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Morag Myerscough Liked My Picture.... Of Her Own Work, Obviously.

I took a trip the old capital city, the big smoke, London City.
I went to visit the ‘100 Years Of Women In Graphic Design’ at Central Saint Martins, near King’s Cross Saint Pancras. 148 mots de plus

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Not Having Lost by Not Having Tried

« Why do they call it shredding? » Mike asked himself as he continued to transfer or destroy the sensitive materials he had accumulated.  He glanced to see lights going out on one comm channel as fellow council members bid their farewells and left. 592 mots de plus

Cum presa deformeaza opinia publica cu privire la justitie: exemplul Ondine Ghergut

Perceptia opiniei publice despre un domeniu sau subiect este influentata de presa, iar acest lucru este vizibil si in cazul justitiei. Daca un politician care nu informeaza corect este considerat demagog, ce se poate spune despre un jurnalist care nu informeaza corect? 2 769 mots de plus


VBS 2016: Athletics

On the 2nd day of April I attended a teacher’s training for this year’s vacation bible school entitled VBS Athletics at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary. When we arrived they were already singing songs so we hurriedly went to the registration area to have our name tags since we were already pre-registered by our church worker, Ma’am Virgie. 590 mots de plus


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Cafe Stock Manager 의 약자 입니다. 직관적인 이름에서 보시다시피 카페 재고관리에 도움이 되는 앱을 만들어 보려고 합니다.

최근에 지인이 카페 창업을 했습니다. 저도 그 즈음에 이직을 위해서 회사를 그만두고 나오게 되서 자연스럽게 카페에 자주 찾아가게 됐는데 거기서 직원분들이 재고 조사하고 정리하는 과정이 아무래도 영 불편해 보이더라고요.   23 mots de plus


A beginner's guide to encryption

When iPhone encryption stymied the FBI, federal agents in two separate court cases tried to force Apple to help them access data. One phone belonged to a suspected drug dealer, and the other to Syed Rizwan Farook, the shooter in the San Bernardino, Calif., terror attack. 82 mots de plus

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