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Gangasagar: of holy confluence and religious heritage

Endless stretches of soft silver sand amidst clear skies and gentle winds greeted us as we approached the holy waters of Sagardwip or Gangasagar. The pristine beach waters were fairly quiet and despite the soaring temperature, we had a great time as the frothy waters gently rippled around our feet. 273 mots de plus



The has been a traffic jam on the Gind Enri Highway exiting Confluence this evening, due to the many people traveling this Spring Break.

Bunch of pictures from my pre-season visit to one of the best producing smallie locations on the state. I hear stories and read books about the 20+ inchers that call these waters home.

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Fly Fishing

Playing with Color: The Artist Who Makes Magic

 Narendra Patel talks about his career, his influences, and what inspired the sculpture that welcomes visitors to East High

By Hannah Bensen, Current Staff

Soon a plaque will be added to the colorful…

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School News And Features

Climbing in Lyon, France

Last weekend my son, Niko, and his wife, Robin, took the fast train to Lyon. Niko’s friend, Thierry owns a climbing gym called, Azium. It’s located at a center called Confluence. 27 mots de plus

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The ScrumBan Jira board

This is the part 1 of 4 of the “Lessons learnt from building Data Science systems at Barclays” series.

Agile board

Let’s start with one of the core tool of the agile workflow. 1 278 mots de plus