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13 Real-World Examples of How Content Curation Can Be Monetized

Real-world examples showing how gathering, collecting, organising and adding value to existing available information can create useful and economically sustain…

Robin Good’s insight:

If it is true that…

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While I Was Away from Facebook #thatsmystory

I hope you haven’t been holding your breath while waiting for this « brain dump »!!! o.O

Partial recap (or « part of the rest of the story ») (view other blog posts for additional, if also incomplete, content on this topic): 1 296 mots de plus


My Arch Enemy Tamed, Mystery Behind Bounce Rates Solved!

This is the story of how my arch nemesis Bounce Rate was tamed by a helpful hint from Outbrain. The mystery behind bounce rates, and how they affect our content marketing strategies, is what this post is all about. 676 mots de plus


Living in a clinical world? Four tips to liven up your social media presence.

I manage the social media platforms for a medical association and find myself with an abundance of text, data, and complicated health information to share with our community. 388 mots de plus

enlightenbio Customer Spotlight: Cypher Genomics Clinical Content Curation

Cypher Genomics Clinical Content Curation

enlightenbio consists of a unique team of life scientists with extensive industry experience in content acquisition and software tool development for the management, analysis, and knowledge extraction of omics’ data in research, target selection and validation, drug discovery, and the clinical setting. 1 693 mots de plus


Schedule Curated Content Using WordPress Jetpack Stats

This is really simple idea, but maybe it’s one you’ve never thought about before, so I thought I would share! If you are already doing this – kudos to you! 690 mots de plus


Content Markting ideas for small business

Pay attention to your keyword density in the content pages. The exaggerated nomination can also be seen as spamming.

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