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When He Told Her There Was Someone Else

I think even when it’s an unhealthy relationship, if you care about the person you want to believe there is something there.

But I think the universe takes people out of our lives for many reasons even if those reasons hurt.

The Final Countdown!

12 years ago, today.. it was a house full of cousins and relatives.. there was surely a buzz around.. and I could hear the wedding bells.. 319 mots de plus

My Love For Life

Sweet Tooth

I can hear you Wispa,
words flicker in my ear of

Time Out.

I’m thinking if Mars were to Breakaway,
and the Milkyway got lonely, 232 mots de plus


Sambar Christmas

I have always loved December( like pretty much everyone ) It has always been the time for family reunions ,Christmas movies and presents under our Christmas tree!  347 mots de plus

THE ACTOR'S ONE & ONLY: Chapter 19

Song choice: Timber by Pitbull & Kesha/Ke$ha (refresh my memory, does her name still carry that dollar sign, btw?😝😁😈)/ Raise your glass by Pink.

A/N: A stag in drag! 906 mots de plus


A Proper Welcome

Thank you for visiting our website. We are happy to start this venture together and have the opportunity to share our love of traveling with all of you. 366 mots de plus


Poetry 101

Her poetry

It’s like a potion

That heals everyone

Even the unwounded

Like raindrops

On a collapsing summer




It seduces its territory… 74 mots de plus