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King Leopold's Ghost (1998)

By Adam Hochschild.  Audiobook narrated by Geoffrey Howard.

King Leopold II is a common touchstone for the villainy of colonialism.  For good reason:  he pocketed fabulous wealth for himself, while the extraction of ivory and rubber from his personal colony ended around 10 million lives.   457 mots de plus

Coppa d'Africa, day 11: la caduta della Costa d'Avorio

Dopo le prime due giornate era abbastanza complicato determinare le due qualificate del Gruppo C, dato che tutte e 4 le squadre avevano potenzialmente ancora la possibilità matematica di arrivare ai quarti di finale. 646 mots de plus

Coppa d'Africa, day 3: Girone C, RD Congo avanti nella noia

Terza giornata di Coppa d’Africa, e inizia il girone C. Se uno dei temi che ci regala la giornata è l’ennesimo flop di una nordafricana, dopo quelli di… 1 135 mots de plus

Authorities in Congo-Kinshasa Asking Telcoms to Block Social Media

The latest African country which might block Internet access for political reasons is the Democratic Republic of the Congo (as opposed to the Republic of the Congo.) « Authorities in Democratic Republic of Congo have asked telecoms companies to block social media networks from Monday, apparently to thwart protests against plans by President Joseph Kabila to stay in power beyond the end of his mandate. »

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Kinshasa: an uneasy calm


Congo-Kinshasa (MNN) — The president of the Democratic Republic of Congo Joseph Kabila says the much-anticipated elections will not be this November, as originally planned, but in two more years. 547 mots de plus

Prayer Uproar

Central African Republic: ICC Sentences Former Congolese VP Bemba to 18 Years in Prison

The International Criminal Court has sentenced former Congolese vice president Jean-Pierre Bemba to 18 years for murders, rapes and pillaging committed by his troops in the Central African Republic more than a decade ago. 328 mots de plus