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Wrestling With An Octopus

If you are at all like me, you are already thinking about heading back into the classroom and the details of what that will look and feel like for your students.   297 mots de plus

Professional Development

A month without Facebook: what I missed most

Today I reinstated my Facebook account after disabling it four weeks ago. I took a break because I was caught in an endless loop of reading status updates and playing games. 169 mots de plus


The Wonderful World of Content Curation

When given the task of blogging about this particular topic my first thought was, what in the world is that? My spell check doesn’t even recognize curation as being correctly spelled. 281 mots de plus

The Web of Identity

The Internet offers an assortment of tools specifically designed to help us create a digital impression of who we are. This blog, my Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts – these are some of my vehicles for self-expression. 957 mots de plus

Digital & Tech

Content Curation or Getting your stuff together

We have all participated in this even if we didn’t know that we were doing so.  Think about Facebook or Pinterest and all the things that we have gathered over the years.  279 mots de plus