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Week 6 session 1


Have developed my strategies a lot since the last class and feel like they are almost ready to print. This is what i had going into class for critique. 120 mots de plus


21.08 // Final Touches

Happy with where my concepts are at now, better late than never. Had a revelation with the first one when I inverted the background in an attempt to make the poster pop a bit more. 205 mots de plus

Cats and Cows

It all begins with a terse, and open to interpretation, of sorts, remark. The best listeners have whiskers. And the first image that strikes me, and qualifies the clause, is that of a cat. 621 mots de plus


Week 5 session 2


Feeling really good going into today after having a meeting with matt between classes.
I’ve identified the concept of using a piggy bank to show child poverty, and from here I’m going to create the two different strategies. 136 mots de plus


Satiable Delights Cafe

With the opening of the brand new Sovereign Village Center, things have certainly been heating up in the Sunshine City. One of the newest spots inside Sovereign’s Portmore location, Satiable Delights Café, caught our eye on Instagram with their drool-worthy posts and we just couldn’t help but stop by for lunch! 320 mots de plus


Isaac’s Storm by Erik Larson

Rate: 5/5

Medium: Kindle

Overview (No Spoilers)Isaac’s Storm has been on my TBR radar since back in April 2016 due to the high recommendation of… 324 mots de plus

Book Review

Seeking: Critics who won't be too mean or too nice

It’s exciting to see all the pieces fall into place when you’re working on a project.

At long last, this week I finished another read through of my story. 459 mots de plus