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The Best of Times the Worst of Times

I’m wondering if any of you have seen this meme going around that says: “My desire to be well informed is currently at odds with my desire to remain sane”. 2 116 mots de plus

Dealing With Feeling


I have known sorrow

I have pushed it away

Tried to hide from it

I have pretended that it didn’t exist

I have known sorrow… 135 mots de plus

Like the sun

Like a sun, I am a planet revolving around your orb

Constant in my living thoughts and revolutions

Seasons change, we are hot then cold, turning toward and away… 17 mots de plus


Water Under the Bridge

So much water has passed under the bridge.

We observed silently as we stood at the middle.

For a short time after a long while. 174 mots de plus

Penman's Ship

Vitamin See

Pay attention to what you bring into view

but fret not too much

the ingredients on the box.

Nourishment is more than simply

what you eat or drink. 161 mots de plus


vulnerability at its most poignantly beautiful

Original post by Harmony Scott.

Photo by Ed Freeman

I’ve come to this belief that, if you show me a woman who can sit with a man in his real vulnerability, in deep fear, and be with him in it, I will show you a woman who, A, has done her work and, B, does not derive her power from that man. 67 mots de plus