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A Tiptoe through the Hadiths

Most Christians know of the importance of the Quran in Islam, but not much about the Hadiths; the second most authoritative text after the Quran. The major difference between the Quran and Hadiths is: the former contains what Muhammad claimed are Allah’s words while the latter contains Muhammad’s words and acts as reported by his close followers. 1 977 mots de plus


Putting Traditions in its Place

In the last two decades, Catholic apologetics has received a steroid boost. Catholics are now being trained to answer Evangelical biblical argumentation with counter biblical argumentation. 2 811 mots de plus


Kumi Yamashita

Description: Soft, dark shadows are created when a bright light hits the scattered letters, creating the silhouette of a child’s face from a side profile. The mix of the black shadows and white letters create a choppy flow between the two shades. 166 mots de plus


Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 189 — ‘Deeds and Misdeeds’

Sue Ellen’s scenes in “Deeds and Misdeeds” aren’t easy to watch. The previous episode ended with her taking her first drink in almost two years, and in this hour, she continues slipping back into her old habits. 960 mots de plus


I'm Going To ITVFest! So Should You!

Firstly, let me give you a souped-up version of something I doodled in a meeting the other day:

I know, I know–I shouldn’t have been doodling. 418 mots de plus


Mildura Mayor’s denial of Q Fever risks: A critical assessment

Mildura Mayor Glenn Milne [1] has repeatedly denied any risks of Q Fever outbreak from the re-opening of an abattoir in Mildura South [ 626 mots de plus


Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 188 — ‘The Ewing Connection’

No matter how many times I see the “Dallas” characters come together during a medical crisis, it never seems to lose its dramatic punch. In “The Ewing Connection,” John Ross’s appendicitis produces one chills-inducing scene after another: Miss Ellie rushing upstairs after hearing the little boy screaming in pain, Ray bursting through the emergency room doors carrying the child’s limp body, J.R. 1 275 mots de plus