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Spiritual work

I can only work by the Spirit when I have learned to walk after the Spirit. I have often been tempted to try to be useful to God apart from obedience, but nothing of me is spiritually useful. 336 mots de plus


Underaged Wine Party

Setting up for a party of 400 is easy when you have a system and people that have done it 400 times. One problem constantly reoccurring is how cups are stacked and put back into storage. 1 542 mots de plus


Low-Gluten Communion Hosts

These communion hosts have an extremely low wheat and gluten content (less than 0.01% gluten), so they meet the requirements of strict churches, especially the Catholic Church which requires wheat+water only. 135 mots de plus



October 5 Papa n Jesus Heart « Come, Come to ME when ALL is shaking around you Beloved. I AM your Fortress, Deliverer. I AM your husband. 315 mots de plus

Daily Walking In His Grace

A Blessing from Jesus

“A Blessing from Jesus”

Mark 10:13-16 – October 4, 2015

Who doesn’t love babies and small children? A small minority of people do not care for them, but by and large, babies and toddlers bring a smile to many people’s faces. 1 460 mots de plus

One bread, one body

To a community divided by class, ethnicity, and religious practice, Paul writes to exhort the Corinthians to unity, reminding them of the powerful symbolism of the one loaf they share together as Sacrament — that tho they are « many », they are ultimately one « body »; that is, the « Body of Christ ». 240 mots de plus