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Small Business and FSB Member Social Value Consultation Workshop

Bristol City Council, in association with a number of partners including the Federation for Small Businesses (FSB), are running a consultation about how they plan to deal with a piece of legislation which could help local SMEs win more contracts from the public sector, by highlighting the social value they bring. 119 mots de plus

Bristol City Council

Streetscape audits

Dept. of Transport and Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation

Traffic Advisory Leaflet 5/11: Quality Audit

Publication date: 2011
Ranking: essential

This leaflet explains the Quality Audit process. 145 mots de plus

Public Realm

Disability access guides

Produced by Museums, Libraries and Archives (MLA),
(responsibilities now transferred to the Arts

Disability Portfolio

Publication date: 2003
Ranking: useful

The Disability Portfolio is a collection of 12 access guides. 226 mots de plus

Design Standards (Buildings)

Dementia and staff consultation

Kate Allen, Dementia Services Development Centre, University of Stirling.
Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Exploring ways for staff to consult people with dementia about services

Publication date: 123 mots de plus


Why You Should Have a Consultation With A Certified Babywearing Educator

Why pay a Certified Babywearing Educator when there are free options for babywearing help?

There are a lot of free babywearing helpers out there.  Babywearing groups are wonderful and are a great way to get together with other babywearers.  664 mots de plus


Listening to your customers and service users

Housing LIN

User Involvement and Co-production

Publication date: various from 2015
Ranking: essential

The Housing LIN web based resource has now set up a section looking at examples and methods for consulting people who use services and how to get their feedback. 100 mots de plus

Inclusive Access

Fair Play for Children!

Department for Victorian Communities, State of Victoria.

The Good Play Space Guide

Publication date: 2007
Ranking: useful

Published by the State of Victoria this Australian guide sets out in detail how to go about providing accessible play spaces. 179 mots de plus

Inclusive Access