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The Walking Dead Season 7: Rock in the Road; New Best Friends 

So, I’m back and cautiously attending the show. I was looking forward to this episode, as it’s mostly Negan-free, and it’s nice to see Rick getting his mojo back. 1 953 mots de plus

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Business & Ideologies

One of the most important issues completely ignored both by managers and the general public is the role of ideologies in business or the role business plays in spreading very specific ideologies. 540 mots de plus


#WMH Tom McLean Feedback

I’m currently live-tweeting whilst reading Why Men Hate Going To Church by Dave Murrow.  You can check out my tweets on Twitter with the hashtag #WMH.   620 mots de plus

Christian Culture

A Feminist Critique of the Book of Genesis, As Inspired by Elizabeth Cady Stanton

« The canon and civil law; church and state; priests and legislators; all political parties and religious denominations have alike taught that woman was made after man, of man, and for man, an inferior being, subject to man. 732 mots de plus


#SonofaPitch...Welcome to #TeamDarkSide

Son of a Pitch has begun. This week the peer critiques are happening. Those participating have linked their blogs with their query and first 250 words to our fearless leader and creator of Son of a Pitch Katie’s blog… 516 mots de plus


Critique Final Fantasy XV [Attention Spoiler!]

Il s’agit sûrement d’un des jeux qui s’est fait le plus attendre, un jeu qui a suscité un enthousiasme certain mais à aussi été le sujet de critiques sans fondement. 2 219 mots de plus



Far be it from me to say that I am a musician.  I love listening to music.  I was a student of music in high school, and in the chorus in college.   397 mots de plus