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Writers - Beware of this....

Want someone to read your writing work and story’s?…Be very careful who you choose as it can bode either well for you or plain bad. 242 mots de plus


My Group Therapy

Joining a critique group brings an end to the arrogant delusion of, « I have written a great story. » In fact, I’m discovering some hard, and down right scary, things about myself. 110 mots de plus

My Writing Journey

Why a Book Needs More than One Editor

Traditionally published books undergo an extensive editing process. Rather than merely crossing the desk of a single editor armed with a red pen and a hatred for grammar errors, each book accepted by a traditional publisher is assigned an editing team. 1 129 mots de plus

Editing Services

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 163 — ‘Battle Lines’

Bobby has lost his eyesight in “Battle Lines,” but J.R. has lost his mojo. The eldest Ewing brother is unusually angsty in this episode: He’s guilty because he believes the bullets that blinded Bobby were meant for him, he’s nervous because his would-be assassin is still on the loose, he’s depressed because his scheme to ruin Cliff Barnes has backfired spectacularly, turning Dallas’s biggest born loser into an overnight success in the oil business. 1 034 mots de plus

Larry Hagman

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 162 — ‘Killer a Large’

“Dallas’s” seventh season winds down with half the cast once again gunning for J.R. In the final scene, an unseen assailant enters the darkened Ewing Oil offices and fires three shots into the back of J.R.’s chair, except he isn’t sitting there — good-guy brother Bobby tumbles to the floor. 917 mots de plus


Walk With Me

You might have noticed by now that I write for different reasons than many people. I don’t do it because I want to entertain you or make you think I’m exceptional or to make a name for myself. 472 mots de plus