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All-night trance at the Louvre: Nils Frahm and Ólafur Arnalds in Paris

While all my friends back home are exploding Instagram with gaudy illuminations of the Sydney Opera House for the Vivid festival, Paris has taken the less-is-more route, preferring to make its most visited modern monument… 1 352 mots de plus


Changing Gears

WAR OF MAGIC is ready to go out to beta readers.

And now I’m trying to get back into the rewrite of MAGE STORM. I also have to come up with cover art for that very soon. 58 mots de plus


Economic Calculation is Socialism

The calculation problem posed by Austrians does not concern the ability of a society to house, clothe or feed a population. It does not concern the allocation of resources to meet already existing needs (for an example: the bare subsistence of life: of food, water, electricity, etc.). 1 873 mots de plus


On Critiquing

Ok, it’s something we all need as writers. We need to give, as well as get critiques on our writing. And when I say critiques, I’m not talking about your spouse/partner/family reading it and telling you how much they love it. 461 mots de plus

Writing Tips

Third Round of Revisions Done

Second or third pass, depending on how you count. At any rate, I’ve reached the point where continuing to fuss with the WAR OF MAGIC manuscript right now is more likely to do harm than good. 45 mots de plus


The Mortal Instruments 1 - La Cité des Ténèbres // Cassandra Clare

Après des années et des années à entendre parler de The Mortal Instruments, avoir vu le film lorsqu’il est sorti en salles, avoir lu quelques critiques sur Goodreads et avoir vu tous les bookstagrammers radoter à propos de cette série, j’ai pensé qu’il serait peut-être temps que je commence à la lire. 532 mots de plus

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