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clear sailing

there is no more fog
and I am soaring
through these brilliant stars
above a clean swept sea,
memory reclaimed at last.
even as I leave you, 153 mots de plus


A Conversation Between Corpses

Please don’t go
Love me till you kill me

We can figure out how to stop this
The water is too deep

Careful not to break our only scale… 122 mots de plus



It is a Miracle that there is a blank page waiting every day.

It is a Miracle that I can write words on it.

It is a Miracle that you can read these words. 65 mots de plus


I think we are born with a need for connection because our bodies know that everything is connected. Our bodies remember when there was no separation between particles, from the infinite and ourselves. 35 mots de plus

Conscious Living

That thing you do

You know that thing?

That thing you do. That thing that makes you feel the way you always feel. That thing that you want to change, yet somehow don’t get around to changing. 89 mots de plus


Celebration and missed naps

“Camels!” Dave exclaimed as he looked outside our window. We were just about to take a nap when he looked out our window and saw a parade across the street – a celebration to honor the return of Sultan Qaboos from Germany, his good health, and Oman in general. 657 mots de plus


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“1 The revelation from Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John,  210 mots de plus