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Knitwear Needs

I know I’m like most others when I say I’m obsessed with all things knit come autumn and winter. For me it doesn’t matter what type or style of clothing it is – we don’t discriminate here! 172 mots de plus


Books to make you feel you warm

Brrrrrr. It’s bloomin’ cold isn’t it? Even I’m freezing, and I never normally get chilly. That might have something to do with the fact my boiler has just died, though, and can’t be replaced for a fortnight.  456 mots de plus

The Window Sill

We all have special memories – special faces in special places. Moments that are just so full of joy and contentment that nothing in the present could ever distort them, for what they were is infinite. 70 mots de plus


The warmth of winter

As the colours of autumn begin to fade

November approaches bringing along shorter days and chillier nights.

Winter’s never been my season of choice

This time though I feel a nudge to change my mind. 440 mots de plus


New home ♡

I say new home but we will have lived here one month on Friday. I could picture us in this house the second we walked in to view it and I was right. 112 mots de plus

Day 329 - Blinded

Ugh, it is blinding,

Light streaming through my window,

Wakes me from my sleep.

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