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Susan Ludvigson is a paradox. She has published nine collections of poetry, and a couple of chapbooks, but her « biography » listings are one or two paragraphs about the number of fellowships she’s been awarded, and that she has spent much of her adult life teaching, mostly at the university level. 2 407 mots de plus


Author Interview: S.K. Dunstall

Today I am interviewing S.K. Dunstall, author of the new science-fiction novel Confluence, third book in the Linesman series.

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Author Interview

Theme 2017: Pune, a Confluence of Cultures

The Pune Heritage Festival 2017 brings to you an imagination of Pune’s future through a different perspective of Pune’s past. Our Festival Theme for this year – ‘Pune, a Confluence of Cultures’, is influenced by the fact that Pune, as we know, is growing exponentially. 236 mots de plus

Cultural Confluence

Fluency (Confluence Book 1)

Fluency (Confluence Book 1)

NASA identified the unfamiliar vessel hiding while in the asteroid belt while in the 1960s. They held the Goal under powerful monitoring for many years, enabling the general public feel these were researching the solarsystem, while they labored feverishly to… #, #1, #Book, #Confluence, #Fluency… 9 mots de plus

IMS Ghaziabad E-Magazine - Confluence. July - September 2016

Confluence is the mirror which reflects the image of what we keep on doing at IMS Ghaziabad. It is a platform to let the educated fraternity know how IMS Ghaziabad, under the dynamic leadership of our Director Prof J.P Sharma, is building a strong foundation for achieving excellence amongst its students, alumni, faculty and staff members in whatever they do. 12 mots de plus

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