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Writing feedback. I have a love/ hate/ love/ love/ hate/ appreciate/ dread relationship with it. I imagine most writers do.

Of course we dread it. Which artist wants to pour their heart and soul and energy into their creative work and then have someone tear it to pieces? 624 mots de plus


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You Just Keep Doing Other People | guest post by Camilla Hennessy Jackson

Having met sassy little nymph- friend and fellow feminist blogger Cami through our mind-boggling university course, we have spent many an afternoon ranting and raving about self love and fabulousness. 1 337 mots de plus


Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 182 — ‘Shattered Dreams’

It’s probably safe to say no “Dallas” episode would perform well on the Bechdel test, which some critics use to gauge sexism in movies. (To pass, a film must have at least one scene where two women talk to each other about something other than a man.) Nevertheless, there are times the series manages to resist its chauvinistic impulses. 1 134 mots de plus


Sexual Harassment in the Workplace- Not Cool!

I have taken a few days off from posting as I needed some time and perspective to collect my thoughts.  I have been debating back and forth whether or not to publish this post…but here goes… 301 mots de plus

A Reality Check for Cohuna Residents: You Have NO Choice on Fluoridation

« Cohuna residents are being asked… »

Oh no, no, no. Stop right there! Straight away we have poor journalism. Everyone knows that the entire state of Victoria has a policy of MANDATORY water fluoridation. 351 mots de plus


Why Are You Making Me Think?

Normally, my posts tend to be focus on an aspect of what I’m writing about. Whether it is technology that my characters use, how I organize my work, or even just asking people their opinions on these topics. 985 mots de plus