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72 Hours in Cotopaxi: Active Volcano Adventures

Leaving Quito, we took a shuttle bus to the Secret Garden Cotopaxi, an eco-friendly lodge on the outskirt of the world’s highest volcano.

Upon arrival, the staff greeted us to a warm lunch and a tour of the grounds, 135 mots de plus


A 24 hour adventure challenge: Questival San Diego

At this moment I am in the midst of a 24-hour adventure challenge by Cotopaxi, makers of « gear for good ». It’s like a scavenger hunt on steroids which invites you and 1-5 of your nearest and dearest friends—or, whoever’s willing and daring, really—for a day of unexpected fun. 79 mots de plus

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Whale's Vagina is at it again

After an unintended retirement, Whale’s Vagina has brought in a new boy to try out the latest in adventure racing, Cotopaxi’s Questival. Cotopaxi has put together a giant list of challenges to complete over a period of 24 hours. 31 mots de plus

Urban Adventure Racing


If you have the opportunity to visit the National Park of Cotopaxi, DO IT!

I lived and worked in Secret Garden hostel in Cotopaxi for a month and a half and I was so ludicrously happy there. 199 mots de plus


What you can’t learn from the clouds you will never know, for the clouds hold secrets only you can I can only imagine of. Lying on the wet, green, pre-dawn grass, peering up at their silhouettes dancing and painting the night sky watching as their black, brown night camouflage denies us the stars as we stare, stare and stare upwards. 478 mots de plus