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Keeping the Unity of the Spirit

What is the unity of the Spirit? How do we keep it? Does it mean that we have to strive for uniformity in order to keep the unity of the Spirit? 2 248 mots de plus


Common Union

A recent conversation went a bit like this: ‘I’ve often wondered why Jesus didn’t marry. When you look at the marriages in the Bible they all had issues and difficulties. 1 206 mots de plus


Delirium with Ellie Goulding and Years & Years

British  and international pop star Ellie Goulding kicked off her « Delirium World Tour » in Europe in January to promote the « Delirium » album that came out last November.  336 mots de plus

avoiding the cup

I just couldn’t pretend

that all was well

« tickety boo »

and I avoided the cup

I wanted to scream and shout

and jump up and down… 63 mots de plus


Communion with Doughnuts?!

As a Christian minister I lead and attend communion services. For me they are one of the most powerful times to be in church, but it can also be taken in small groups. 162 mots de plus