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5 Ways to Immediately Improve the Value of Your Curated Content

Curating content is an amazing way to fill your content pipeline, but frequently is lazily executed, not well thought through, and in some cases, is abused. 546 mots de plus

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A Curated Collection of Free Video Documentaries Online: Documentary Addict

Robin Good’s insight:

If you are a documentary enthusiast like me, you will find plenty of great videos, curated and organized into categories and lists by visiting DocumentaryAddict. 170 mots de plus



This massive piece of kit resides at the Eveleigh Railway Yards in inner Sydney, Australia. It’s unsurprising the sign on it implores the following of by-standers: “do not speak to operator when he is working steamhammer”. 2 524 mots de plus

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L'amarimbocca #scritturelunghe

la scrittura amara che sa di fiele.
ci sono giorni che ti metti davanti.

a te stesso, allo specchio della tastiera

e picchi e sbatti la coscienza… 47 mots de plus

Carlinamente Scrittura

Curate Your Favorite Links Into a Weekly Email Newsletter with RefreshBox

RefreshBox enables people to subscribe and create weekly 5-link-collection newsletters of their weekly professional best reads, tools or resources. »
Robin Good’s insight:

Refreshbox offers a good opportunity for anyone wanting to warm up to content curation without needing to invest a truckload of time. 218 mots de plus


Editor's Letter : 5 Keys to become a true leader

5 KEYS TO BECOME A TRUE LEADER is a french article published on Business O Féminin, an international business review towards Women, I found it inspirational for Women who aspire to be influential so I decided to translate it. 711 mots de plus

Business O Féminin

Curate YouTube Playlists Into Free Online Video Courses with Konoz

Robin Good’s insight:

Konoz is a web service which allows you to package and publish your own YouTube video playlists into free online learning courses. 241 mots de plus