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A framework for content curation

In conversation at EduTECH earlier this month, Harold Jarche evoked George E. P. Box’s quote that « all models are wrong, but some are useful ». 922 mots de plus

Instructional Design

The Resurrection of Traditional Communication

We might think we live in a futuristic age that has evolved beyond any limits cut off from the past. But the more I look at the modern communication forms the more I see them resembling those of the past times. 645 mots de plus


Best Android Apps for Content Curation

These news aggregator applications make me more beneficial in my social networking substance curation.

AppZite – Love. Love. Love. this application. Particularly since they disposed of the inept owl symbol. 221 mots de plus

Android Apps

Is your social media sick?

I’m preparing to hit the road for 10 days delivering social media training and on the one long weekend that I really just wanted to enjoy time with family, I came down with a head cold. 259 mots de plus

Content Creation

UX Magazine

I am a fan reader of blogs and different RSS sources, I have a long list of blogs in Feedly and I use Flipboard everyday to read different types of news, but most of them about UX. 31 mots de plus


What is Content Curation?

Content curation; what is it? It can be vital to the success of your brand, business, or even for indie authors who are hard up for subjects to present on their social media platforms. 806 mots de plus

Indie Authors

The Key Added Value a Content Curator Can Provide: His Time

« I still have to do all the searching for new and good content sources and filtering the content I get. Separating the crap from the awesome. 553 mots de plus