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Vibrating Bond

That’s it…maybe the reason we meet certain people and establish such close bonds is because our energy vibration vibrate at the same frequency and the universe conspires to unit those vibration/beings. 104 mots de plus

Landscape: Found Poetry & Enumeratio

Day 9: It’s about any Lanscape, exploring it and how you interact with it, using Found Poetry and Enumeratio. I didn’t do the Found Poetry thingy but attempted to initiate Enumeratio into the poem. 111 mots de plus


What I would put into Room 101

if you haven’t seen the show Room 101, it’s about celebrities talking about their pet hates in different categories and why it makes them annoyed. Everyone haves pet hates and I would love to know what your pet hates are. 585 mots de plus


As I Jump in With Both Feet

I have always had dreams about what it would be like reconnecting with my past. Some of these thoughts have been dark, while others have been happy. 386 mots de plus

Everyday Life

Loving the view

Last day of February and time for my end of the month ritual, that is, more reflection where I usually find another message hidden within!  So let’s get right to it… 449 mots de plus

Spiritual Work

Being a photographer

These days everyone is a photographer, yet there seems to be a big business in taking pictures for people.  I often photograph the photographers at work around town.   14 mots de plus

Who are you?

Even though not one person can identify who you are, you are still barely anything without people. Every single person you interact with is a piece of a mirror, which shows you who you are through the interactions, feelings and chemistry you have with them. 499 mots de plus