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The Problem with the German High School System

Dear Reader!

This is an article I thought well about before I wrote it. I actually don´t want to address such « political » things in my blog, since it is supposed to be a happy and inspiring place for me and you readers, but this is a topic that is affecting so many people and that is bothering me since years and at the moment there seems to be no better way to tell and inform people about it than reaching out to them through my blog. 2 051 mots de plus


It's not even scary

There’s a new critically acclaimed horror film in cinema right now. For those who don’t know, it’s called Hereditary. I haven’t seen it. I really want to see it, but I haven’t gotten a chance yet. 531 mots de plus


Reclaim the sheets

While some may praise Lush for its recent #SpyCops poster campaign, having your own shop window to display visual provocations is a luxury most do not have. 1 025 mots de plus

Graphic Design

Late Hours

When I was at school I would spend hours in the computer lab. My graphic design classes were either 2 or 3 hours long. The labs were also that long yet I didn’t think that was enough time to perfect an assignment. 155 mots de plus

Where Creativity Works

Setting the Price

Please sit down to fill your form
and try to be precise.
I know you just started today
but we must set the price.

Section one determines the base… 147 mots de plus


James Robertson: To Be Continued

Fittingly I read this novel about a fresh quinquagenarian shortly before becoming one myself, and I did enjoy it, although not as much as a few years ago… 103 mots de plus



In 1994, NASA and the US Ballistic Missile Defense launched the Deep Space Program Science Experiment: a two-month mission to map the entire surface of the Moon using seven different imaging technologies. 1 052 mots de plus