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They Knew Him in the Breaking of the Bread (Luke 24:13-35)

Third Sunday of Easter

Luke 24:13-35 shows us two of Jesus’ disciples walking along the road to Emmaus, a village about seven miles from Jerusalem, on the very day of the Resurrection. 1 250 mots de plus


Communion Meditations 16: Partakers of His Glory

One of the basic implications to the covenant theology of the Lord’s Supper is that it is a communion with God – the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ – as well as communion with God’s people. 702 mots de plus

Confessing Baptist

Daily Mass: The Lord feeds us. Catholic Inspiration


Mass Readings – Friday of the 2nd Week of Easter

The Lord feeds the 5000 and sustains them body and soul.  This strength will empower the disciples to face their difficulties with joy, reminding us that every time we receive the Eucharist we are fed by the Lord. 7 mots de plus



Recently we celebrated the Passover with the kids at Spofford. We made it a Time to remember Jesus and what he’s done for us. It was great seeing the kids automatically start sharing how Jesus was helping them with different emotions and behaviors. 84 mots de plus


"Can I be a Christian Without a Church?" 

Short answer: Yes. And no.

Not a satisfying answer? Okay:

During my high school years, I would openly acknowledge that I believed in God, but I didn’t think that you’d find Him in a church. 621 mots de plus