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April- No-man's land.

April was rough. In tennis, the median line marks an area of SOL for any unaware player found between net and baseline. The majority of shots taken by your opponent WILL hit that line, making it impossible for any return if you get caught standing there. 355 mots de plus


Ascensión al Cotopaxi (5.897m) Ecuador

El 5 de mayo decidimos que NO subiríamos el Cotopaxi. Es verdad que hicimos los Anapurnas sin problemas y que habíamos hecho algunas caminatas por los 4.000 metros, por lo que la aclimatación no habría sido seguramente un inconveniente. 2 883 mots de plus


A wonderful night at the Cotopaxi

13th February 2014

Ecuador is the land of the volcanos. In the last month I visited different volcanos:

– Sierra Negra : the second biggest caldera in the world… 1 512 mots de plus


Gear I Haven't Used - A Closet of Dreams?

All of us have those Purchases that seemed very logical to buy at the time. And perhaps they were, but life happens and the intended event for which said Purchase would have been just perfect never occurs. 381 mots de plus


Ecuador (Days 80-88)

After landing in Quito and a late night rendezvous with Olivier at our hostel near Plaza Foch, we practiced our pool skills while hearing about his recent Cuban #funemployment escapades. 1 388 mots de plus


Manchester - Where It's At?

« There’s a destination a little up the road
From the habitations and the towns we know
A place we saw the lights turn low… 1 025 mots de plus