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Cyber Security Lesson 2: Bank Securely When Online

In today’s world, banking online is a necessity. Unfortunately, just like everything done online, there are risks to it. The only way to be 100% safe is to completely stop using online banking, but this is 0% plausible. 561 mots de plus

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What I Would Like To Get From The X-Files Revival (but probably wont)

Have you ever stopped to wonder what would you do if you were given the keys to one of your favorite franchises? I know I have. 5 058 mots de plus

Alien Conspiracy

Cyber Security Lesson 1.5: Tips on Protecting Your Company's Tablets.

Monday we gave you some tips on how to protect your tablet from three main cyber threats… but what if you are a business owner and are concerned about your employee’s portable devices just as much as your own? 159 mots de plus

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CSM Comms

Ventrilo, skype, lync, mumble, japper, slack, Teamspeak, hipchat . . .  doesn’t anybody write, anymore?

Every time I turn around it seems that there is some new great and wonderful method of keeping in touch with people and I am overwhelmed by the number of different programs I am expected to keep up with if I want to do the job I said I would do.   272 mots de plus

CSM Student Success Mid-Atlantic Conference

This one-day conference for educators, administrators and staff from kindergarten through college will highlight best practices in teaching through workshops and peer discussion. Conference tracks include teaching approaches and strategies, student preparedness, technology, general interest and effective teaching of STEM. 74 mots de plus


MVM - Brief 3 (Mashup)

In this brief we had to create a video that was a mashup of video clips alongside original music. I chose to use clips all from the game Assassin’s Creed trailers as I thought they would go well with the music I used, which was from another module(a mixture of film music edited), so the video would fit together well. 18 mots de plus

Music And Visual Media

Lessons on Cyber Security

Due to the many television shows and movies that depict viruses being spread through USB Drives, everyone is pretty familiar with Cyber Security 101: Don’t plug any unknown device into your computer. 502 mots de plus

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