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human interaction

Human interaction is a fickle thing, imagine standing in a room with strangers. why is it you can get along with someone in just a few minutes, yet others you talk to aren’t as tolerable for you or toward you and you just don’t seem to connect with. 107 mots de plus

Free Thought

Unexplainable Moments

These moments happen often to me.. I don’t know about you all..
The moments when you can’t explain how you feel.. You just know you just feel like going into the tiniest ball and not moving.. 186 mots de plus


Being There

These last several weeks have had me reassessing the relationships in my life. My wife’s surgery left her physically limited for a period of time, but it brought us closer together as a result. 750 mots de plus


art joy

saw a piece of myself in a book I’m reading and it made me smile

Jenn McKay Blog

The joys of being on a committee (truly!)

It seems that people often speak of how tedious meetings are and what a drag it is to be on committees. I have certainly had the experience of pointless meetings and stressful committees, but not nearly as often as the pleasure of working with good people and doing hopefully useful things. 455 mots de plus

So Much to Say that Goes Unspoken

This photograph that I took of Stan on Kilfarrasy Beach yesterday has reduced me to silence. It evokes so many thoughts, memories, feelings that it’s better to let it be. 35 mots de plus