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Grisha Trilogy Finale Felt Unfinished || Rise & Ruin Critique

Title: Ruin & Rising
Series: Grisha Trilogy
Author: Leigh Bardugo
Publisher: Henry Holt & Co.
Publication Date: June 17, 2014
Format: Kindle/Audiobook
# of Pages: 1 836 mots de plus



Reverse Marxism

There seems to be a high probability that the EU Parliament will veto any Brexit deal acceptable to the UK.

At a recent debate between the seven candidates to replace Martin Shultz as President of the European Parliament some said the deal should be fair to both sides so any agreement that meant Britain was better off leaving would be unfair to the EU (did they mean unfavourable?) Guy Verhofstadt said, « It cannot be a situation about you’re better off out than in. 1 404 mots de plus


Victor Salva: "Problematic" Filmmaker

*I’m always writing these huge ambitious metas about stuff, but this is the kind of stuff that sits in my brain until I can get it out. 2 837 mots de plus


Tumblr Discussions # 192

*Nick Spencer is the current writer for the Captain America series, which I have not read. Earlier this year, he got into some fandom trouble for revealing Captain America to secretly be a Nazi. 3 304 mots de plus


Tumblr Discussions #62

*I love the character Finn, (from Star Wars 7), and I’m always here for some Finn love, in the form of Meta-analysis on this character. There are so many people out there ready to dump on the only Black lead character in a Star Wars movie. 4 350 mots de plus


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Book Blurb

Critique : Murakami Ryû,Thanatos, 2001

Thanatos est le troisième volet des Monologues sur le plaisir, la lassitude et la mort, après Ecstasy et Melancholia. Il n’est cependant pas nécessaire d’avoir lu les deux premiers opus pour apprécier. 302 mots de plus