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So Much More

Not just the way he pulled her locks… but how he pulled the tides within her heart.

Not just hands reaching salty sweet… she could feel his soul touching each part. 31 mots de plus

Body And Mind

Angels Among Us

Tonight I am writing to you around 7pm central time, I’m already in my PJ’s, the kids are in bed (yep you heard that right!) and I just had to share my heart with you all about some of the women I find myself surrounded by these days. 1 356 mots de plus


The Insufferably Cheerful Server

A few weeks ago, I was at one of those restaurants where you order at the register and they buzz you when your meal is ready. 987 mots de plus



Querencia describes a place where one feels safe, a place from which one’s strength of character is drawn, a place where one feels at home.

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Holiday Family Giving Conversations Can Reap Great Benefits

At a recent University alumnae dinner, the host asked the attendees, to indicate, by a show of hands,
who engaged in family philanthropy. Nearly the entire room or about 150 guests raised their hands. 173 mots de plus

reflections from the first round of interviews

Dear friends,

In lieu of a new interview, today I will share some reflections and appreciations from this project so far.

It’s such a privilege to have conversations about labor, creativity, oppression, and revolution with inspiring people from various communities. 686 mots de plus


Wanna know where you’re going? Analyze What happens when you fall asleep...

Dreams are portals of the realms where our souls go into as they leave our bodies. The best depiction of where your soul will go when you die is to analyze what happens to you when you fall asleep. 287 mots de plus