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We search for something intangible.

Its a feeling that is ever present in the mind and the heart.

An intense ache that often threatens to overwhelm in the lonely moments. 29 mots de plus


How can I get the most out of therapy?

When people come to therapy, it is for lots of different reasons (something I will blog about at a later date, I think). Here are some suggestions, though, on how to get the best out of therapy and how to maximise your investment into the process, and get the end result you want. 1 632 mots de plus

Connecting Via Social Media Is a Great Way to Grow!

Connecting via social media is a great way to grow you blog.  Many don’t utilize social media and in my opinion that is a mistake.  Take a few minutes and research the effectiveness of social media! 97 mots de plus


Stand Up For The Wounded 

Scars don’t equal shame;

Strength comes from experience,

Memories you want to forget

And keep buried in the past;

Your past doesn’t define you

The One who breathed life… 256 mots de plus

Let's play a little game

One of the ways that I have been hanging out with my bobhuti na bosisi (brothers and sisters) is playing games at home. I bought a deck of playing cards, and learned a few tricks to share with my… 526 mots de plus


That’s OK
Isn’t asking the right questions enough?
Maybe the answers are within. What do you think?

Morning Mindfulness

Old Tapes

I recall as a child coming across these audio tapes of a man speaking, and while I was looking for good music and found none, his voice was curious. 120 mots de plus