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A Dismal Ramble

We love economics. There are two reasons we keep banging on about it in this blog: first, because it’s the main topic in the Brexit debates, if not necessarily the only key issue; second, it’s very rational and we love a structured argument. 935 mots de plus


REVIEW : "LIFE POINT" ou quand le Cinéma d'auteur flirte avec le film grand public

Le 17 février dernier, la chaine nationale (CRTV) nous proposait une soirée Cinéma que nous attendions tous : « Life Point » d’Achille Brice, en compétition officielle au Fespaco 2017, était enfin projeté sur nos petits écrans. 415 mots de plus


The Cost of Brexit

Viscount Ridley reminded the House of Lords during the recent Brexit debate that the previous, pre-Referendum Treasury forecast was a “clean sweep of failed predictions… 637 mots de plus



Wondering why some parties and cultural events are so boring (in my opinion), I was trying to understand what was the common denominator of the people who fall for them… 904 mots de plus


'Does Jesus Really Love Me?' by Jeff Chu

Sometimes, I read books and wonder WHY they were even on the bestseller’s list (such as ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ by JD Vance), and sometimes I read books and wonder why they WEREN’T on the best seller’s list; Jeff Chu’s ‘Does Jesus Really Love Me?: A Gay Christian’s Pilgrimage in Search of God in America’ was one of those books. 1 499 mots de plus

Life Ponderings


Feeling Trumped

Donald Trump has signalled that ‘America First’ will not mean protectionism, merely a defence against unfair trade practices. In his latest comments during an interview with Piers Morgan he explicitly added the EU to a list headed by China. 1 386 mots de plus


Reading Black Pop Culture

I just wanted to list a few resources for understanding the history of Black representation in Science Fiction and Fantasy film and comic books. I’ve only read a few of these though. 273 mots de plus