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Soooooo....MORE Khorne, eh!?

My primal scream from last week retains all of its anguish, sorrow, and perceived urgency. I still want more Slaanesh, still think it’s a tragedy I don’t have it. 1 754 mots de plus


Be Agile or PMP.....

Lots of Buzz in my Project Management classes regarding Agile or Scrum Process, which for this blog we will say comes under the umbrella of Agile. 794 mots de plus


Design: 100 Ways

« As a designer, communication is the most vital part of our work. Text is thought to be the easiest way to communicate, and this is mostly true, but communication through image is much more elusive and universal. 544 mots de plus


Tim Meara Featured in Dries Van Noten Exhibition

Tim Meara, Curriculum Coordinator for Foundation Graphic and Communication Design and Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design and Fashion Communication, has had work selected for Dries Van Noten’s… 278 mots de plus

Csm Foundation

Meeting Old Friend After 47 Years

This note is to thank a dear friend Col Rosario D’Souza for a lovely dinner day before yesterday (22Mar) while I was in Goa.

It was very sweet of Mrs D’ Souza to have made great efforts to prepare such sumptuous dinner. 137 mots de plus

My Years In Olive Green Popularly Kmown As OG

Fanfest 2015 - Remote Recap

As dumb luck would have it, RL prevented me from « working from home » last week which in turn meant that I could only catch fanfest in short bursts when: 768 mots de plus

EVE Online

NEW BOOK: Food Security Governance: empowering communities, regulating corporations by Nora McKeon

A new and exciting book about food security governance is out and it is a MUST READ.  I have just received my copy and will follow up with a more detailed review but in the mean time, check out the summary and the reviews: 592 mots de plus

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