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WH Townhall - I am content

CSM delegate Noobman and member of the most powerful wormhole alliance in the game kindly organized a townhall to update the wormhole community and ask a few questions.   1 020 mots de plus

EVE Online


Soft comes the hush of eventide
And songbirds hide
In limbs of budded trees
To bid farewell to setting sun
With lullabies they’ve sung
Each night for centuries. 32 mots de plus


Q&A - Bedtime stories

I had a new Daddy email me via my « CONTACT ME » section to ask…

would u realy breakup with a guy cause he wouldnt tell u a story at night?

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"Lost" Update

I wrote before about my stuffie P going missing…several of you have been AMAZING reaching out to me via the Contact me page and offline giving me love and I can’t thank you enough!   329 mots de plus

Little Things

How globalization has led to the reduction of employment in the formal sector of the Indian economy? Is increased informalization detrimental to the development of the country?

This question was asked in CSM 2016 in GS 3.

Let us see how should we proceed with this specific question.

Before proceeding to any question, it should instantly click to your mind that where exactly this lies in the syllabus. 249 mots de plus


Where's Your Loyalty, Brits?

With Brexit just under two years away, Britain is leaving the EU but hopes to maintain good relations with Europe. Meanwhile, the Americans are welcoming their old friend back to the negotiating table after many years’ absence. 64 mots de plus