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I know you’re probably inundated with emails from companies or people you’ve subscribed to in the past, and you’re very rightly reluctant to hand over your email to another person begging for your attention, but please let me explain. 151 mots de plus


Serial Podcast: How I Felt

Serial is a Podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig is about solving the seemed to be solved mystery of a high school murder in 1999. At the time  473 mots de plus

Feminism in Brave New World

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Employee Harassment.

« Hi Tanya, I really need some advice. To give you some background I started a job 6 months ago in Toronto at a small marketing agency.

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Nice Guys or Why You Shouldn't Be One

My story

I was a very angry and violent child.

I got so many detentions for fighting, not doing homework or papers, for talking back that my parents would celebrate when I didn’t get into trouble. 880 mots de plus


Active-Shooter Training for Palm Beach Public Safety Conducted this Week

By: R. Michael Brown, Civic Association Communications Director

As we get ready to kick off a new school year, first responders from the Town of Palm Beach trained this week for an active-shooter situation at Palm Beach Public School. 80 mots de plus


The Subtle Art of Being Blunt

There are many skills needed to navigate the workplace in today’s society. You know about hard skills like budgeting and writing and soft skills like customer service and teamwork, but have you ever thought of the skills that you are born with? 409 mots de plus