de plus

Toronto Blogger

Ministry Brings Ho99o9 to Comic Con

Team Klown may have gotten drunk with Punk at the Brick, but Team ASSasIN was in for the win! You know why? Because it was helmed by yours truly! 1 143 mots de plus

San Diego

Week In Review - August 18

Happy Friday!

This week I have a shorter WIR post (kinda like last week – oops). I’ve been spending this week getting ready to move back in at school, and I finally did yesterday, so you can understand that it’s been a bit busy around here. 447 mots de plus