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It's Total Bullshit! It's Bullshit!

Three weeks after I had surgery, I tried to break my hand.


The previous session had been bad. I was tired and overwhelmed, and I couldn’t really talk much. 1 981 mots de plus


It’s called dark humour.

I should have told him that when he said, somewhat judgementally I thought, “You’re so bitter. So bitter.”

What does he know?

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The Screen that Steals


I care about the most

Coffee with a friend.

Dinner with my mother.

Sex with my husband.

I cannot be fully present

Always looking for the screen. 161 mots de plus

Facets of love

Love is many faceted thing

some people throw themselves headlong in,

others simply play games with others emotions

some find it hard connecting at all. 245 mots de plus


Where did those days go?

Breathless and exhausted

We work so hard

When we were kids at having fun

We played so many parts

Playing as if we were superheroes… 218 mots de plus


Time to tango

Let my hand travel to your heart

And caress it with such tenderness

Let my other hand touch you soul

Submit to me and let yourself go… 118 mots de plus


Amping up the connection

For most of a decade now, I’ve been in a pre-sales capacity in my work life. I’ve found the work amazingly rewarding, and intellectually challenging. I’ve been associated with some awesome salespeople, some incredible customers and have had a fair degree of success. 552 mots de plus