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I think I will turn my house into a garden of Gypsophilas. They are the most perfect flowers: you can let them dry out and they will look amazing, they will last for a long time, they will look perfect on your photos and they will cheer up your house for sure. 12 mots de plus

Candour Photography

Time for Hygge Tea

Spring is great. It’s often overlooked as a transition from sparkly, merry winter to hot summers on the beach, but I love it. Bursts of pink and white blossom and lilac skies and April showers and brightening evenings and all other sorts of colourful gorgeousness ensue. 829 mots de plus


A play, a film and the fruits of autumn

As the evening sets in (it seems to get dark so early these days), and we prepare ourselves for a cosy night of viewing, eating and sipping some wine, I’m sitting here at the computer thinking of what to write in today’s blog.  402 mots de plus

Food And Drink


Him still having his game night but you both want a cosy night too… I was reading behind his back with my legs around him and he was facing the TV playing his games 😂
Happy, happy- perfect! 😘


Zoe's Crafty Empire

Have you ever wanted to upholster your own living room chair, but had no idea where to start? Many people love the idea of having made their own home accessories. 413 mots de plus

7 Home Touches That Make a Difference

Little touches of furniture and accessories are what makes a house a home. You don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive items to make a home look good. 369 mots de plus

Crafting With Laura Ann

It would be great if we could all make our own home accessories. It would save us a lot of money. But unfortunately we do not all have the skill or time to be good with arts and crafts. 606 mots de plus