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Whole Heart Update - Spring 2018 Edition

Hi! I’m checking in, after many months way. As I wrote back in the winter, I’ve been taking time off from Whole Heart Local, my trusty blog and web home since 2011. 1 556 mots de plus

Boston Moments

Beyond Recognition #2: Mysterio

I know that Mysterio is not that obscure, especially not as obscure as Arm-Fall-Off Boy. (I really went to intense for a first episode and screwed my self for whatever would follow.) However, I have a reason for picking Mysterio. 378 mots de plus

2000AD Prog 72

There are a number of issues of 2000ad which will never see a reprint because they infringed copyright, and Prog72 is one of those.  It featured the ‘Burger Wars’ story which sees Ronald McDonald and The Burger King take centre stage.   90 mots de plus