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Tutorial - 1

General idea

I had my first tutorial on 6th. Teacher gave me very good suggestions about my work and useful advices on study. Through the tutorial, I had been really seriously asked about what art I make, what exactly I want to do. 1 139 mots de plus


CSM Forum and CFS 42

October 10-15

On October 10, members of NGOs dealing with food and hunger from around the world will meet for the Civil Society Mechanism (CSM) Forum in the FAO Headquarters in Rome to discuss how members of the civil society community will interact with delegates of all kinds at the upcoming Council on World Food Security (CFS) 42 and advocate for their shared interests. 71 mots de plus

Sustainable Agriculture

Emerging Technologies - Introduction

Our first lecture of Emerging Technologies was the introduction of the module and what it would involve along with a technologies overview and a MaxMSP intro. 119 mots de plus


Introduction to Global Perspectives

During the first lecture of Global Perspectives we had a brief introduction on the module and what it would involve – Workshops, rehearsals and then a 15 minute performance at the end of the module with a 10-15 minute presentation, evaluate and hand in research and development. 289 mots de plus


Picking a Content Management System

I have been asked to recommend a Content Management System (CMS) for a company wanting to build a website. I had three CMS options Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. 322 mots de plus



The temperature was too high and the air tasted stale. Too many people in a small room for too long. At times Mike had to fight for the ability to properly pay attention to the business at hand. 271 mots de plus