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A Fear of Money

I read a study one time many years ago that a disturbing amount of paper money from the United States of America tested positive for having human feces, drugs, and the bacteria of deadly diseases on them. 1 481 mots de plus

Mental Health

Atmospheric Adjustment - Global Consequences

Let us suppose that chemtrails don’t exist as people now describe them. Let us say that cloud seeding is actually what is happening.

We have ships that spray sea water into the atmosphere to create clouds. 835 mots de plus


October 15, 1918: First Water Permit Issued to LADWP; 1988: Uranium Leak

October 15, 1918:  Date of first water permitissued to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power for the Owens Valley water supply. On this date, the California Department of Public Health issued the first water supply permit to LADWP for the Owens Valley water supply, which started operation on November 5, 1913. 757 mots de plus


Wash Your Twiddley Bits

As a kid modeller i never washed the parts for a plastic model kit  before assembly. It was open the box, play with it for a week with hot sticky finger, and then on with the cement. 414 mots de plus

No Forests, No Life. Simple.

The metal and chemical concoction being sprayed in the atmosphere, all so governments can claim authority over the weather, are destroying everything that grows on the earth. 26 mots de plus


Lead-contaminated water fountains put students at risk

Anna Baldwin
opinion editor

Students aren’t the only ones getting settled into school this year. Rumors have been circulating that the school’s water fountains contain lead. 1 430 mots de plus


Herbicide attack killed farm crop: Potato, garlic crops sabotaged

North Queensland Register 5 October 2018

POLICE are investigate the sabotage of organic potato and garlic crops in the Lockyer Valley’s Mt Sylvia area.

Sergeant Troy Whittle from the Major and Organised Crime Squad (Rural) said it was alleged an unknown person introduced a herbicide into the irrigation system on the farm in August last year, resulting in the loss of the potato and garlic crop and the contamination of the soil. 14 mots de plus

Environmental Toxicology