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Lapte condensat

Vrând sa fac niste bomboane   am cautat lapte condensat pe la marketurile de cartier si n-am gasit, sa merg la hipermarket stiti cum este…nu te întorci doar cu un produs asa ca am facut în casa se face foarte usor din câteva ingrediente iar rezultatul este foarte bun… 92 mots de plus


Zoya - Lillian

Turned out a lot less greenish than I thought it’d be. It’s still a pretty vintage blue!

I took this one playing ping pong at a bar. :D

General Polish Yumminess

Juice Review: Boston Creme from MF'n Donut

The stuff that legends are made of.  When you deem yourself as « MF’n Donut« , then you more than likely are bringing it to the table with an incredible donut flavor.   518 mots de plus

Kama Sutra Oil Of Love, Vanilla Crème,3.4 Fluid Ounce

These delicious, silky oils impart a delicate scent and an irresistible warmth. Caress a few drops onto the body, then blow gently to release their powers and let lavish kisses follow. 33 mots de plus

Ten fillings for any kinda cake! (yes, even your pancakes)

  The Oreo Cream−Cheesorio 


Cream Cheese

1 oz  of Cream Cheese
1 pack of Oreo Cookies
3 tbsps of Granulated Sugar…
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Feeling Trapped

I’ve been feeling quite trapped lately. Ever since my surgery I’ve had limited mobility & I’ve been feeling down about it.

We currently live in a large studio and my husband works from home so not being able to escape during the day has me going a bit stir crazy. 320 mots de plus