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Rucu Pichincha, Ecuador - Rocks and Ridges

On June 29, 2015, at 8:15 am, J, I and our guide, Ossy, left the Hacienda Rumiloma on the outskirts of Quito for Rucu Pichincha. Reminiscent of Mt. 357 mots de plus



A bad thing to happen abroad is to get sick. Unfortunately for me I had the whole shebang, stuffy nose, sore throat and all I wanted to do was sleep. 328 mots de plus

Cotopaxi... or what we've seen of it!

Cotopaxi is a big (5 897 meters high) shy volcano, this is the least we can conclude from our 24 hours of sharing the landscape with it. 133 mots de plus

The Trip

Getting Outdoors in Ecuador: An Introductory List of Strolls, Hikes and Climbs

Ecuador is a feast for hikers and climbers. So much so, it can be a little overwhelming on first arrival. Remembering the difficulty I had picking what to tackle first, I thought I’d put together a shortlist of a few of my favourite hikes, listed from easiest to most challenging. 1 720 mots de plus


Quito - The Kick Off

Writing from the Hacienda Rumiloma in Quito, where one of the resident peacocks has just perched outside our window. We are in a beautiful large room, filled with antiques and a bathroom with an elaborately tiled sunken tub and a view into the cloud forest. 421 mots de plus


Almost En Route to Ecuador

Florida has treated us to some spectacular lightning strikes the last few days – cloud to earth vertical forks so brilliant I was actually blinded when driving on I-4 the other day. 394 mots de plus


Mountain biking down an active volcano in Ecuador

At 5897 metres above sea level Cotopaxi, in Ecuador, is one of the highest active volcanoes in the world. Visible from Quito on a clear day, the majestic monolith dominates the skyline from miles around. 616 mots de plus