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The Time Is Now

The three are not quite in alignment. What will occur when they finally are? Could the coming and going of this meeting be equally disrupting? Or will all finally be harmonious once in perfect spacial position? 77 mots de plus


Online Interactions

I like to ask people when first getting to know them the following question:

If you had to describe yourself using only one word, what would it be?

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Winter Olympics

Hi everyone!

As you might have heard we are present in 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games! How? Thanks to Connection #2! We will give more details in a couple of days. 369 mots de plus

# 1000 Post on WordPress

I am delighted to share my one thousandth post with you. Gosh, how time flies when you are doing something meaningful and fun!

This is the perfect time to let you know of a gentle shift in my focus and attention here on Find Your Middle Ground. 197 mots de plus

Middle Ground

Present living

I live my life in the present

I live my dreams in the quantum

I live for happiness and love

I live to be conscious in everyway… 47 mots de plus


Smoke Screen


All energy is a form of light. It rises toward the perimeter of our planet, yet much of it never makes it beyond the ‘barrier’. 57 mots de plus