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March 27th 2017

Today Alice and I went for an early evening walk around the town. It was still light out after we’d eaten dinner, and it looked so lovely outside that we didn’t want to waste our evening inside, so Alice suggested that we go for a walk. 268 mots de plus


Born in the KSA

A good walk with friends, enjoying  the warm weekends that the Eastern Province offers in March. A good chance for street shooting.

Love isn't perfect...

A man once asked his father,

« Father, how will I ever find the 

right woman »

His father replied 

« Forget finding the right woman, 11 mots de plus

Ep.155 of The Dating Advice Girl Radio Show is POSTED! #Dating Panels 2017: #Singles & Couples Talk Dating (Group 4)

Ep.155-This is the 4th episode of my dating panel interview series for 2017 where I’m interviewing singles and couples about their dating experiences in regards to their race, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and lifestyle. 103 mots de plus


Notes about LOVE

Hello there, I’m back again with another blog post.

I am here to tell you all about something.

Basically, Ander and I started as strangers, obviously and then move to friends and after to bestfriends and so on. 350 mots de plus


The Dress

What should I wear today? I scanned through the assortment of sweaters, dresses and shirts in my closet. There wasn’t much to choose from. Most of my clothes were scattered all over my room. 222 mots de plus


Marriage Bliss?

I remember reading a quote by a pastor who said, marriage isn’t so much designed to make us happy, but to help make us holy. Likewise, God is more concerned with our holiness than our happiness. 436 mots de plus