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Stories, critique, and trust: Working with participant researchers

One of the more exciting aspects of working on our British Values project to date has been the opportunity to meet, and collaborate with, people we might otherwise never have encountered. 967 mots de plus


As I read his Utilitarianism, I want to like John Stuart Mill. He seems like such a clever man, but he is a victim of his Enlightenment Age. 331 mots de plus


Rank the Discography: The National

The National are perhaps the most seasoned members of the modern indie rock community. Since their formation in 1999, the Cincinnati five-piece have made amassed wide acclaim and recognition for their delicately-crafted, understated records that often require multiple listens to settle, but almost always include some deep emotional resonance ranging from the painfully melancholic, darkly humorous, and piercingly romantic . 978 mots de plus


Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo

Rate: 3.5/5

Medium: Book

Overview (No Spoilers):

Up until a few years ago, the extent of my Wonder Woman knowledge entailed a vaguel notion of a lasso wielding comic book/TV show superhero. 1 184 mots de plus

Book Review

Handling a Bad Critique (Without Becoming Homicidal)

You’ve just written a bangin’ chapter for your novel. You’ve looked over it for typos and grammatical errors. You even waited, sleeping on it before reading again in the morning. 890 mots de plus


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"Les musiques du moment" by Godefroy

Imagine Dragons – I Don’t Know Why

          L’illustre groupe américain revient avec leur nouvel album “Evolve”.Toujours dans un univers rock alternatif avec notamment de multiples sonorités de musique électro-pop. 227 mots de plus



On Episode 157 of The Hodgepodge Podcast, Doug and Dirty A discuss both 1982’s Blade Runner and its new sequel, Blade Runner 2049! You can also follow along as they journey through the interwebs to get tickets for… 25 mots de plus