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Cuidado, Peligro, Eclipse - Agar Agar

mmm… chuck some ominous, siren-like vocals over a cheeky LCD-style synthy bassline and you have yourself a sexy, brooding, sweltering number that’ll fire you through a Tuesday. 92 mots de plus


Feelin Blue - Aldous RH

I don’t know much about Aldous RH, other than that this track sounds a lot like a mixture of Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Mac DeMarco – which can only be a good thing. 67 mots de plus


Innervisions @ Royal Albert Hall

Tonight I’m headed to a pretty exciting event. For about 6 hours German Electronic music label Innervisions will be taking over one of the most famous homes of classical music in the UK for a live show. 100 mots de plus



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Date: 10 Sep 2018
2018.09.12 下午1點,情報正式公開,敬請留意。
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Date: 12 Sep 2018… 165 mots de plus


Review // Bericht Rattle's Farewell, Mahler 6. Berliner Philharmoniker, Sir Simon Rattle.


Sir Simon Rattles letzte Woche als Philharmoniker-Chef ist in vollem Gang. Am Samstag gaben die Musiker ihrem eigenen Chefdirigenten einen fabelhaften Late-Night Abend in Anwesenheit von Kanzlerin und Bundestagspräsident, nun gab es am Mittwoch Rattles letztes Konzert in der Philharmonie als Chefdirigent seiner Philharmoniker. 1 225 mots de plus

Berliner Philharmoniker