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What Constitutes a Constitution?

Today marks the 86th year of the first Thai constitution. Since the year 1932 and the first constitution, it has been rewritten 19 times. This poses a question to us: is Thailand more democratic because a new constitution/charter is drafted, on average, once in every 4.3 years? 5 519 mots de plus


Harry Potter episodes II through to VII

The best of the middle Harry Potter films, in descending order.

Sometimes, the humour just doesn’t work and sometimes it’s borderline. And then, maybe once or twice, hits the spot. 734 mots de plus



Mom and Dad came for a visit this weekend. It didn’t leave much time for authorly things, but it was fun. We went to dinner, and Mom did some Christmas shopping. 90 mots de plus

Climate-modeling illusions not based on reality

Basing government energy policy on inaccurate, failing models is getting ever harder to justify. Predictions of severe climate problems have not materialised.

The US government has funded more than 100 efforts to model our climate for the better part of three decades; none have come close to actual results, … 259 mots de plus


Runer Jonsson: Vicke Viking

Vicke Viking was one of the literary heroes of my childhood (and teen years, which only shows how sad I was). He was frail and cowardly, just like I was, and very smart, just I liked to (erroneously) think I was. 188 mots de plus


Mr Robot - Season 1 - a series review


After seeing Rami Malek’s amazing performance in Bohemian Rhapsody (a very well deserved Golden Globe nomination, if I may ad), I had to see more, because there are always these actors, that are phenomenal at portraying a certain kind of character but then cannot do any other roles. 1 315 mots de plus


My Problem with Video Game Journalism

Journalism. It’s about asking those tough questions. It’s about exposing the truth. It’s about bringing to light shady practices and hidden information. Love them or hate them, journalists are important and the news they bring us can change everything. 1 185 mots de plus

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