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Fact Check: Democrats’ Critiques of the Republican Health Bill

WASHINGTON — With the House vote on the Republican health care bill looming on Thursday, Democrats are unified in their opposition.

Lawmakers have echoed the same talking points, exaggerating the bill’s effect on insurance pools, employment and income inequality. 1 095 mots de plus

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Deal, or No Deal

Theresa May has announced that Article 50 will be triggered on March 29th, in just a week’s time. We (this blog’s authors) usually agree but on the issue of the Brexit negotiations our views are sufficiently different to warrant separate passages. 1 574 mots de plus


Indie E-Con Day 2: Don't Fear The Re-Write


Day 2 of Indie E-Con is underway! Don’t miss all the happenings over on Kendra’s blog! I have a Q&A today (starting at 10:30 am) over there so hop over and ask me any question you can think of! 603 mots de plus


Romancing in Rome

The Rome summit on 25 March will be largely about self-congratulation; we don’t expect much discussion on reform, let alone any agreement on what is needed or how to do it. 912 mots de plus


Back to Multi-Tasking

So, the last few days have been spent on that formatting issue that’s supposed to help with that page-flip glitch. And not much else. Sometimes, things just work the first time you try. 226 mots de plus


About Those Iron Fist Reviews

I’m still on the fence about this one. I’m just really dubious about watching this. It’s not that I hate the idea. It’s the awful reviews this show has gotten, along with the distinctly lackluster trailers I’ve been seeing. 314 mots de plus


Writing Groups - Don't Be Mr/Mrs. Rudeness

One of the most beneficial acts you can do as a writer is letting more than one set of eyes peek at your work. It’s nerve-wracking and scary to have your work out there for others to scrutinize and judge…even if that’s what us writer’s want in the long run. 915 mots de plus