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What's in Your Pocket?

It seems like even hobbies go through seasons, and mine has certainly been in a slow one. However, there’s nothing like a new book to start things stirring again. 539 mots de plus


Princess Elsa Style Part 2

Hana and we have another party dresses which are inspired by Elsa of Frozen movie. We made them for celebrating 106th Tour de France.

List of the teams: 107 mots de plus

Cycling Idoling

Princess Elsa Style Part 1

On Monday, Hana and rest of us would present our Elsa inspired party dresses. They are made for celebrating 106th Tour de France.

List of the teams: 97 mots de plus

Cycling Idoling

Anime Expo 2019

Another year of Anime Expo came and went. This year was something different. Well, every year it’s different. I’ve been going since 2008 and it’s only getting bigger and crazy crowded. 1 218 mots de plus


I Turned Into Celaena Sardothien From Throne of Glass

So I meant to do this post like a year ago when this first happened but I never got around to it until now. Towards the end of last year, I did one the best things I’ve ever done, which was a fantasy photo shoot. 207 mots de plus