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Went out on the streets to challenge myself and the believes I hold about me and others .

My shadow aspects by hand , my camera in the pocket and off I went . 71 mots de plus


Just Do The Thing.

I got tagged in Sam Roger’s tweet (see pic above) by Marco Faccini the other day and it made me grin – because sometimes, despite my oodly-moodly tendencies to reflect and pause, for me, change work really is all about doing The Thing. 391 mots de plus


A Time to Die

Heading up to my birthday I felt like a part of me was Dying. I couldn’t go on the way I was. I knew I had to let go. 794 mots de plus


An unexpected twist to an ordinary tale.

She said she wanted to meet me as she had something to confess. I never had the courage to tell her the truth. I was slightly happy and largely nervous to meet her. 955 mots de plus


When we talk (Haiku trio)

When we talk I feel
Our connection grows more real
And bonded we heal

When we talk it seems
I get you and you get me… 21 mots de plus


A lil omm goes a long way... literally!

Last week I was invited to a very special event. The Mid-Drift Movement was coming to DC to do some filming for a documentary they are making about motherhood and postpartum bodies. 793 mots de plus

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