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Dan orthography testing

End of Week 1 in Man, and Emmanuel and I have just landed on our feet. We’ve moved to the wonderful Focolari centre, which is half the price of the hotel we were in before, and far more spacious. 82 mots de plus


With the New Year Came a New Name for Me

A pastor of mine shared once the importance of someone’s name. He described a person’s name as the handle that will open the drawer to who that person is. 670 mots de plus


Ebony in Ivory: a Curvy Girl's Adventures in Cote D'Ivoire

Recently, I won a trip through TrekBuyFly to Ivory Coast.

TrekBuyFly is a newly launched social travel app, and to celebrate its inception, they were giving away a trip to any destination in West Africa. 461 mots de plus


From Tyneside to Abidjan: UPGro @ 7th RWSN Forum

Pictured: Prof. Richard Carter on the UPGro stand at the 7th RWSN Forum

I had the pleasure of recently attending the 7th RWSN Forum, held from 29th November to 2nd December 2016 in Abidjan, C… 529 mots de plus


Toastin' the Coast with the Ziglibithian Hosts

Despite having been named after the bad ol’ days of rampant elephant poaching, the Ivory Coast is a gem of many sonical splendours. From Gbégbé to… 78 mots de plus