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Historical antecedents

Now, this is not backed up by research (it will be!). But I see the antecedents of experiential worship in two main areas.

First: the broad area of religious ritual. 225 mots de plus

News: Communion New Faces Tour 2015

Communion New Faces Tour 2015

Communion is very proud to present their inaugural New Faces tour is back for 2015.

Like Communion’s long running iconic monthly new music night in West London, the multi artist bill aims to encourage fans to come and hear something new, with the emphasis on discovery – which is why it makes them one of our favourite labels/promoters. 104 mots de plus


Common Bread, Common Cup

There are some things I liked better about my old church over my current one. Not much, the preaching was an abomination, but some things. One thing in particular that sticks out to me, however, was the Lord’s supper, also known as communion. 593 mots de plus


A Walk in The Park - Video

Sometimes it’s possible to capture the Light connections on video in a way. Here’s one that was created on the 2nd of February 2015, in the middle of a walk through the park. 73 mots de plus


Just Another Sunday....

I attend this church in my home town. It’s a young church plant, with young families and lots of children. If you look around the site you will see articles and sermon links you can peruse. 712 mots de plus


Memory loss

Today was communion Sunday at our church and the familiar words were spoken as we began the celebration of the Lord’s supper:

And he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, « This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.

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After two weeks in the hospital with strokes and complications, we said goodbye to my Nanny (mom’s mom) last Sunday, February 22nd. I was home in Grand Rapids this weekend for the funeral, where we sang a collection of hymns (she was known for speaking her mind about how few hymns were in the services nowadays), and the pastor said something that I liked very much. 787 mots de plus