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You Lead the Way by Simply Knowing There IS Another Way.

Do you remember the Rolling Stones’ song: « Time is On My Side »?  This piece is about that kind of time, about the kind of time that is truly on our side! 871 mots de plus

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Confluence: Plant; Grow; Nurture project

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded an Arts Council England grant for our year-long project to enthuse and infuse our local area, Medway, with words. 185 mots de plus


The Choice

I chose not to listen to the distant call

A voice closer to the heart has been eagerly waiting to be heard

Patiently hiding in the corner where outside world has not been able to breach… 127 mots de plus


Gila River at Winkelman

This is the Gila River, just above where The San Pedro River would flow into it, if it still flowed.


Gentle fall breeze

As the seasons change…the we are blessed with new sights. I saw this swaying in the wind and for some reason I felt the need to capture the moment. No filter needed.


NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 8

NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 8


Today is Hugo trial, King goes to the court to testify him. One of the witness Don is missing from the protection, King try to get him back. 264 mots de plus


Album review: Confluence/Polymorphic Orkestra

In an age of half-chewed soundbites and the relentless chatter of tiny tweets – of ever-decreasing attention and even shorter digestion – it is always gratifying, on a number of levels, to see art made that demands as much of your time as it needs. 359 mots de plus

Album Review: Jazz