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Audio Documentary / Cushions, candles and company: Hygge.

Exploring the Danish concept of living well.

But it’s not just about being warm and cosy with a cinnamon bun, however if you’ve got that you’re half way there!


Getting it, calm cafe and cheesey GBBO

Getting the spreadsheets. After freaking out about them.

Being in a nice cafe. Middle class calm.

Cheese on toast and Bake Off in bed. A happy place.

Post 1: Thoughts from my head!

In a world revolving around the world wide web, here I am. On a cozy (or cosy??) little corner of the internet, sitting in my house, writing my thoughts down for the world to see. 180 mots de plus


Make Staying in the New Going Out With Our Top 10 Tips for Your Living Room

Turn your sitting room into the perfect place to stay in and chill

Obviously we spend quite a lot of time hanging out with top designers and going to launches (!) but we still love nothing more than a cosy night in with friends, curled up in front of the fire. 752 mots de plus

Design Tips

In amongst the trees

On Monday, I was all over a very Americana kind of ‘fall’, as if we don’t experience the real beautiful thing over here, but of course we do! 620 mots de plus


Top 5 Cosy Movies

Its all well and good being a cinema intellectual, don’t get me wrong – I’d love to be one myself. Spending every waking minute of the day writing reviews and discussing directorial decisions and the dramatic effect of certain camera angles and watching nothing but gritty, dystopian thrillers that make your brain hurt, but sometimes people like me want to watch good films as well. 923 mots de plus

PJ's Were Made For Lazy Days 💤

 By EJ ~ Curve Inspirationalist

Its that time of year when comfort and cosiness is totes important! I don’t know about you Stylists, but I  love, love LOVE  419 mots de plus