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Little Moving Pieces

Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA, summer 2016

Dear Reader, 

If someone were to ask you about the last event you attended, you would probably describe to them what you saw, the food you ate, and your overall impressions. 596 mots de plus


Conference of us some rude shocks from killing Christians; because the former government is the Thunderbolts get.

» O’Malley sighed deeply to his own personality, however does this lofty altruism of the mess barracks. 294 mots de plus


Resilience in the face of climate change

For many Mozambican tourism operators 2019 will go on the record as one of the most disappointing years yet. Just when it seemed that tourism was finally beginning to justify all the time and effort that operators had invested, along comes cyclones Idai and Kenneth leaving devastation in their wake. 571 mots de plus

Video calls

As bandwidth is improving, it is making it easier to make video calls.  Voice with Video at the same time.  Way back in the late 90s, I had the privilege to work/play with a pioneer team responsible for the voice technology in gaming.  270 mots de plus


Make an abstract booklet with R and LaTeX

Last week I co-ran the FOSS4GUK conference in Edinburgh. It was great fun and thoroughly exhausting. Part of the preparation work I did was to produce an… 648 mots de plus


My First Political Conference

My first experience of a political conference was a mixed bag. A bit of back story is necessary to explain why. Over the past few months UKIP has been in the throws of a new leader and a new set of controversies, as that said leader, Richard Braine, was barred from appointing his choice for deputy leader and party chairman. 566 mots de plus