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My Sittou (or Grandmother, we are from a giant Lebanese family) is over 90 years old and as beautiful as ever, and my dear Great Uncle is about the same age. 200 mots de plus

South America

Kickstarter of the Week: The Libre Sweater by Cotopaxi

Product: The Libre Sweater

Company: Cotopaxi
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Pledge Goal: $20,000 (WILL BE FUNDED)
Current Pledges: $99

We have reviewed a few items by Cotopaxi ( 356 mots de plus

Kickstarter Of The Week

Check Out The Cotopaxi Libre Sweater On Kickstarter

Every now and again I’ll come across a project on Kickstarter that catches my eye. This week I came across a llama wool sweater, called The Libre Sweater from Cotopaxi ( 491 mots de plus


The Quilotoa Loop...actually more or less a straight line

I mentioned the town of Latacunga in my last post about Quito as one of the best places to base some volcano climbing out of. This is not only due to its location/close proximity to Cotopaxi, Illiniza, and Quilotoa, but it’s also a great little town that reminded me of two Colombian towns mixed together, Salento and Buga. 2 844 mots de plus

The Cat At The Window: Aggie's Story

The Cat At The Window

It was a night in December and I had been working away in London for the week. As I was on the airport runaway about to take off to fly home I got a text message from Greg… »You have to phone me, it’s urgent » 1 042 mots de plus


Amazing trip to Cotopaxi Volcano in Ecuador

One of the reasons why I came to Ecuador was to experience its unique natural places, feeling and acknowledging their energy. One of such place was the mighty Cotopaxi, one of the highest volcanoes in the world! 1 033 mots de plus

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