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A psi spy, Helen of Troy and a return to the Witch World: Books

THE BRAIN BOY ARCHIVES by Herb Castle and Frank Springer (with Gil Kane providing art on the first issue) collects the adventures of psychic teen spy Matt Price. 404 mots de plus


Sunday Moment of Zen: Thunderbolt

Kieron Gillen‘s work is always worth your time, endlessly clever, effortlessly humane and fizzing with precision tooled joy. This panel, from the fourth issue of his run on… 49 mots de plus

Moment Of Zen

Is a Batwoman show really necessary?

I watch some of the CW superhero shows, so I’m no stranger to forced social commentary and cringey line delivery. That being said, CW recently released its first look at the upcoming… 425 mots de plus


#Panelathon TBR

Panelathon is a read-a-thon created by Natalie at Pagesandpanels. She’s co-hosting with two others, Jesse and Shae, over on YouTube and Twitter! This is a comic-graphic novel-manga based read-a-thon, lasting from the 20th May to the 27th of May. 594 mots de plus


Exhibit Reflection

By Iris Aringo

of April, Monday, I was on my way to my COMM 10 class. There has been a lot of
instances that the exhibit on the second building made me stop in my tracks, 256 mots de plus

Comicpalooza 2019 was another SUCCESS!

6 years ago, I vended at my first comic con ever. I did everything wrong, I had 6 prints of my characters and a few 8 1/2 x 11 drawings of Charmy and Frenchy. 622 mots de plus

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