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Winks from Heaven

This week I lost a patient I took care of briefly, she was well into her transitioning state when I met her, so I had little verbal interaction with her.  296 mots de plus


Diversity + Dissent = Desirable?

Seven years ago, the teenage iteration of me packed up her belongings, left home, drove 100 kilometres, and found herself in a strange new city. Hamilton, Ontario, home to McMaster University, was brimming with students from across the province, and across the world. 881 mots de plus


The Interrogation of Carol part 3 - My Questions, Answered

I’m going to change up the format a bit to make all this easier to type out. Here is my interrogation of Carol.

Me: Why are you upset at him coming back? 2 948 mots de plus


Wanna Change Society? Start with the Kids.

You know what the biggest problem of mankind is?

Our science is in the sky but we’re still in the Dark Ages. We argue about petty matters that go no further than our comfort zones meaning our own little bubbles of life that rarely pop to expand. 489 mots de plus


Importance of Installing a Cordless Phone

Some people would choose cabled phones over wireless phones. Cabled headsets have been used for so many years brainwashing others to be the best over the new cordless headsets. 487 mots de plus

Cordless Phone

Minimalist Manager Challenge Part 6: Gratitude Day

For task 6 in my #MinimalistManager journey, I explored opportunities to show gratitude.

In this post, you will hear what I learned about expressing gratitude, what surprised me, and the profound effect it had on me personally and professionally. 1 091 mots de plus