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You Probably Have An Unfair Bias Against Indie/Self-Published Authors (For No Actual Reason)

“Indie authors… there’s a reason none of them have been traditionally published. Most of them need to…leave the writing to the writers who are actually good at it.”  1 111 mots de plus


Writing the Wrongs of Climate Change Research: The Climatologists’ View

John H Richardson writes, “When the End of Civilization is Your Day Job.”

The piece starts with an engaging lead that explains what makes this story different from other articles on climate change—the moral issues faced by climate scientists. 304 mots de plus

News Critiques

Creative Design Box

five things that make a successful box would be clean cuts, appealing design, good colors, neatness, and a nice inside.  The clean cuts make it so that your box looks very slick and appealing to the eye.  261 mots de plus

The Mystery Box- Finding Emo

Crawling out of the darkness is a mystery box filled with films. An unknown film or video is chosen from the box at random and we must watch it no matter what! 95 mots de plus


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

I’ve been wanting to replay the Ace Attorney series and talk about it on this blog for a while, and while I’ve done two reviews… 8 031 mots de plus

A closer look at a Benjamin Moore Ad

This advertisement for Benjamin Moore was created by the Martin Agency and was published in March 2018.


The ad uses proximity by closely grouping it’s copy into easy to digest blocks, separating the ad’s hook line about being « obsessed with color » from the information about « Gennex Colorants » and finally the somewhat understated information about where to find your local retailer. 238 mots de plus


Physiotherapy & philosophy, part I: a 'programme' for philosophy of science and physiotherapy

This series analyses questions regarding philosophy and physiotherapy. In the first part of the series, I briefly look at philosophy of science and what kind of questions it might pose for physiotherapy. 1 242 mots de plus