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Written for:  The Twiglets #80 – « cosy up »

posies are
nose cosies

If your dog cosies
up to you, fur
circled, half
on your lap, 65 mots de plus

Purple's Home

Sophie Bach review

Sophie Bach is a dog friendly tea and coffee room in Aberystwyth. Although there were no dogs when I went, this is definitely the perfect place for a dog lover. 190 mots de plus


Souvenirs from the Red River

Last week I attended the annual Canadian Operator Symposium, better known in its nickname: COSY. This conference happens every year and travels between Canadian universities, and this time it was held in the University of Manitoba, in Winnipeg. 1 876 mots de plus

Functional Analysis

Dernier été à Tokyo - Cécilia Vinesse

Bonsoir mes petits lapins <3

Je vous retrouve en cette soirée cocooning avec le livre qui convient <3

Nombre de pages : 348

Sortie : 1er Juin 2017… 397 mots de plus

Chick-Lit / Romance / Réel

Best Work Friendly Cafes in D2, Thao Dien

New to Ho Chi Minh city and looking for relaxing places to do work or read? I’ve explored Thao Dien in search of the most suitable, affordable, and beautiful cafes that are work friendly. 1 265 mots de plus


May 1960: "Summer Song"

This is definitely a « cosy of unusual charm »! (Despite the ripped corner on the back cover photo.) It features appliqué and embroidery with different designs on each side and instructions to make it up into either a regular cosy to put over the teapot, or a « nest » to put the teapot into. 607 mots de plus


A Cosy Friday Night In.

Recently things haven’t been all peonies and butterflies if you know what I mean. So I’ve been opting for cosy nights in to keep me somewhat sane. 580 mots de plus