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Black squid and cep veloute from blanchette 

i loved everything there – it was just lunch time but the candles were already lit at blanchette – but it’s a popular restaurant – i didn’t manage to go there again for dinner without booking… 68 mots de plus


Duck from Pierre Victorie 

this was a restaurant with many strange animal paintings on the wall – the waiters and waitress were very friendly – the 2 course lunch there was only 9.99 gbp – great deal – you might not be able to tell how large this duck leg was actually – um but i did hope the orange thing on the potato being apricot – not carrots haha .  14 mots de plus


Week Seven: Ballymaloe

It’s been the best week. Cooking is going to plan. The recipes are done acting the maggot. Exam results are out and I’m pretty happy. Everyone did well so it seems like they were easy enough on our several mistakes. 838 mots de plus

Fun with Chocolate and Beets #cuisine

We are big fans of David Frenkiel and Louise Vindhal at Green Kitchen Stories. We love their book The Green Kitchen 2013, a selection of delicious and healthy vegetarian recipes for every day. 230 mots de plus


Cozumel, Mexico

This was one of my favorite trips that I’ve ever taken. For starters, Mexico is filled with white sand beaches and crystal blue waters and the island of Cozumel is no exception. 451 mots de plus

Travel: Zamboanga's Sunset

Second day at Zamboanga and I met with my friends to discuss my proposal of showcasing our hometown. My friends, seemingly bored with their work and uberexcited to see me (it had been a couple of years after all), were all to eager to cough up suggestions of where I should go. 448 mots de plus

3 cool places to have Vietnamese food in district 1

Beside well-known Vietnamese restaurants such as Quan Bui, Cuc Gach Quan and Secret Garden, you actually have other places that also deserve to be as known: 334 mots de plus

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