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Hyperallergic: Create Your Own Art Catalogue from LACMA’s Collection

File this one under given-value-of-useful, but it’s pretty neat. Hyperallergic: Create Your Own Art Catalogue from LACMA’s Collection. « Ever wander through a museum and fantasize about organizing your own exhibition, rearranging a gallery, or putting together all the artworks you love most into one room? 52 mots de plus

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The Value of Social Media Traffic

The Internet Superhighway has become a primary source for personal communication, as well as marketing and brand communication for businesses. With the heavy usage of social media highways and byways, social channels have become congested traffic. 456 mots de plus


Content Curation: How Do You Decide What to Share?

Content Curation

How Do you Decide What to Share?

Can I let you in on a little secret? Content curation is not necessarily about creating thousands of things to share on social media. 541 mots de plus

Social Media

Should you practice Content Curation?

What is content curation?

Content Curation basically means that – out of all the content you find on the social web – you pass on the most valuable stuff to your network. 127 mots de plus


Building Your Personal Brand on Twitter

Twitter may not seem like a platform that traditionally fosters growth in your personal brand, but if you use your profile correctly, you can grow your personal brand on Twitter. 320 mots de plus