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Communion in Central Asia

A year ago at this time, I was ending a ten-day trip to Central Asia. I haven’t written about it too much because it wasn’t an easy trip. 409 mots de plus


Thinking About NVCC 10/23/2016

The Law of the Jewish Religion was first written by the finger of God on tablets of stone. Jesus brought to fulfillment the Law of the Jewish religion, and in so doing fulfilled all the ceremonies of the Law. 209 mots de plus

Thinking About NVCC

Aeon's First Communion

This morning my son Aeon had his first communion. I am not an active church member but I see to it that he will experience all the activities he can. 189 mots de plus


Shabbat Shalom

I’ll bless You, my Lord, in all seasons !! I’ll sing praises to You until my last breath. Through Your Grace, Love and Mercy everything is possible. 80 mots de plus

Communion ~ October 30

Holy Communion – Believers commemorate Christ’s Last Supper here on Earth. The bread and wine are symbolic representations of the body and blood of Jesus, offered in sacrifice for the sins of the world.