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Thoughts on Critiques

As I work through the revisions on WAR OF MAGIC, I’ve had a chance to think about critiques some more.

The first thought, is actually more from the days of marking up the manuscript than it is from the revisions: 500 mots de plus


Slapped in the face with a fish

Last night I went to a critique group to get feedback on one of my short stories.it’s a necessary part of the writing process.

I found that there are different kinds of people that give feedback. 472 mots de plus

On the Right: Captain America and Iron Man

Okay. I was really nervous about posting this, mainly because I’ve read a bunch of differing opinions and thought, « What if I’m horribly wrong about this? 2 935 mots de plus


Critique Impact of Creativity

The top video is how creativity help Rebecca create a video for change. The bottom video is the actual video she created. The bottom video International Boulevard is the video I am critiquing.   203 mots de plus


Critique Quickie | Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren

Title: Beautiful Secret (Beautiful Bastard #4)
Author: Christina Lauren
Publisher: Gallery Books
Publication Date: April 14,  2015
Format: Kindle
# of Pages: 401

As we all know, I absolutely adore the Beautiful Bastard series. 221 mots de plus


Finding Voice in Digital Stories

Happy Sunday Digital Storytellers!

It’s been an eventful past few months around the world. There are always world happenings, but you can’t deny that recently there has been a lot happening in the world. 417 mots de plus



noun: a figure of speech in which a part is made to represent the whole or vice versa

Parts of the Whole

Each and every one of us is made of so much more than we ourselves can imagine.  90 mots de plus

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