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Newstag -- When Less Is More

It is definitely the era of ‘information overload’, and companies that do data mining and big data management are starting to produce results for marketers. But for individuals there is still too much choice. 158 mots de plus


Thing 10 : Storing Digital Resources

In this Thing we describe common platforms that you can use  to store digital resources.

Then you get to choose a platform for your… 589 mots de plus

Content Curation

Why all Social Networks should build a Publishing Platform

Social Networks are great places to discuss and share ideas. While many networks have developed various proprietary video apps, they do not have a place to write and publish original content. 196 mots de plus


Here's a better way to use the Facebook News Feed

I’ve noticed a few things about the way the News Feed works (or doesn’t work):

  • I really like the way the News Feed tries to show me content I might be interested in, rather than every last post.
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The Time Strapped Marketer's Guide to Content Creation

You have been told over and over about the importance of content marketing. If you want to get eyes on your site, you have to build content… and lots of it. 805 mots de plus