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Irish Cream Truffles

With St Patrick’s looming, I had been wondering what to do to mark the occasion. Potatoes? Stew? No – after Frugal Hausfrau’s inspired attempt at making her own Bailey’s… 619 mots de plus


Boozy Truffles with Whisky and Apricot Brandy

This weekend was spent making truffles. And not just any kind, but a whole range of them.

I had been dying to give truffles a try, despite countless failed attempts at making chocolate Easter eggs. 1 232 mots de plus


First attempt at tempering chocolate

I love, love, love chocolate. I see myself as a chocolatier in my retirement years. But my husband has asked why wait that long? So we’re embarking on a journey learning all there is to know about chocolate candy making. 285 mots de plus

Chocolate Couverture

Valentine Series : Mr. Couverture

Valentine Series :

B1A4 are Chocolate : Couverture

Casts : Jinyoung and OCs | Romance | Ficlet | G | Author : BanaBy

Disclaimer : Ini adalah wujud permintaan maaf kepada owner yang me-rekruit saya. 590 mots de plus


[FR] Atomic Girl et Moi - Sortie

Chose promise, chose due : à compter de ce jour, ma nouvelle Atomic Girl et Moi est disponible !

Vous avez déjà lu une bande dessinée de super-héros ? 186 mots de plus


Quadruple mega chocolate layer cake

Is there anything better for a baking fiend than getting a 2.5 kg bag of chocolate for Christmas? I think there is – when the bag in question is Lindt couverture and is accompanied by a chocolate recipe book (or two).  594 mots de plus


[FR] Atomic Girl et moi - Couverture Finale

Après moult galères, je peux enfin présenter la version finale, en couleurs, de la couverture d’Atomic Girl et Moi

Tadam !

Qui dit « couverture finale » dit « parution imminente » ! 48 mots de plus