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Europe Through the Looking Glass

In Lewis Carroll’s classic children’s story the White Queen lives her life backwards (in looking-glass mode) and it seems to us that EU “royalty” have a similarly distorted view. 474 mots de plus


C. S. Lakin: Professional Help

While in the process of writing my first novel, I followed an agent’s blog who warned those wishing to query her not to, unless the manuscript had been professionally edited. 363 mots de plus


Sports: Cheering and Dining

The Sports Fans’ Favorite Past Time

Look at my boys go as they throw,

Scaring the opposing team with passes

That make Tom Landry proud! 365 mots de plus


Captain America Civil War Meta

One of the reasons I like Tumblr so much is that its much easier to find in depth analysis of some of my favorite movies and characters, that go well beyond your typical, glossy movie reviews. 6 130 mots de plus


Season Premieres


I stopped watching this show at some point in the second season, somewhere around the time Fish Mooney was exiled from Gotham, after Penguin tried to have Gordon kill her. 3 277 mots de plus

TV Shows

Violence and the Line

This weekend, I was given the opportunity to see a musical with some fellow Theatre majors. I agreed to see the show with them without thinking too much about it. 234 mots de plus


State of the Union – 3 (Alternative view)

The Economist’s Europe correspondent, Charlemagne, visited Strasbourg to listen to Jean-Claude Juncker give his annual State of the Union address to the European Parliament. His take on the speech is rather different from ours. 989 mots de plus