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Bear Flower Cosy

Cute Crochet Bear Flower Cosy
A NoThings Unimaginable Original Pattern


I love caring for all kinds of plants and my new hobby is scouring for unusual plants such as the venus flytrap and sarracenia pictured above. 429 mots de plus


Breakfast for dinner? Yes please

Believing spring’s on its way was a flop. It’s currently a bloody snowstorm outside. This is what I despise about April weather, it can literally be all four seasons in one day. 52 mots de plus


My Safe Haven

Being safe and cosy is one thing that I think is incredibly important not only for your happiness but also your mental well-being. There is something very special and lovely about surrounding yourself in an environment which is safe, warm, cosy and lovely in which you feel at home and relaxed. 214 mots de plus


9 Single Sofas To Personalize Your Cozy Nook

Seek solace from the pressures of the day by taking a quiet break to center and recharge yourself. To enjoy a truly immersive and relaxing time-out, why not designate a small corner of your home into a personalized cozy nook? 1 016 mots de plus

2017, April 16 - 2525 - chateau 2

carved wooden bed frame (5)
corner posts like tall pillars (7)
panels and faces (5)


It's okay NOT to be okay!

It is so bloody true. It’s completely okay NOT to be okay.

Sometimes, like all the time, all the daily pressures of life build up. 976 mots de plus

HabLab Sketchbook

Theme research

Theme Research

Stair development

Stair development

Web wall development

Cupboard/door to basement model measurements

Cupboard development

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