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The Measure of a Great Learning and Development Professional

What makes a learning and development person great? In every industry, there are exceptional people that rise to the top as the most admired and followed. 778 mots de plus


Content Curation for Social Media

What is curation? Think of an art curator, they didn’t paint anything, but they’ve put together a group of art pieces that are in cohesive in one way or another. 684 mots de plus

Internet Marketing Plans

The Daily Mail's ironic typo about retail store Typo...

If you ever needed more evidence of the disease being spread by the content marketers, just read a typical content marketer’s content or « curated » online publication. 446 mots de plus


6 Steps to Content That Is Easily Shared

Everybody likes approval – especially marketers — so we take particular pride when someone shares our content.

We get some business benefits out of it too, of course. 287 mots de plus

Content Curation

The future doesn’t care how you became an expert

CLIENT: Degreed

PROJECT: Creation and Curating of online course material

We face the biggest challenges humanity has ever encountered. We need extraordinary experts to solve those challenges and make the unthinkable reality. 147 mots de plus


The indispensable shopping app that rewards consumers, brands, and retailers

CLIENT: Shopkick

PROJECT: Creation and curation of deals

Shopkick is an American company based in Silicon Valley that created a shopping app for smartphones and tablets that offers customers rewards for walking into stores. 254 mots de plus


Curated Email Newsletter Decision Tree: Content Marketing Tips [Infographic]


Here is a nice visual decision tree explaining the simplicity and impact of creating and distributing a solid curated email newsletter for your business to help propel your content marketing strategy and drive additional inbound traffic to your website.

Source: copyblogger.com