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Maintaining Consciousness

Question: Does a person lose his consciousness after he dies?

Answer: It depends. If our consciousness remains “attached to our physical being”, sensing reality through the five corporeal senses, then our consciousness “switches off” with the death of the biological body. 75 mots de plus

Purpose In Life

Teamwork Against Procrastination

Question: Do you agree that the most difficult thing is the decision to act? Why or why not?

Answer: I agree. We keep procrastinating because we are afraid of failure. 114 mots de plus

Integral Solution

It was cloudy again the next day. Violet lay in bed looking out her window. There was nothing more soothing than the grey of a cloudy day.

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Flash Fiction

CHECK IN for Week 24: Story Time

Checking in for Week 24’s task which was to SHARE A STORY with someone while you are out and about this week.

Have you done it yet? 378 mots de plus

Year Of Love

The Need for Connection

It is easy to feel small, to think we are just one person, to believe we lack the power to produce positive change. It can be disheartening, what is happening in our world. 1 076 mots de plus

Montclair Community Street Quilt

Photo from Project for Public Spaces

Photo from Project for Public Spaces

Photo from Project for Public Spaces


Haley Winstead, high school freshman, in partnership with Montclair Township, the Montclair Traffic and Parking Advisory Committee, Bike&Walk Montclair and the Eat. 685 mots de plus


Mental wellbeing tools - MOVEMENT

When I was coming out of my depression, the head of tutors in my department took over from my original tutor who was no help to put it mildly. 724 mots de plus

Mental Wellbeing