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2018 Summer Blogging Challenge

Nancy, at Nancy’s Point, has sent us another challenging! This is her fourth summer blogging challenge, and I am happy to participate. Here is her list of questions with my responses. 1 306 mots de plus


Icebreaker: Find Someone Who . . . .

Icebreakers help us create a sense of community which is essential when we are going to collaborate with people.  In the classroom, especially in a foreign language class where students need to try to get their mouths to pronounce unfamiliar words and sounds, people need to know that they are in an environment where it is safe to take risks and make mistakes.   622 mots de plus


Mastering Manhood

As of late, there’s been much talk about masculinity and what it means to be a man.  Considering all of the negative statistics related to behaviors from men, it is wise for our society to think about the impact of masculinity. 400 mots de plus


Book Review | "Alternate Side"


When I volunteered to do a book review, I didn’t know where to start.  Debbie Brewer at Jefferson Carnegie Library kindly pointed out the center carousel across from her desk that included lots of new books.  477 mots de plus


Hi-Rez Split: Good or Bad for Gamers?

This isn’t another developer appreciation week post, although I can say that Hi-Rez Studios has provided me with hundreds of hours of entertainment throughout the years. 955 mots de plus


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Mental Health in Gaming - 'G'

‘G’ is a proud Father and fellow gaming journalist, he has agreed to share his past and present with us regarding his Mental Health management with gaming. 2 064 mots de plus


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