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Feasting in the Balkans: 10 Foods We Can't Wait to Try

1. Pasulj (Bean Soup) from Serbia

2. Baklava from Macedonia

3. Katchamak (Polenta with Cheese) from Bulgaria

4. Teleshko Vareno (Traditional Soup) from Bulgaria

5. Byrek (Meat-filled Pastry) from Albania… 616 mots de plus


Visit ASAP Bistro, ASAP!!!

Quirky and fun! That’s the first impression you get when you enter ASAP Bistro. Retro style murals on the walls, funky coasters, a pool table, a DJ belting out the latest hits and live music performances, all contribute to making ASAP the latest place to be! 480 mots de plus


Travels in Japan 2005 [Part 11: Make it as you like it with Japanese Okonomiyaki]

I can remember the days when I first heard about this thing called « sushi » from a friend and gathered up the strength to try some after considerable effort. 896 mots de plus


The Legendary Iron Skillet

Some of my most treasured memories involved this skillet. I’ve always loved to cook. Even before I was old enough to cook, I was standing on a stool hovering my grandmothers magic in the kitchen. 405 mots de plus


Baked Couscous Poppers!

I always have couscous in my house – every time i walk by it in the grocery store i get so excited i just have to buy it and i always use it in almost the same way every time, until one day I decided to try something fun – and along came the couscous poppers! 233 mots de plus


Purée Western pour mercredi soir

Pour cette recette, munissez-vous de:

Les ingrédients

  • 1 homme. Pas n’importe lequel. Il vous faut un homme sachant manier le couteau éplucheur et le couteau de cuisine et qui a une trentaine de minutes à vous consacrer (mais pas pour faire des jeux coquins, ce qui réduit le nombre d’hommes disponibles, là, tout de suite).
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Weekend Getaway: La Villa Shanti

Planning your next holiday? Looking for a quaint accommodation with lovely food and close proximity to a beach? Look no more, put on your sombrero and drive down to Villa Shanti, Pondicherry. 212 mots de plus