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MARTIN PAGE – Les animaux ne sont pas comestibles

À paraître prochainement, le dernier livre de Martin Page…

“Les animaux ne sont pas comestibles”

Conception graphique et réalisation de la couverture, aux Éditions Robert Laffont. 92 mots de plus



fruits of the earth (1977 ed.)


watlala an indian of the northwest (1935, cover illustration by roger vernam)


 the crimes of the stalin era (1962)


the age of analysis (1956 ed.)

Que nous réservent nos BOSOs pour 2017?

English abstract
What can our BOSOs possibly have in store for us in 2017?
The World in 2017 issue of The Economist magazine may provide some answers as to what our BOSOs – our « Benevolent » Occult Satanist Overlords – would like to accomplish in the coming year. 2 407 mots de plus

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