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Hootsuite Hiccup

When you’ve been using an app regularly, and for a long time, you don’t so much get complacent with using it, rather, you get used to its quirks, finding a way around these quirks to a point that it becomes part of your day-to-day routine. 610 mots de plus

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5 Ways to Write Relevant, Engaging, and Useful eLearning Content

Writing content for an online or blended course is different than lecturing in a face-to-face course. Great eLearning content doesn’t just happen—it is intentionally designed to reach the student at their moment of need. 469 mots de plus


WordPress Week in Review EP36 :: Plugin Fails, Falling in Love with WP, Post Signatures, Hack Updates

How Many WordPress Plugins is Too Many? The Answer Might Surprise You And finally, you can also check out what types of requests your plugins are making by using the Network tab of Chrome Developer Tools. 44 mots de plus

Content Curation

Become a Master Marketing Storyteller with this Free Course from Pixar

One secret to being a highly effective digital marketer is to master the art of storytelling. Having the ability to market with a story is like a having  a superpower– it makes you virtually unbeatable. 40 mots de plus

Content Curation

RSS Romance

So this week was another below average hours study week for my university course, and I did just over 10 hours. However, this week was an introduction week to HTML, CSS, and RSS. 627 mots de plus

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הכנת תמונות לדפוס

ישנם שני שלבים בהכנת תמונות לדפוס ובכל שלב כמה פרטים שאליהם צריך לשים לב: איסוף התמונות והכנת התמונות לעימוד.

איסוף התמונות

כדי למצוא תמונות מתאימות לדפוס צריך לשים לב לאלמנטים הטכניים הבאים.

Content Curation


Dictionary.com defines Curation as: « To pull together, sift through, and select for presentation, as music or website content. » A well-known example of online curation is… 434 mots de plus