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When the joy breaks before the drop


You know it kills me, the thought. I want to scream, I want to cry, just to save myself just one last time. 896 mots de plus

The Real Deal

Saturday Gardening @StarbankPark, 19 January, 10-11.30

There’s lots to do in the park at this time of year and the forecast is dry and cool so please come along on Saturday, 10-11.30, to help keep the park beautiful.


Is The Church Ready For A Bigger Harvest?

This came to me as a vision last year when my siblings and I have decided to utilize a piece of property previously owned by our great-grandparents and grandparents. 1 319 mots de plus


What Theater Means to Me

Featuring one of our bloggers, Marty Weisel

My love for performing began when I first learned to walk. I would take a few steps and while everyone was watching I would fake fall, look up at my “audience”, and wait for a reaction. 444 mots de plus



I never expected to choose this place willingly

At sixteen I would have been anywhere but home

In this town, in this environment

But there is a stability… 60 mots de plus


The Return

At some point

I stopped being angry

and it became home again.

All of a sudden

I was grateful for my memories.

I almost cried in relief… 86 mots de plus

Australian Poet

New York City’s mayor has just announced the city will guarantee health care to all residents by 2021

« New York City, with a population of 8.6 million, has more than 6000,000 residents that remain uninsured, so city officials have created a landmark plan to reduce that number to zero. 11 mots de plus