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The Doorway of the Heart

(To read the contemplation on the doorway of attention, click here.)

Opening the doorway of the heart brings us nearer, enables warmth and intimacy.  The giving of our heart forces to something or someone enables a much deeper connection than the simple giving of our attention.  701 mots de plus

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Violence Against the Dark Childe. 

You must blend—add cream—mix in just enough. Know everything, and nothing at all—they’ll make you disappear. Speak up or you’ll be labeled dumb, but not too loud—speak at their frequency—not ‘aggressively.’ Do as they say, or you’re a threat, but you’re free in a land of liberty. 156 mots de plus


The Connection?

You’re thinking of an old friend- about the good times you spent with each other. All of a sudden your phone rings, pulling you out of your reverie. 311 mots de plus


Creation of Many Kinds, The Heart Sees Only Beauty!

We are creators, creators with no limits in creative energies. Does the heart know of any limitations in creation?

No. The heart and the mind are limitless, just like the universe is. 172 mots de plus


Love - a poem

crashes into our lives.
Breaking fragile hearts,
melting them from the start. Love,
is swift and powerful.
Smashing the strongholds,
shining a light into the dark. 64 mots de plus

What It Feels Like To Lose Your Libido

When you’re feeling really down, sex is normally the last thing on your mind. Add certain medications into the mix, and it can be a downright no-go. 2 122 mots de plus