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Reasons To Curate Content

How many times have you seen some content on a friends page and wonder why they posted it? Every social media user that curates content most likely has a reason for engaging with that specific content. 228 mots de plus


What Is The Perfect Curated Content Ratio?

We’ve gone in depth the past week about what Curated Content is and why it’s an important tool. What we haven’t delved into is how much content you should be curating vs how much content you should be creating. 278 mots de plus


Content Curation: Useful Tips and Tools

By: Gabrielle Kraus @gabbykraus

What is Content Curation?

Have you ever shared a funny/interesting video onto one of your social media platforms? If yes, you just curated content! 275 mots de plus


Invest In Your Business (At No Cost To You) With Behavioral Personas

By: Kayla Walters (@kaylawalt3rs)

Do You Really Know Your Users?

Who are they?

What content are they interested in?

What devices are they using?

Creating Personas Can Help… 443 mots de plus


TechCrunch: Instagram now allows businesses to schedule their posts

TechCrunch: Instagram now allows businesses to schedule their posts. « Instagram today made a long overdue change to its product that social media managers have wanted for some time – it will allow businesses on Instagram to schedule their posts. 42 mots de plus

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Content Curation

Content Curation

It is a term I throw around easily, but I suspect not everyone know what it means. In fact, I know that is the case. 402 mots de plus