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rolling with it

Sorry for the radio silence this week.

The thesis proposal got turned down—as we knew it would.

It’s been a week of practicing patience because uni are proving to be ridiculously inflexible—as we knew they would be! 480 mots de plus


Making Up For Lost Time

I did one of my most hated things in crossing the Mackinaw bridge again yesterday. Any bridge, actually. Like…can’t handle it hate. But sometimes we have to do those things to get where we want to go. 221 mots de plus


5 Things that I find Attractive in a Man | Day 24

I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday. Today’s blog post is about what I find attractive when I’m in love; so I created 5 things. 318 mots de plus

Blog Challenge

Connection - Chapter 2

Her phone rang and she took it. « Hello? »
« Ah, it’s me! The guy from yesterday who you helped with his bags? My name’s Sejun! 2 825 mots de plus


The Difference Between Restless and Resting

‘I know’ is the restless place for all beings.

‘I don’t know’ is the resting place for all beings.*

~ Mooji

The need to hold on to « knowing » keeps many of us from finding peace.  198 mots de plus

Middle Ground

The Flow

I think we are a lot like rivers, trying to find our way home, flowing and joining a much greater flow to blend and become one. 113 mots de plus


Struggle. A badge of honor that no one wants to earn. Reminiscent of a full windsor pulled too tight. Or a noose. Like being up shit creek without a paddle. 592 mots de plus