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SLAY THE DRAGON - movie review

Magnolia Pictures
Reviewed for Shockya.com & BigAppleReviews.net linked from Rotten Tomatoes by: Harvey Karten
Director: Barak Goodman, Chris Durrance
Screenwriter: Barak Goodman, Chris Durrance… 772 mots de plus

Essay on fighting corruption with technology

Essay on fighting corruption with technology

Transparency International is the global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption. Technology against corruption – Transparency International Our Global Movement Corruption opportunities related to the dark web, cryptocurrencies, or simply through the misuse of well-intended technologies such as digital public services and centralised databases. 383 mots de plus


A Prayer Prompted by Luke 13

Heavenly Father,

At present, we see that good and bad things happen to both good and bad people.

We accept the way that you maintain your control over the world, allowing evil and tragedy to exist side-by-side with everything that is good.   111 mots de plus


Why you cannot trust when it says FDA approved.

Written by Lee Stevenson , sorry I am a lousy editor.

The United States Food and Drug Administration was given power by congress to enforce the Federal Food , Drug and Cosmetic Act. 1 972 mots de plus


Why France is hiding a cheap and tested virus cure

The French government is arguably helping Big Pharma profit from the Covid-19 pandemic

By Pepe Escobar | Asia Times | March 28, 2020

What’s going on in the fifth largest economy in the world arguably points to a major collusion scandal in which the French government is helping Big Pharma to profit from the expansion of Covid-19.

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A to Z 100-Word Stories: I is for Idol

Anyway, here I carry on the A to Z 100 Word stories. Check out the start here with A is for Aardvark.

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Lazy Caturday Reads: Trump's Narcissistic Rage is Killing Us

Good Morning!!

This morning I’m feeling very grateful that I live alone. I’m so stressed out by what’s happening in the world that I don’t think I could handle being around other people. 1 876 mots de plus

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