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Açık Üniversite Konferansları: #Terör ve #RuhsalTravma (Nasıl Başa Çıkabiliriz?) 25 Şubat 2017, İstanbul Bilgi Üni.

Tarih: 25 Şubat 2017, Cumartesi
Saat: 13.00-18.00
Yer: santralistanbul Kampüsü,ÇSM-403

Prof. Dr. Tamer Aker (BİLGİ Çocuk Gelişimi Bölümü Öğretim Üyesi; Sağlık Hizmetleri Meslek Yüksekokulu Müdür Vekili) 571 mots de plus


ALIA Information Online 2017

I didn’t hear a single presentation pondering the future of libraries at the ALIA Information Online conference this year. What a relief! The profession seems to finally be stepping out with confidence and just getting on with things. 190 mots de plus


Rural Cambodian Women as the Recipients of Education and NGO Focus

Rural Cambodian Women as the Recipients of Education and NGO Focus

 Elyssa Ford, Northwest Missouri State University

Few Cambodian women, especially those from rural areas, have been able to reach positions of leadership in the workforce or government.   235 mots de plus


Working group withdrawal

I got the news today that the report for the working group that I participated in last July in Peru has been published. The title of our report is… 226 mots de plus


PRSSA Regional Conference in April! Learn more here!

There will be a PRSSA Regional Conference on April 7 through April 9 in Grand Rapids, Mich. Grand Valley State University and Ferris State University are hosting the conference, “Generation Grand: Experience PR in GR.” According to the event’s website, guests will hear about a variety of topics, including corporate responsibility, green thinking, place and space making, keeping talent in the Midwest, maintaining a creative community, and much more. 11 mots de plus


What If you could design your own women's leadership conference...?

I’m becoming more and more convinced that all the skills I need can be found within my WeLead Circles. From marketing and design, to copywriting, music, project management and research – I can’t begin to tell you how brilliant and generous my tribe of WeLeaders has been in helping us make this the best women’s leadership event yet. 355 mots de plus

Women's Leadership