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The Love Blitz #6

The Love Blitz is a 15-question interview on the topics of love, dating, sex and relationships. I ask ordinary people, from all walks of life, to participate in this exercise. 523 mots de plus


My healing isn’t perfect. My progress isn’t monotonic. I have setbacks. I reintroduce myself to my pain again and again. Each bout seems to be more manageable, but once in a while something happens and I feel back in my place of emptiness, hurt and the subsequent temptation to numb my pain. 284 mots de plus

All Things Are Connected

To truly understand this, we must realize that energy cannot be destroyed. As it cannot be destroyed, it can, however, be manipulated and shifted, moved and replaced. 227 mots de plus


We're officially moving in with Of Kin...

And it makes complete sense… don’t you think?

I’m super excited to announce that Kylie and I have officially joined forces and will run everything content marketing and social media under the… 330 mots de plus

Social Media

accepting sound again

Baby…baby steps…

I’m learning again to hear

Back into the world

Back to connection-I thought-

I’d kept up-I was so wrong.

Leroy Pudd/Mother Earth


One day, I sat in the garden, listened to a workshop and heard a truth: ‘you don’t actually want to be the number one thing on your partner’s list’. 651 mots de plus


This walk is growing inside the forest of my bones. Colin and I, Bear and Beaver, will walk with our feet and legs and everything from the Bridge of the Gods, Oregon, down the Pacific Crest trail to California. 445 mots de plus