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We're Growing!

ThePartyMatch is surely growing into 2016!  The future is bright and we’re adding to our Executive Team.  Do you have what it takes?  Are you interested in learning more?   12 mots de plus

CFOs: Get Ready For Instant Boardroom Insight

by Colin Sampson, Senior Vice President and SAP Ambassador,

Successful businesses have a need for speed. To outrun competitors, decision makers want faster results, quicker access to data, and rapid answers to all of their questions. 496 mots de plus

Enterprise Performance Management

Clash Of The Tartans Part 5

Once again, David Cameron offers his wit to « solve » a « problem » for Westminster. Lucky for you, readers, you are one part closer to finishing this arc. 8 mots de plus

The Bandra Halloween Dessert crawl

I have always fancied Halloween as it has two of my favourite things- Costumes and Sweets!Sadly in India no one has really celebrated this festival for years, thankfully this time there was a Halloween dessert crawl at Bandra that did justice to this lovely day! 592 mots de plus

Thank you, @SKapoorSpiceJet

By qualification, profession(s) and practice, I am an engineer. My love for airplanes made me study everything technical about aviation, and hence the name, The Flying Engineer. 830 mots de plus


Filling the Entrepreneur’s Skill Gap

In a past Blog, I have written about making sure that you surround yourself with a team that covers any areas that are not your strong point. 385 mots de plus

COO's Bulldog Blog Post

Hurricane Harlan: Change agent changes his style

This article originally appeared in the Oct. 13, 2015 issue of « The Louisville Cardinal. »

Close to ten months ago, a storm started brewing on U of L’s campus. 1 890 mots de plus