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31DC2017: Day 15 - Delicate - Vintage Floral Print

Hey, y’all! For today, I have a vintage-looking floral print for the delicate prompt.

I started with a base of 3 coats of Zoya Ana, a light, dusty blush pink satin. 164 mots de plus

Nail Art

Sleek - Crème to Powder Blush

So recently in my latest Glossybox, which was the Unicorns vs. Mermaids October Edition, I received a Sleek Crème to Powder Blush. This arrived in the shade… 470 mots de plus


31DC2017: Day 13 - Animal Print - Regal Angelfish

Hey, y’all! I seriously fell behind on this challenge, and I’ve waffled on whether to continue with it since the beginning of the month. However, I’ve decided that I should keep going with it and finish it out! 221 mots de plus

Nail Art

Echt Vital

Durch den bewussten Einsatz von Nahrungsergänzungsmittel kann der Wunsch nach Gesundheit erfolgreich unterstützt werden, denn jeder möchte sein Leben fit und wohlauf gestalten. Alltägliche Herausforderungen des Lebens, wie Stress, ungesunde Ernährung, Bewegungsmangel und arbeitsbedingte Überbelastungen lassen unseren Körper ermüden und schneller energielos werden. 590 mots de plus


Review Swanicoco Swan Cream Intensive Vital

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Recebi este produto gratuitamente da Swanicoco.

Sou um grande fã de cremes faciais. No entanto, não gosto de usá-los pela manhã porque prefiro algo mais leve como uma… 2 257 mots de plus


Maybelline Master Contour V Stick | Hit or Miss?

It feels unnatural for me not to apply some form of contour when I go through my makeup routine. The face isn’t just one flat colour (someone please tell 15 year old me that!), so contour is great to give a bit colour to the face as well as shaping it a bit. 384 mots de plus


Zoya Sophisticates Swatches

Hey guys! Today’s post is on the entire Fall 2017 collection of Zoya! I haven’t done full collection posts in a while so bear with me on this one! 1 070 mots de plus

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