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The Hurt

I have been requested to talk about individuals that are aware they are a source of pain to others but don’t seem to care about the consequences of their actions. 638 mots de plus

Discoveries in Gratitude

A feeling of want cannot exist without thoughts of being incomplete. You want this relationship, this person, this thing, this job, this money, this respect, this opinion. 778 mots de plus


The Arts and Crafts of Science

Arts: The Boston March Logo!

I wanted to share this beautiful logo, made by Robyn Pratt Briggs and displayed below with her permission:

If anyone knows of logos for other marches happening around the country and around the world, I’d love to make a little collection of them. 42 mots de plus

Hate figures get all the views

Why do the most hate filled people

with the most vitreous venomous beliefs and words

always get the air time,

to me it seems absurd, 185 mots de plus


(g) Love 21 Attraction? (2.21) wp

Love 20
(Elfje and reverse Elfje

That first
Meeting; eyes across
A crowded room: a

Giver or receiver; right
Or wrong – the… 164 mots de plus


Bubbles, part 2

I posted a few days ago about the importance of getting out of our bubbles, but we also use our bubbles to keep people out.  We use them as shields to protect our vulnerabilities.   342 mots de plus