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Softly, Softly:

The British people voted to leave the European Union. To argue as most Labour and rebel Tory MPs are doing that they didn’t vote to leave the Single Market and Customs Union is equivalent to saying they voted to leave the European Parliament, the European Council and the European Court of Justice so that we could stay in the principal structures of the EU but lose all representation in order to become slaves of the EU. 856 mots de plus


Taos Toolbox, day 0

Yesterday I met up with two other workshop participants in Albuquerque and drove them up to Taos, and then up up up some more to the Angel Fire Resort. 112 mots de plus


Italy Missing the Target

Capital is flying out of Italy’s banks since the recent election there, to the extent that a crash landing is now looking probable. Don’t panic because the EU has a mechanism to solve this so that the money comes flooding back to support the country’s financial liquidity, otherwise it wouldn’t be able to keep buying stuff and supporting Germany’s (illegal) export surplus. 1 563 mots de plus


Westworld Season Two: Kiksuya

This episode is about one of the more mysterious characters we have seen skirting the edges of the narrative, Akecheta, and his tribe Ghost Nation. This lends some insight into the tribes creation and motivation ,and their connection, from the beginning to Maeve’s story. 839 mots de plus


Critiquing NASA: What is tropical astrology?


If you keep up with the casual horoscope crowd, you may have heard recently that your zodiac sign has changed thanks to the constellations moving over, or that there’s a 13th sign now. 1 162 mots de plus


Forgetting that the Gospel is Good News, Romans 1:7

There is much we can learn in the introduction of the letters in Scripture. I notice that we have a tendency in this sinful condition to do two things. 341 mots de plus

The Saints are not Watching Us

The unbiblical nature of Catholic sainthood has been discussed in a previous post. Popular Catholic apologists, however, are (predictably) trying to support this error with selected Bible verses. 1 910 mots de plus