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Anywhere in the world

The best feeling you'll ever have
will be
when you're leaning against a tree
on an hacienda
in a forest
in Ecuador
smelling eucalyptus

Dayci'll be plucking
at her guitar
while Nicole rummages through her hammock
for god knows what

The sun'll be sinking to your left
silver-green leaves 
above you
up against a pale blue sky

you'll know the volcano's there
smoking a little
even though you can't see it 
for the trees right now

and you'll think

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Cotopaxi's got crowdfunding covered

Cotopaxi has a reputation of generating new and ingenious designs, but its newest product, the Inti 2, takes innovation to a whole new level.

The Inti 2 claims to be the “world’s most versatile tent”—a tent that adapts to solo… 375 mots de plus


Cotopaxi, Ecuador 

Cotopaxi is a snow-capped volcano two hours from Quito. Rising almost 6,000 metres above sea level, it is one of the highest volcanos in the world. 399 mots de plus


June Cairn Box

Let me take a second to commend Cairn on the stellar box this month. I did see spoilers on their Facebook page but it didn’t make me any less excited to open it. 218 mots de plus

Questival 2016!

This weekend, my friends and I are doing a 24 hour adventure fest called Questival. It’s sponsored by a company called Cotopaxi from Utah whose slogan is Gear for Good. 50 mots de plus