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COO. Child Of the Owner.

A term I learned from frisbee teammates making fun of what I was to become then. Now that I have started working for my mom, I am beginning to understand what it means and all the changes it has brought and will be bringing. 762 mots de plus



Welcome to Mrs. D’Arcy’s Diary!

Living up to my literary name, writing is my thing and so have started this blog to see where the metaphoric journey may take me; so why not hop on this little blog with me and off we’ll go together?! 86 mots de plus


A Song A Day Playlist: 27 August - 2 September

Last week’s playlist included some absolute crackers and I’m reminded at how many brilliant we bands are out there that go unsung. Well, I’m glad to be singing about them here! 7 mots de plus

A Song A Day

How CIOs climb from the back room to the boardroom

Today more than ever, technology is transforming how enterprises do business. The IT profession has evolved from being reactionary to proactive, and CIOs now have a seat at the table to drive company strategy. 275 mots de plus


The One Thing Missing From Most KPI Dashboards

One thing I see lacking on most dashboards and key performance indicator (KPI) measurement systems companies produce to track their own performance is an external perspective. 38 mots de plus

Business Intelligence