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COO for a dynamic Charitable Trust based in India - Mumbai

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) we seek will lead & grow an innovative Charitable Initiative with assets over several hundred Crores. You will be accountable to the Board of Trustees for all aspects, including Strategy, Execution, Administration and Scale-up. 251 mots de plus


The jobless entrepreneur (Or why they have or don't have salary)

It was the first day of school and we have to introduce ourselves in class.

State your name. Age. Where you live. Name of Mother. Mother’s Occupation. 1 039 mots de plus


NOT born with a silver spoon.

If I had thought about this blog 20 years ago, I’d tell you that a family with a businessman father should be the wealthiest. They should be enjoying all the luxuries in life. 394 mots de plus


Insulated Trays for Corrections

Learn the differences between all of the Cook’s Brand insulated trays. These trays come insulated with foam and reinforced corners to resist inmate breaking, extend the life of your serving trays, and more efficiently hold heat while serving. 22 mots de plus

GR 571 Stage 3: Stoumont to Trois-Ponts

Fully refreshed after my overnight stay at Maggy’s Airbnb after completing stage 2 of the GR 571, and topped up with a lunch packet, I set off from the village of Stoumont at 8:45. 604 mots de plus


Get to know OneCare! Each Thursday we will be featuring a member of our Team!

Ron Wunder
Chief Operating Officer


I have over 25 years of development experience for healthcare software solutions. 250 mots de plus