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My self-care essentials

I am a big advocate of self-care. I love taking that time to pamper myself and just having some « me time ». I especially rely on my pamper routine whilst it is term time and university is causing me a lot of stress! 562 mots de plus


The Cat of the Baskervilles - Vicki Delany

« The footsteps of a gigantic hound! »

I’m still enjoying my occasional dips into cosy mysteries set in bookshops or libraries, and it was nice to be able to nab a copy of the third installment of this series, from NetGalley.

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Home Sweet Home

All I’ve done, pretty much my entire adult life, is save money. When I left university I put everything I earned into interrailing around Europe, when that was over it was onto the next goal- travelling around South East Asia. 248 mots de plus


Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

I actually like Valentines Day even though I’m single. I think it’s a day to celebrate love. All kinds of love, wether it’s to a your SO or friend or family. 171 mots de plus


28th February 2018: International Day of Hygge

I love the hygge trend. I’m definitely someone who loves home comforts, cosy blankets and cups of tea. Hygge can also translate as self-care. As someone with a chronic illness, I have to take care of myself, and there’s nothing I love more than snuggling on the sofa, surrounded by candles and soft throws and that feeling of being at home. 202 mots de plus


Cosy winter look

Best cure for those February blues: some bright red details, a cosy 🐻-coat and lunch with friends.

According to WhoWhatWear I look with fashionable with this coat, but according to my dad I look like a sheep… But who doesn’t like a cute and cuddly sheep?! 25 mots de plus



Romance, it transpires
Is not hearts and flowers
It’s Myka making up the fire
Early this cold morning
To make life cosy for me

12 February 2018