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Venezia funge al mondo pressoché come macchina del tempo. Un magnifico formicolio
scuote la vista all’uscita dalla stazione Santa Lucia; ci si trova coinvolti in… 918 mots de plus


Welcome to Planted Small

Our inspiration for Planted Small  is rooted from our own roots; Snohomish, WA, the cutest small town you’ve never heard of. Snohomish, known for Harvey Airfield, lumber production, antique shops, and lots of space for farming, is not a destination spot for Spring Breakers. 481 mots de plus


6 of the best pieces of advice for retiring early, from people who did it

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Saving your money is key to retiring early, but it’s not the only thing that will get you there.

In fact, for many people seeking financial independence — and those who have achieved it — it’s often a mindset shift that does the trick. 1 304 mots de plus


Chicago-Area Couple Married 69 Years Die 40 Minutes Apart

HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. (AP) — The children of a suburban Chicago couple married 69 years say the husband and wife died 40 minutes apart at a hospital while holding hands. 137 mots de plus


My Dream Said Everything Is Your Fault

Do you ever have a nightmare that feels SO REAL, that you actually wake up mad?

Because sometimes I do….

Me: <waking up terrified…… and then angry……… 328 mots de plus

Couple married nearly 70 years pass away just minutes apart

SKOKIE, Ill. — Issac and Teresa Vatkin were holding hands when they passed away this weekend.

Their daughter Clara, who immigrated to the United States with her parents in the 1960s from Argentina, shared the story of their enduring 69-year marriage. 309 mots de plus


Paternity Results: Man Thinks Girlfriend's Hair-Braiding Skills Lead To Trouble [EXCLUSIVE]

This 21-year-old couple met when they were both employed at Little Caesars. Her hair-braiding skills are what brought the two of them together, when she braided his hair once after they had been flirting for a while. 253 mots de plus

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