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« Protecting & Hurting are like two different face on a single coin that’s called, Coin of Love.

Sometime there is a think that I really can’t understand, why a couple slap or hurting their partner for a simple mistake that can be compromise easily yet the one who got hurt apologize, where is love in there?

Backpacking by Beginners: The Final Part!

So this was it, we had reached the final stop on our interrailing adventure… Croatia!

We were really undecided about where to visit in Croatia, we knew it was where we wanted to end the trip, but we weren’t sure where would be best. 975 mots de plus


Broken Hearts and Broken Noses (Beginning of the End)

You’ve read a few of my post where I talk about my ex. We’ve had a fucked up toxic relationship for years. I’ve lied to myself and others and have tried to make myself believe that we are truly friends. 1 637 mots de plus

Are Dating Apps for Creeps?

That’s what I asked myself before signing up for Coffee Meets Bagel five months ago. But it actually turned out to be the best decision of my life. 155 mots de plus


Tanka 18034

Tanka 18034
Resting my head back,
Staring into the darkness,
Is that you in here,
Whisper me affirmations,
You love me enough to haunt
~ Eugenio Saenz Jr.


Anniversary Cake

Happy wedding anniversary for the lovely couple..