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Connecting parks and people

Mimi Kirk, CityLab

The city’s parks welcoming immigrants

Publication date: 2017
Ranking: useful

This article describes how local communities were encouraged to become involved in helping to regenerate a run down park in Brooklyn. 126 mots de plus


Great public spaces need more than good design

Linda Poon, The Atlantic CityLab.

To Build a Great Public Space, You Need More Than Good Design

Publication date: 2017
Ranking: useful

The article highlights the work of the Kounkuey Design Initiative who work with grassroots organisation to create public spaces for low-income groups. 80 mots de plus

Urban Design

Diversity: why it matters to designers

Canon Australia

6 Photographers Find 6 Different Ways To Shoot The Same Man.

Publication date: 2015
Ranking: useful

As a part of a Canon advertising campaign called “Decoy” six photographers were given different briefs to photograph the same man, entirely unaware it was the same model, played by an actor. 77 mots de plus

Service Provision

Toolkit for engagement with people living with dementia

Department of Health (DoH)

Engaging with people that have experience of with dementia

Publication date: 2016
Ranking: essential

One of the DoH priority actions in their Dementia 2020 Challenge action plan is to establish a Dementia Citizens’ Engagement Programme in England. 109 mots de plus


Library of the future

Michaela Cavanagh, CityLab, The Atlantic.

A library of the future arrives in Denmark

Publication date: December 2016
Ranking: useful

Described as less of place for books and more a space for people the article highlights how a key issue in the design of this building was the need to  consult with local people to see what sort of space they wanted. 68 mots de plus

Design Standards (Buildings)

Spring Buying Season is Upon Us

Winter has been fairly kind to us. Many buyers have awakened from their winter hibernation to get a jump-start on the spring buying season. Now is a great time to start looking and figuring out what you want. 328 mots de plus

Winter Weather Bring Challenges for Real Estate

Cold weather is here. Snow, wind, and ice are constant reminders that winter is here. For those who have decided to put their home on the market, there are a few challenges that a seller will face with winter weather. 287 mots de plus