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One day

One day

Maybe two heart broken lovers

Will meet

And in each other’s eyes

Recognise themself

They will reach out

Across that vast divide between them… 85 mots de plus


People Do Not Make Sense

I have been in a different head space as of late, it is not entirely new space for me but it is fresh and constantly at the surface as I dive into critical feminist theory. 899 mots de plus


Day 14/365: Transparency

I’m not religious, although I have a healthy respect for religion, but I am deeply spiritual. And today, I saw this amazing YouTube vid entitled, « … 279 mots de plus

To Be A Blessing

In meditation tonight
it struck me–
what if I weren’t capable
of believing the thought
that I need to work hard
to become someone else, 184 mots de plus


The Squishy Struggle

Some people call them love handles, and some people call it fat. My best friend Lorelei calls it her squish, and I call it my fluff {I will use these terms interchangeably}. 355 mots de plus


Just Get On The Mat...

I’ve arrived home safe and sound, despite the ridiculous snowstorm we are getting right now. Yes, hello Spring, Blessed Ostara, my cute ass.
I’m sure you can relate, when I say that whilst out and about, I often feel ready to take on the world; motivation is at an all time high and I’m pumped to don the armour, go for a run, come back and do an hour and a half of yoga! 402 mots de plus


White Girl Weave

This story has come up a few times in the last week, and it’s one of my best memories.

Right out of college I accepted a teaching position in the inner city. 1 704 mots de plus