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This is how to splurge $9,500 on an unforgettable Hawaiian Honeymoon

When couples head to Hawaii on their honeymoon, they often book lavish excursions — say, surf lessons, hikes to cascading waterfalls, or even a helicopter ride over an active volcano. 227 mots de plus


robyn - thankful

I used to write poems as a hobby from middle school to my junior year of high school. Poems became an effort, or I guess, an outlet for my abstract, untouchable, yet vivid feelings to be concrete, touchable, and vivid. 165 mots de plus


Episode 8

It’s been 3 months since she has been discharged, and I have a smile as long as 90’s songs when I say this, that I have been completely successful in the path of winning her back. 686 mots de plus


Pair match

We are shaken like socks
In a washing machine
Started on an early morning
Of July.
I feel you, my love,
Near but thorn,
present but distracted,
But always similar.


Only have eyes for you....

A really beautiful and touching couple pic, one of the many awesome poses you will find at the Q Poses store.

Pose: Only have eyes for you – … 6 mots de plus

First love

Just for the record, i do not like receiving real flowers because they eventually die out and i think that they should just be left in their natural environment.  405 mots de plus