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So Long, and Thanks for Not Erupting

The high plain surrounding Cotopaxi is called páramo. High means thousands of feet higher than Quito, enough to make you breathless and sick. It’s dry and cold and windy and the sun is so intense I felt the rays zing through my skin all the way to my bones. 275 mots de plus

Life of Late ~ 9.15.17

In all honesty I think this should sometimes be called « Sh*t Kaitlin Says. » For example there are times when what I say I think is smart, witty, and sometimes downright hilarious. 1 147 mots de plus

Healthy Me

Vida La Vic #1: The First Week

If you asked me a year ago, I would have never bet that I’d be spending six months in Ecuador. (With that being said, I’m not a great gambler.) The process seemed to happen so fast. 840 mots de plus


Staying in a Hobbit Hole - Cotopaxi

So you want to stay in a hobbit hole do you? I have the perfect place for you! Only two hours from Quito there is a beautiful retreat where there is no wifi, lots of hammocks, hobbit houses and one of the best views of Cotopaxi volcano! 750 mots de plus


...Quito, Ecuador

So, before we talk about Quito we have a bit of a disclaimer. We absolutely LOVED Ecuador. I realise that Quito was only our first stop after the Galápagos (and what an introduction to Ecuador the Galápagos was!) but I am writing this from the perspective of having finished our travels through Ecuador, so I can safely say that it was without a doubt one of our favourite countries on the trip so far. 826 mots de plus

South America

Three days at Cotopaxi: the most relaxed volcano in Ecuador

After having spent six nights in Quito, the most I’ve spent in any pace so far, it’s fair to say I was very excited to be moving on to somewhere new. 1 237 mots de plus


Our Experience, Questival 2017 Salt Lake City

Questival Adventure Race, Salt Lake City, Utah

This weekend, we combined forces with our extended family and participated in Cotopaxi Questival in Salt Lake City, Utah. 1 689 mots de plus

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