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I did a critique the other day on a Vampire Story.

My first thought was, “oh… Another one of those.” How… commonplace.  I’m not going to lie; these days I wonder often which undead will win the great war between vampire revolution or zombie apocalypse. 489 mots de plus


Critical thinking and taste

  Osho mugshot

The likes, dislikes, habits, and ambitions of the modern individual are not aligned to true principles: they are not based on a firm, unshakable foundation. 207 mots de plus


Museum Project

As a class assignment I was given a « budget » of $30,000 to buy early 20th century art pieces for the « museum » I work at. 206 mots de plus


Brussels Remain High Alert!?!? NYT VS WSJ Reports

New York Times and Wall Street Journal Reports

Wall Street Journal:

Brussels Officials Extend Lockdown Amid Terror-Attack Fears

New York Times:

16 Arrests in Belgium Terrorism Raids. 518 mots de plus


This Thanksgiving, let feedback make you better

The other day I was heading out to meet a friend and brilliant critique partner who’d just read my manuscript.

« I’m off to Ali’s, » I said to my spouse. 545 mots de plus

Cover Art Issues

I’ve started wrestling with the cover art for WAR OF MAGIC. I’ve had the image finalized for quite a while.

It’s very nearly perfect, but there’s just one problem with it. 149 mots de plus