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Pull and Push

Commentary on Brexit focuses mainly on the attractions of independence and on the risks that are inherent in separating the country from a 44-year ‘engagement’ (the ‘pull’ of exit). 850 mots de plus


Authors Judy Enderle and Stephanie Gordon on Founding the Working Writer’s Retreat, Making the Most of Critiques and Writing with a Partner

Since they met during a UCLA writing class in 1979, Stephanie Gordon and Judy Enderle have led prolific careers as writing partners, publishing more than 20 picture books, middle grade, and young adult novels like… 1 460 mots de plus

SCBWI Events

Carry on Macron

In a recent article for The Conversation Richard Youngs, Professor of International and European Politics at the University of Warwick, offers his observations on the proposal of Emmanuel Macron for a series of ‘conventions’ in EU member states to discuss with citizens the EU’s priorities as a contribution towards re-launching the Union. 838 mots de plus


Signs of Fragility

Score Settling

The Greek MEP, Stelios Kouloglou, insists that the EU’s Brexit negotiators must raise the issue of the return of the “Elgin Marbles” to the Parthenon. 1 148 mots de plus


The Saudi Woman Privilege

My attention to this kind of thinking started with a group of young and seemingly educated female Saudi friends. At this point, most of them graduated with a bachelor’s degree and most of them had interest in Saudi law. 784 mots de plus


"The Book of Ruth", and the Truth of People

« The Book of Ruth » by Jane Hamilton is a raw, harrowing, and yet, addictive tale of a young girl, Ruth, growing up in the small town of Honey Creek, Illinois, with an extremely dysfunctional family, with an intent to see the world for all its beauties, despite its disappointments and realities.  1 044 mots de plus

Life Ponderings