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So you are probably wondering what IS the ‘F Collective’?

The F Collective stands for basically everything I am interested in. A collection of interests. 526 mots de plus


My Nurgle army - HQs

Until recently I only had one HQ for my Nurgle Death Guard army, which was Lord Typhus the Traveller. Since Christmas, that number has gone up to 4. 133 mots de plus

Current Projects

All about that repetition

Thinking Warhol’s guns and the style of screen printings repetition


You want to know what’s rad? When you meet a LA Crips gang member who has the love of Jesus in his heart.

I recently went on a short term missions trip to Los Angeles with the main purpose to make friends with the homeless community and tell them about Jesus. 835 mots de plus


Taka Rǫcstóll

This will be the first time I’ll take part in electing the Council of Stellar Management and to be perfectly honest I am, unfortunately, totally ignorant of who’s who when it comes to the… 64 mots de plus

EVE Online

CSM X Election - Recommended Voting Slates

This is the third in a series of articles on the CSM X Election. Those posts will be:


CSM X Election - Provisional Endorsements

This is the second in a series of articles on the CSM X Election. Those posts will be:

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