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Day 13: Of sustainability and old pals


I was at a wonderful conference, in a beautiful campus, lush green and yet in the city. Bhoomi College and Prakriya Green Wisdom school gave some life mission about the place that I eventually want to open on my own. 353 mots de plus


Game QA Role in SoCal (Irvine)-Contract

  • Knowledge of testing best practices (at least 2 years of experience, preferably in software/application testing)
  • Knowledge of Jira and Confluence
  • Knowledge of TestRail
  • Reporting testing results…
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Amach ag siúl linn go moch ar maidin aríst is muid traochta leis an tinneas taistil.
D’éirigh mé ag leath i ndiaidh a ceathar. Cé go raibh tuirse an domhain orm ní raibh mé i ndán codladh. 49 mots de plus

I asked and I received, 
with it came consequence.
Situations often perceived, 
pain arises from judgment, 
far from confluence. 

It is what is.
All are creators. 43 mots de plus

The stabilisers have to come off, eventually

Who takes up retail financial market trading? I initially imagined that it would be young adults, the ones we see on the sports betting adverts, but I was wrong. 498 mots de plus

Price Action