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Familiarity can breed contempt, but it can also give birth to the level of affection we are created to experience. The difference is whether I let fear or love lead the way. 745 mots de plus


For When You Feel Unseen

Once, over a loud and lively dinner, I felt unseen.

The laughs were inside jokes. The stories were about Isabelles, Stevens, Mayas I didn’t know. The references were to things I hadn’t watched, done, heard of. 333 mots de plus

Connection through Expression

Weeee it’s blog time. I was writing in my journal and realized the whole world would probably be interested in what I had to say. Or at least all my favorite readers! 344 mots de plus


Sometimes success feels tangible because you get to wear a specific looking black gown and someone ties a hood around your neck signifying that you in fact completed a goal. 405 mots de plus

That Which is Sacred

I have been immersed in thoughts and readings about what has been unfolding at Standing Rock near Cannon Ball, North Dakota and I have been immersed in thoughts about what is sacred. 1 932 mots de plus

Personal Growth

Wisdom In Action

To me, writing is channeling. It’s less about my message, but more about what message is trying to come through me. Or, in the words of Marianne Williamson: « You’re not the water. 652 mots de plus

Spiritual Wisdom

We Are All Connected

Ever since I was young, I remember having this inexplicable and overwhelming sense that I was somehow connected to other people and that actually, we are  791 mots de plus