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The Mystery of Prayer

Prayer is an opportunity to bring our will into line with God’s plans. It is an opportunity to demonstrate our trust in God. It is speaking with God. 188 mots de plus


The bread of eternal life

Giving the homily at Mass on 22 September, during the German bishops’ autumn plenary meeting in Fulda, Archbishop Hans-Josef Becker of Paderborn discussed the passage in the Gospel of John in which Jesus speaks about the Bread of Life (6:51-58). 487 mots de plus

Jesus Christ

The Strength of Good Character

Godly character enables us to walk according to the Spirit. The Spirit is more excellent than the best things the flesh does. The strength of good character is to walk according to the dictates of the Spirit. 189 mots de plus

Character And Indulgence

When Should a Child Participate in Communion?

I love that children by nature want to experience so much. They are inquisitive and desire to be part of everything. I love that God made them that way. 566 mots de plus



Speak to me
Only from within
So my love
Can follow the echo
Of your truth

Family communion, 9/22/16: The Force Beckons

Not every time is a grand adventure, or a deep encounter with the divine, or a tailor-made service wrapped up in a bow. Last week was one of our better times reading Scripture, sharing communion, and praying together. 313 mots de plus

No Virgins

There were 20 minutes when no one was there.
Not on the beach.
Not in the water.
Not across the pond.

I strip down in an instant… 237 mots de plus