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The Little Mermaid (1989)

Welcome to the Disney Renaissance, a period during the nineties that produced Disney animated classic after Disney animated classic. There are few adults who don’t love and revere most of the films from this era, and there are few children who are not still mesmerized by them today. 1 665 mots de plus

An Analysis Of 'What The Dead Know By Heart' By Donte Collins

What The Dead Know By Donte Collins (2017)
lately, when asked how are you, i
respond with a name no longer living
Rekia, Jamal, Sandra, Philando…
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Will Wakanda Actually Liberate the Black Diaspora?

… that’s certainly the hopeful message we’re left with at the end of the epochal film Black Panther. But I think it’s worth some deeper thought. 915 mots de plus


Oliver and Company (1988)

Oliver and Company is truly an enigma of a Disney film. For starters, in a stark contrast to the classics before it that did poorly at the box office but are beloved films today, this movie did astonishingly well in the box office, but few people remember much about it. 1 662 mots de plus

Doug Reviews: Black Panther (2018)

Black Panther was the first black superhero in mainstream American comic books and now, finally, he has his own movie. Do Director-Co-Writer Ryan Coogler and Marvel deliver the studio’s best film yet? 1 421 mots de plus


Deadpool (2016)

The film was released on 2016 and he was directed by Tim Miller.

Good points:

In Deadpool the black humor is very well managed. There is many references to other movies especially « 127 hours » and the special effects are breathtaking but… 27 mots de plus