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books and laps

I get to watch my son a lot with his toddler, and am blown away by how kids really learn to read.

When a toddler brings her parent a book, she is not really interested in the book: she is interested in being close to someone who she knows loves her, safe and held. 1 651 mots de plus


Rising Possibilities

The other day I ran into someone I knew for a short time in high school, must’ve been 23 years ago or so. We chatted while I folded laundry and now days later I’m wondering why I can’t get him out of my mind. 1 789 mots de plus


What I needed was a specific divine source of reconciliation and wholeness, a source that is connected to me in love, but does not come from inside of me. – Pastrix, Nadia Bolz-Weber

Book Quotes

Extroverted Learning and Blending In

Every philosopher has some schema in the back of their head about the best way to live a good life. People like Marx focused a lot on economic power in a society. 789 mots de plus


Who are you?  How you identify as a person and the choices you make are an important starting point in determining how we fit into the bigger picture. 6 mots de plus


Redshift ODBC driver AccessViolationException

When querying Redshift databases in a loop with e.g. multiple calls to odbc.ExecuteReader(), the ODBC driver starts to die at some moment in your hands and complains about an AccessViolationException. 40 mots de plus


I left social media and nobody noticed

What’s the purpose of social media? Isn’t it to connect people? To help them share their lives and thoughts and be a part of a world wide network, where everybody can be friends with everybody? 721 mots de plus

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