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Healthy ice cream a gift from heaven

You know how friends label each other? So-and-so is the “clean freak,” and so-and-so is the “pretty one.” My friends labeled me the “health nut.” I’m the one who once made avocado brownies and shattered so much trust when I tried to convince my roommates, “desserts can be healthy!” That was a bad move on my part- no one liked my avocado brownies. 480 mots de plus


Honestly, I was clue-less.

“You’re going to LOVE it… It’s so good; it may be one of the best musicals Oxford has done… The cast couldn’t be anymore perfect,” I heard bubbling from a gaggle of teenage girls in line in front of me as we waited to exchange our $5 bills for a construction paper “admit one.” The hype was so real for award-winning Oxford High School’s latest season closer, “Clue: The Musical.” 784 mots de plus


From Larson's with love

It’s said that two things are found in abundance in Southern culture- good food and good hospitality. Oxford is used to being showered with praise for the mouthwatering dishes and succulent snacks being produced in our bustling little city, but there is a hidden gem tucked away where only the locals know. 1 400 mots de plus


Extraordinarily Ordinary: A Critique of William Eggleston

“The Beautiful Mysterious: The Extraordinary Gaze of William Eggleston,” an alluring collection of images shot by William Eggleston and curated by novelist Megan Abbott, is now available to view until February 18, 2017 at the UM Museum. 416 mots de plus


Peace, Love, & Understanding!

You don’t get all what you wish for, but you still wish for it, right?! Hello friends and readers from our beautiful world. Thank you for the US, India, Philippines, Brazil, and Indonesia ;) 275 mots de plus


EU-UK Phase I Agreement

It is probably fair to say that everyone is a little confused and uncertain about what has been agreed and what it will mean. We can be pretty sure that whatever it is the two sides will interpret things differently, as it suits them. 502 mots de plus


Bordering on Madness

The EU is run by a moralistic crew, quite prepared to do harm to members and outsiders for the greater good, as they see it. The UK is being bludgeoned into remaining trapped within its web, a kind of forced conversion in a grand tradition that extends back to the middle ages Europe when the threat of enslavement or castration was held over non-Christians. 507 mots de plus