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Christmas Jumpers

Hey so it’s a short one this week, I just wanted to put into focus how there is a lack of Christmas jumpers that are new and interesting this year. 133 mots de plus


9 cosy things to do in London in Winter

So, since I’m now on a grad scheme in the City it seems fitting to make my first real blog post about London. I’ll be honest, this post probably isn’t too helpful for backpackers because London is expensive. 1 177 mots de plus


12 Days of Blogmas! Day Six: Comfy Christmas Day Dresses

Bonjour mes petites frostleengs!

In staark contrast to Day 5, it’s time for a classic commercial Blogmas post, all in the name of being comfy and cosy on Christmas Day. 296 mots de plus

A Murder for the Books - Victoria Gilbert

« Anyone who claims there are no stupid questions has never worked in a public library. »

Having fled an embarrassing end to a terrible romance, Amy Webber is now director of the library in the small, old town where her aunt lives.

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How to: Cosy ya Christmas!

Christmas is one of the cosiest times of the year! We all know that.

So with this in mind, I wanted to list a few past times that really get me in the cosy spirit! 376 mots de plus


Let's Decorate My Room For Christmas


a little bit of christmas music, creativity, some inspiration…and I’m ready to turn my room into a little winter wonderland. I have to admit I didn’t decorate it all at once. 146 mots de plus


20 Brilliant Films NETFLIX is Currently Showing

If like us, Christmas is a time of the year when your desire to watch endless films goes through the roof, then no fear. You are not alone in this obsession to put a good film on, get cosy with a glass of wine in front of the fire, and probably fall asleep within the first half an hour. 225 mots de plus