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Review: Cairn Trailhead Box – Is it worth it?

I’ve subscribed to more than my fair share of subscription boxes. Some of them have exceeded expectations (I’m looking at you Mystery Tackle Box), others, not so much. 1 017 mots de plus


Latacunga, el área de volcanes / Latacunga, the volcanoes area

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Latacunga como tal tiene un centro histórico que está bien, pero realmente nos paramos ahí para usar la ciudad de base para hacer trekking en sus preciosos alrededores llenos de volcanes. 1 455 mots de plus


Away Game 01-18: Return to Ecuador

I needed to return to Ecuador to clean up my climbing resume and get some serious high altitude training you just can’t find in the states. 1 450 mots de plus

Riding Coattails

La Casa Del Arbol, Banos

We were supposed to breeze straight through Ecuador, our coattails flapping in the wind behind us. Everyone rambles and raves about Colombia and Peru, but rarely does anyone mention the small country tucked in between, whose charm caught us by surprise. 525 mots de plus

Cotopaxi, a cloudy success


We are not giving up on successfully hiking up over 5000 m while in South America. We have been over 5000 m but driving there in a car doesn’t count. 1 205 mots de plus


Cotopaxi-Gear for Good...(my diet pep w/lemon pictured) Reverse Engineer

COMM 315:06 Liz Wortley
Week 03 First Due Date Reverse Engineer a Social Media Post
Lindsay Barratt
Purpose: Understand the design process Assessment: Quality of analysis… 978 mots de plus