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Are the Fantastic Four returning in May?

Anyone who has been reading Marvel Two-in-One over the past three months will know, the comic has dropped hints that the Fantastic Four – the current black sheep of the Marvel Universe – could be returning to the pages of Marvel in the not-too distant future. 276 mots de plus


Book Review - I Kill Giants

I’ve been having issues lately when trying to read Young Adult books. I don’t love teenage protagonist, in books or movies. I find the range teenage characters have for drama, when written for a young adult audience, to be limiting or, more often than not, dull. 646 mots de plus


Cartoon Network's 'Over The Garden Wall' Returns with November 2018 Graphic Novel

Discover the secrets of the unknown in an all-new original graphic novel in November 2018.

source: Cartoon Network / kaBOOM! Studios

BOOM! Studios, in partnership with Cartoon Network, is proud to announce  489 mots de plus


The Marvel Movie Villains, Ranked

Marvel movies have a villain problem. At least, that’s what occasionally bubbles up from the depths of internet think piece generator, which I think lies between the third and fourth levels of Hell, just behind people who don’t pay attention to where their cart is in the store and just above folks who call people without texting them first. 3 224 mots de plus


Am I the bad cop?

Apparently so! Matthew sent me this strip from Existential Comics with the note, « You are Bad Cop. »  (Click to enlarge; it’s gonna overlap with website text on the right.) I am sad. . . .

Free Will

Well, we know he wouldn't lie...

The implication here seems to be that the quarter was changed to look more like a nickel.

It has???

Bill Bickel