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"No Ugly Girls, Just Lazy Ones"

First off, I suppose I should apologize to anyone out there that was offended by my video that criticized the girl in the silliest ways imaginable. 1 181 mots de plus


Victorious monday movie

What to do on a lazy monday? Only it was actually a really productive day. In a matter of fact, I’m rather proud of myself and my achievements. 455 mots de plus


Art of the Day - 01/24/17 (Exhibition of a Rhinoceros at Venice, Pietro Longhi)

Daily Artwork — « Exhibition of a Rhinoceros at Venice, Pietro Longhi, 1751 »

Use the images posted in this feature for writing prompts, warm-up activities, drawing templates or as part of an  30 mots de plus



The world spins and we

Hypothesize, temporize

Critique, dilemma


With little insight

Pure sophistry, neat and clean



Give voice to our pain

Without a means of recourse… 42 mots de plus


Taming the shrew? - Why slapping women should not be normalised in Malayalam media

There is a particularly disturbing trope that has spanned through Malayalam films and serials since the beginning of their conception: slapping a woman to « teach her a lesson » or to « make her behave ». 894 mots de plus


How to Critique - and Not Cause Your Authors to Weep

Back in 2002, a beloved teacher approached me about editing for the school newspaper. I had barely begun writing fiction (fanfiction) as a hobby, but I thought « Why not? 661 mots de plus


My Current Favorite "It Girl"

Alexis Ren. I feel like everyone is talking about her, and for good reason too. She’s young, gorgeous, and now she’s independent and we love it. 238 mots de plus