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AKA, meet Krycek! Or, featuring the world’s worst case of insomnia!

I told you Nicholas Lea would be back! I’m sure the creative team was hedging their bets that viewers wouldn’t recognize Lea from the not-quite-10 minutes he had onscreen in « Genderbender »; I wonder if anyone realized it until it came out on video. 327 mots de plus

Deal Of The Year

Hot off the presses, I just received a Groupon offer to take a $99 online Scrum Master certification course. Holy crap! Instead of paying $2000 and taking 3 consecutive days off from work, I can learn how to become a micro-managing process enforcer from the comfort of my own home; munching on chips while lounging around in my skivvies. 108 mots de plus


When You're Missing the Mission

I left Detroit less than a week ago. I never in a million years thought I would be feeling so many emotions coming back from this job. 409 mots de plus

4 Tools for Customer Success Managers

Amity is the single platform for managing the entire SaaS customer lifecycle. With the ability to track customer engagement and proactively manage customer value, you succeed in all three-core stages: Get Customers, Keep Customers, and Grow Customers. 149 mots de plus



A few weeks ago I visited Central Saint Martins textiles degree show to view my close friend Katie Foreman’s work. As you can see, she is execptionally talented and I love her to bits. 8 mots de plus


Central Saint Martins and the Paris College of Art collaborate on Alternative Passport

Two celebrated arts institutions in two international cities brought together by a point of departure, their respective Eurostar stations. Students studying Foundation in Art and Design at both… 359 mots de plus

Central Saint Martins

Hobby update: Getting used to my air brush and making headway with my renegades and daemon kin

So making some painting progress.  I have been whittling away slowly at models I need to paint for the past month or so but very slowly.   426 mots de plus