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How to Curate Bite-Sized Graphics for Content Promotion

When it comes to content marketing, you not only need to produce graphics and video that fuel your content engine, you’re also tasked with creating promotional images that drive traffic from multichannel distribution efforts to the content being promoted. 1 184 mots de plus

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Content curation tools: a HUGE presentation!

Here I share a huge presentation made by Robin Good, (Content curator – Publisher – Speaker at Robin Good) of 176 slides about content curation tools. 25 mots de plus

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5 Cool Ways to Use Denim in Your Home

Most of us would consider denim to be our second skin, rightly so since we practically live in them all the time. Denim, as we know it has evolved it’s way from a farmer’s workwear to ready-to-wear trend. 95 mots de plus

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Content Curation in B2B Marketing


Content curation is a powerful tactic to increase reach and engagement on social media. Learn the why, where, when and how of curation in B2B marketing

Stay Ahead in Competition- Hire the Best SEO Service Providers in India

How will you ensure effective SEO for your sites in 2016? The rules have changed this year too, and to gain the maximum out of it- you have to hire someone who has already updated the strategies accordingly. 367 mots de plus

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Google Lets You Save Web Pages To Your Account

Google has launched a new feature that lets you save Web pages to your account. « Google’s quietly rolled out a new Chrome extension that could severely threaten the future of ‘read it later’ features and services like Pocket. 51 mots de plus

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