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Rhiannon Davies Look Book BTS

So as I had so many great shots from Rhiannon’s look book, I decided to make a separate post for these images.


OOC Minutes the third


The New Eden Store

It hurts the mercantile side of me to see money left on the table.  I don’t think gouging is a good idea but to ignore a sale is just plain wrong.  948 mots de plus

OOC Minutes part 2

Yeah yeah, so the first was in character and this one isn’t.  Live with it.  I am tired and the CSM election looms on the horizon like some bloated smog rolling in from a distant city.  648 mots de plus

Minute minutiae

Scotty found him sitting in a corner booth nursing a dark drink and looking even darker as he went over something on his comms.  « Got turned down as tax exempt, again? 1 088 mots de plus

Days are Long, But it Still Passes Quickly

And just like that we are 4 weeks into our third semester. As always, I put off writing in exchange for catching up on sleep and doing nothing to let my brain reboot. 686 mots de plus