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What Plastics Can We Recycle?

Check out these infographics posted on the BBC website.

If you live in the UK, you can check out the following link to know what you can or cannot recycle. 27 mots de plus

Informative Website

22 Sept 2018 (AFR) - Strawberry farmers hope the worst is over and things return to normal

(22 September 2018, AFR, p5, by Mark Ludlow)

‘Queensland strawberry grower Gavin Scurr says he hopes the nightmare of the needle contamination crisis is over. 83 mots de plus

1.Market Observations

Toxic Skies

This was being sprayed over head yesterday. I was shocked at the amount of toxins they were letting loose into the sky!

I have never had allergies, yet that latest rain caused by toxic sprays had me sneezing and oozing snot like crazy! 123 mots de plus


Australian Males Baffled By Purpose Of Strange Object Found In Strawberries

Men throughout Australia are continuing to investigate what might the purpose be of the mysterious pointy metallic objects that keep being found inside strawberries.

“It’s a shortish sliver of steel with a hole at end that tapers to a quite sharp point. 201 mots de plus


Putting fear into food - needles in strawberries

The recent discovery of needles in fresh strawberries highlights how vulnerable our food supply chains are to deliberate contamination and tampering. This latest attack could be viewed as a form of food terrorism, which can have major economic impacts. 946 mots de plus


Transplague Ship


In the event of irreversible contamination by biological or nanotechnological plagues, and standard quarantine responses are deemed insufficient, either (a) as declared by consensus of the Flight Commander, Environmental Systems Engineer, and Flight Surgeon, or (b) as imposed by order of a duly authorized representative of the Emergency Management Authority, the following actions are to be undertaken: 519 mots de plus