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What IS Real Estate Consulting?

Choosing where to buy a house or condo is a vitally important decision. Consulting with an expert who has experience and knowledge of local and regional communities can have a huge impact on ones success and outcome. 170 mots de plus

Real Estate

The Manuscript and the plan

Once the manuscript has been written, what next?

Before you wrote the manuscript, did you plan?

Did you determine your expectations?


Self Publishing Engines

What benefits do the self publishing engines actually provide?

Have you ever thought what you are actually getting from them?


Discrimination Law update

Trans* Jersey and Liberate met with Susie Pinel, Social Security Minister, on 23 January 2015 to discuss the progress of the next phase of Jersey’s discrimination law that, amongst other things, deals with discrimination of transgender people. 195 mots de plus


A Prepared Storyteller


The literary world is now saturated with numerous wonderful self-published writers. What is your goal to be successful? What is success for you? 159 mots de plus