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Dislike for nature’s colour 

Every season has a reason

All life reflect their soul

Colour’s never indecent

Universes’ consciousness

Yet, there’s preference

Eyes discriminate them… 70 mots de plus


Telegram -> Stride Migration Experience

Recently I hosted Minsk Atlassian User Group, where I shared our experience on migrating to Stride and gave the analogy between Stride, and Russian word ‘Stradai’ (-> eng.: ‘Suffer’). 1 152 mots de plus


Create easy Jira & Confluence datas reports

In this post we want explain how create simple report in Confluence without use expensive addons :)

How we can do this?

We can use… 83 mots de plus


See Trello Board in Confluence

Talking about integration between Confluence & Trello, exist a way to see a trello board inside a Confluence Cloud Page.


In Confluence Cloud we have a specific macro to embed a trello Board, as shown in following image… 98 mots de plus


Lyon Confluence neighbourhood

Lyon Confluence is the neighbourhood of Lyon located south of the Lyon-Perrache train station, and north of the confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers. Until not very long ago, it was an area solely dedicated to industry and full of warehouses, but after a few years of construction and millions of euros in investment, the urban-renewal project has brought new shops, restaurants, offices, housing and… 121 mots de plus



She, a vivid tint of blue – ebbing and gushing
He, a mellow shade of green – flowing and floating
At their confluence her ego melted , his spirit lifted… 7 mots de plus


Confluence 6 is here - sailor beware!

Confluence 6 is a handsome beastie with a handsome beastie on the cover.

Featuring poetry and short stories by William Bedford, Kitty Coles, Mark Connors, James Costello O’Reilly, Setareh Ebrahimi, SM Jenkin, Rosemary McLeish, Bridget Nolan, Joe Pickard, Ruth Payne, David Subacchi, Niall Shepherd, Fiona Sinclair, Mary Anne Smith, with grafitti photos by BFH. 80 mots de plus