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The "Word-Faith" Movement

The ‘Word of Faith Movement’ (WOF) which began in the mid 20th century covers a variety of Christian denominations. It’s teachers are very popular. If you walk into any Christian bookstore (especially in Nigeria), the first 10 books you will likely find are written by these Faith teachers. 1 765 mots de plus


"Cutie and the Boxer"

In Cutie and the Boxer, Zachary Heinzerling gives the underappreciated and now elderly boxing painter Ushio Shinohara his long overdue adulation. While the film has many shots of Ushio’s work, it was much more than a documentary about art; it is one that shows how a couple, who have been married the past four decades, still manages to get along with one another despite many years of financial struggles, resentment, and disagreements. 615 mots de plus



The opening scene of Julian Schnabel’s 1996 Basquiat begins with a voice-over narration adapted from Rene Ricard’s essay “The Radiant Child”. Before this, intercut with the opening credits, the film opens with a young Basquit experiencing his first art gallery and being inspired by it, silently over a track of the Pogues’ classic “Fairytale in New York,” followed by the narration “Everyone wants to get on the Van Gogh boat.” Both sequences provide the viewer a basic understanding of the Basquiat character before proceeding on with the narrative and also add an aesthetic quality to the film. 491 mots de plus


The Racism We Never Noticed in Gremlins.

     In “Humans Unite, “Adilifu Nama discusses several examples of how race is portrayed in science fiction film. In many SF films of the 70s and 80s, may other minorities other than African Americans were seen as the “other.” In… 1 324 mots de plus


Is the Beautification of Art Objective or Personal?

While the fine line between broadcast television and video art may appear vague at first glance, author Michael Rush establishes some important differences between the two. 1 123 mots de plus


The Importance of Aesthetics in Video Art

To me, cinema is a work of art displayed in motion. In film theory, students learn that cinema as art is a topic with which to be debated; but I feel cinema, as a moving image, is the very embodiment of art itself. 1 182 mots de plus


The Guard: An Examination of Ireland’s Cinematic Industry

John Michael McDonagh’s The Guard (2011) is an important contribution to Irish cinema; the plot transcends both Irish and American culture and the content attracts an Irish and American demographic. 1 929 mots de plus