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Men Can Rock Rain Boots

So it has come to my attention that men feel that they cannot rock rain boots. This is a common misconception, and it’s sad that the idea of a stereotyped feminine article of clothing and practicality can be trumped by the need for masculinity.   247 mots de plus


"Don't Scrum Undone", with Angela Johnson

Recently, I had a wonderful time talking with Angela Johnson about modifications to Scrum that make us cringe.  Sprint 0 and Story Authors topped the list.   49 mots de plus

London Calling

I first travelled to Europe to attend a short course in London, England in 2013. I get 3 weeks vacation at work and decided to use them up to attend a… 288 mots de plus


Moonshine on a wing

Mike leaned back and sipped the clear liquid and sighed.  He was glad there were no open flames nearby as the liquid could be considered extremely flammable. 891 mots de plus

MA Character Animation Show at Central Saint Martins

My Masters course is coming to an end. We are almost done with our animations and are getting ready for the Degree show.

It runs from the 23th-28th of June, 12 noon to 8pm (6pm weekends). 21 mots de plus