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Medieval Bedroom

Perhaps not a room you’d want to sleep in everyday.. but this amazing medieval style bedroom looks pretty cosy.

Childlike weekend

This weekend was beyond amazing. I’ve been babysitting and done alot of fun children things, being childlike. There’s not much of that when you get older. 259 mots de plus


What the fuck is HYGGE?

And the second big question is: How the fuck do we pronounce it?

I was searching for a book to read on the app, Libby… 479 mots de plus


Miss Seeton Flies High

Written by Hamilton Crane

Lucky Miss Seeton! A modest Premium Bond win means a whole week in legendary Glastonbury. She can draw and drink in the surroundings, just what she needs for her scene-painting role in the village production of ‘Camelot’. 526 mots de plus


ESO - A nook in Crow's Wood

Someone thought Crow’s Wood was great (as do I), and made a reading nook on one of its isles. So cosy, skulls notwithstanding!


April 1960: Gay Goslings

« Cheerful goslings make gay kitchen ideas » — who could resist? There are patterns for a serving glove and a felt tea cosy, neither of which I particularly needed, but the tea-cosy pattern is just about the right size for an iPad case. 233 mots de plus


Review: Egyptian Enigma by L. J. M. Owen

Very few books transport the reader back in time, whilst simultaneously grounding themselves in the current day, as well as L. J. M Owen’s… 391 mots de plus

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