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Our 3 day mountain biking adventure 

So, before we came to Ecuador I read a review or two about mountain biking Cotopaxi, an active volcano, and decided that this would be a great thing to do. 1 702 mots de plus

South America

Cotopaxi Raises $6.5M To Sell Socially Conscious Outdoor Gear

Cotopaxi, an e-commerce startup that also emphasizes making the world a better place, has raised $6.5 million in Series A funding.

While many startup founders want you to believe that they’re idealists in pursuit of a big mission, co-founder and CEO Davis Smith told me (via email) that Cotopaxi is helping humanitarian causes in concrete ways — not just because the products are created in sweatshop-free factories, and not just because the company promises to donate a portion of its profits. 362 mots de plus


Ending 2014 pink and proud

Dec 2014

Quito, Ecuador

Why Ecuador when I had already travelled from India to GB?  Because some of my girlfriends we’re going and somewhere inside me there was a need to have my walking boots on and be in the Andes. 527 mots de plus

Cotopaxi (finding our way)

Gina had mapped our way out of Tumbaco along a small road which would eventually lead us to Cotopaxi. Santiago had given us some route advice as to how to get there the quickest. 1 079 mots de plus

Fat Bike

Making it to the Top

I left a day ahead of schedule to get even further acclimated to the elevation and was very happy I did, because I got an evening with a yogi extraordinaire, Erin Fischer. 1 000 mots de plus


Michelle the Ecuadorable little bean. 

Surprise, Ecuador, I’m in Ecuador now. I think. Honestly it’s getting kind of tiring to keep track of it all. Speaking of tiring, I’ve been blogging for like two hours now, trying to stay current, but it’s just not going to happen. 86 mots de plus

Gap Year

Language Immersion in Quito

Terracentro Spanish Language School

It’s not like I’ve been putting this off, but with Guaranda and all, I just got side-tracked. Though now that I’ve just finished my 5th week in a Spanish language immersion program, it’s time for a review. 1 132 mots de plus