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Accountability Partners vs Mentors : Why writers need them

Every writer at some point in his career needs an accountability partner and a mentor. Both help grow your career and make you a better writer. 689 mots de plus

Cindy S Huff

A Blurb from the Diary of a Reading SNOB

The non-verbal contract (Did you know as an author you are committing to such?)

Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!

Writers what is your responsibility to your reader when you sit down to pen an epic tale?  586 mots de plus


Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Here is a little story about my experience getting my wisdom teeth removed. At first I was a little scared, mainly at the fact that I had to get all four wisdom teeth removed without being put to sleep. 541 mots de plus



One of the things that held me back the most from developing my skills and improving as an artist was my inability to accept criticism about my work.  1 201 mots de plus


Critique #7 : "Somnambules" - Raphaël

Le 20 avril dernier, un album à la pochette originale et heureuse est tombé dans les bacs. Cet album, c’est Somnambules, le 7ème album (déjà!) de l’auteur-compositeur français Raphaël. 495 mots de plus


First-page critique: untitled WWII era novel

Here’s a new first-page critique from me and editor Ann Aubrey Hanson. The anonymous author’s page is below. The novel is a historical thriller. Ann’s and my comments follow. 1 396 mots de plus


Signs of a Sinking Church

The church can be likened to a ship sailing on a sea. As ships sail on sea, there are many barnacles that attach to its hull and sometimes these barnacles can become so many and their weight can sink the ship. 2 256 mots de plus