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Confluence 5.5.2 — прекрасная SaaS-система, пользуюсь ежедневно. Полностью интегрируется с Jira, все дела.

В Confluence можно грамотно разметить оглавления в тексте, заголовками уровня 1-6. 480 mots de plus

Не смешно

Dictionary Poem.

The coagulating cognition about this breif yet infinte farewell;
Arises this vacuous and vicious, yet veritable voidance.
Still, the euphoria of presence of this eternal love; 80 mots de plus


Trick to navigate Prev/Next with Anchors in Confluence

If you want to navigate Prev/Next anchor with your Chrome between different anchors in the same page of Confluence, there is a trick to do that with a Javacript Macro in the Confluence Page. 46 mots de plus


Altri addon per Confluence Server

Vediamo le ultime novità

In questo post andremo a vedere alcuni addon per Confluence. Faremo una piccola carrellata per vedere le ultime novità. In particolare andremo ad esaminare il lavoro della…

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confluence or conflux: where a two rivers join or a tributary joins a river (interesting examples here) Below, a normally mellow tributary (Slick Rock Crk.) races into the Salmon River (Oregon Coast).  27 mots de plus



From here we go to Aswant City. It is only by a very ancient and beautiful city. We can see the dam and a temple called Filo here. 215 mots de plus