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Devotion Dec 4, 2016

So many speak of Me without seeing Me. They speak of times others have seen Me, but they close their hearts to really knowing Me. They take what was given in the past and make a lifestyle around it of traditions and requirements. 261 mots de plus

Daily Devotional

Invitation: Clutter

My car is usually a mess.

It started out clean and new, and I kept it that way for a few months, but I travel a lot, eat in the car a couple times a week, and accumulate items from work and home. 530 mots de plus


Eucharist 2 - who we are

1 Corinthians 11:20-27 and Luke 14:15-24

A couple in their 90s die suddenly in a freak accident. Up till that point they had been in excellent health, due to the wife’s interest in health food. 1 981 mots de plus

Communion & The Greatest Commandment

I have a confession to make – I’ve developed a deeper appreciation and interest in the Old Testament, and it’s deepening my reading and understanding of the New, especially of the Gospels and of Paul’s letters. 1 822 mots de plus



The Christmas season is now upon us and we can see decorations and other signs all around.  Our holiday to-do lists have heated up as various deadlines close in and we often find ourselves swept along by the hustle and bustle of the season.  523 mots de plus


Head in a Different World

(Note: To give you some perspective, Gary S. Paxton is most famous for writing the song, « Monster Mash. »)

There is a significant behavioral clinical literature on « conversion experience. 1 323 mots de plus