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Confluence of Crazy

Do you ever have those times where it seems like everything you ever said « yes » to coalesces on the calendar? Me too!

I call it the confluence of crazy.   647 mots de plus


Fluency (Book One of the Confluence series)


A mysterious and great beginning leads to a run of the mill space adventure.

Written by
Jennifer Foehner Wells in 2014

I was told at a young age not to judge a book by its cover. 344 mots de plus

BE22 October 2016 wp

BE22: A United Confluence (*a reverse Shadorma Summation)

A union
Part of reunion
Holding dear
Those we love
Sharing their space; witness, face
Their warm brilliant smiles… 131 mots de plus

Short Verse

Issue 3 - deadline end November

We are accepting submissions for Issue 3 of poems, plays, prose and genre defying texts, (which will be published online and possibly in a limited edition printed copy in February next year) until 30 November. 178 mots de plus


Confluence Needs your Help!

Confluence is a collaborative arts project that I am participating in along with other Columbus based artists. Eve Herman and Walter Herrman are the creators of the project and they are in need of your help! 22 mots de plus

Warming Rays Against Ping-Pong Thoughts

For me, in the last month or so, I have struggled a lot with knowing my worth. Professionally, personally. This is not a search for a pat on the back or validation — it’s merely me trying to be honest and real with myself, and maybe let people in on that process of figuring that out too. 238 mots de plus

Treading In Life.