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Only Begotten or Only Unique Son?

The misinformation regarding Jesus as the « only begotten » or « only unique » Son of God stresses a need for the issue to be clarified. 1 552 mots de plus


Writing for your readers...and yourself

by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky

During the initial drafting of Divided Elements, I realised that I needed more eyes on it than just mine. As an untested author, I was unsure whether I was on the right track, whether the story idea was genuinely interesting, whether I had the chops to pull it off. 845 mots de plus


The Boy in The Yellow Shirt

At the surface, the image seems ideal. Almost perfect. Soldiers voluntarily being nice to occupied children, they’re even entertaining them with a game of flash cards. 645 mots de plus


Minion Rules for Writers

The following guest blog comes from writer Fred G. Baker, author of Growing Up Wisconsin: Remembrances from The American Midwest. Thanks, Fred for the comic relief. 781 mots de plus

Boorish Big Head

Boorish Big Head aka writing and ego

I’ve been getting rid of paperwork lately, which is never a fun task because you actually have to evaluate each piece and wonder why you saved some of the things you did. 599 mots de plus


Lemonade Analysis

For those of you who are still geeking out about Beyonce’s new album, some of  the

 first in-depth, analysis  of Lemonade are being written. So, let’s   take a look: 1 852 mots de plus


Critique Quickie || Books For the Lovey Dovey & Smexy

So this past week I power read through a few books and decided to throw together some mini reviews for you guys (mostly due to their nature and the fact that they’re all sequels). 704 mots de plus