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Juggling Work and Family

For most of us work is a necessary evil and balancing work with family can be hard and sometimes feel downright unmanageable.

I work shift work on a rotating schedule. 532 mots de plus



Yesterday, I enjoyed this beautiful view with my BFF. We saw a snake too, and that was a little bit scary.

Yesterday a friend texted me, sharing a connection from a post I shared long ago about roses and thorns. 122 mots de plus

Simple Living

The best, most beautiful, and most perfect way that we have of expressing a sweet concord of mind to each other is by music.

The Gift of Show Day

I have a radio show for three hours later this evening.

There have been times that I’ve dreaded it. Physically, this is one of those times: the other night I ate a piece of pie that had been heated to the point that it burned my esophagus going down and now swallowing almost anything feels like a punch to the solar plexus. 200 mots de plus

A Day In The Life

Marital Humour#8 Wedding Invitation Acceptance Conditions

  These are the conditions that will make me spend more than 20k on anybody’s wedding;

1. Your father must be very rich so that I can make useful business contacts in the wedding. 214 mots de plus


Second Draft, First Draft

I am thinking about the second draft of my book.  The one I put aside last September.

I am coming back to it.  I’ve made a pact with my friend who is also writing.  490 mots de plus


The community effect

It’s all about community today!

There is a lot of depth to the word community. We all seek like-minded spirits, whether they are spiritual or physical, visible or invisible. 340 mots de plus