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Cheryl's Cuisine: Dec. 2016

By Cheryl Radkiewicz

The holidays are a wonderful time to add new dishes to your traditional menu.  Recently I spent a weekend at Savor Borgata where this year’s theme paid homage to celebrating the flavors of New York City.   1 055 mots de plus


Jamie Oliver Cuisine

« Jamie » Oliver is a British celebrity chef. He is known for his typical healthy Organic, Italian and British cuisine. He is famous for his various programs and his written cookbooks. 209 mots de plus


The Conical Cap

Silk is the most popular material woven into traditional clothing in Vietnam. And yet, much less has come to be known as more iconic to Vietnam than the conical cap – nón lá. 224 mots de plus


Mixed Flour and Mixed Greens Puri

This mixed greens puri is healthy because it is made with leafy vegetables. This twist of green leafy vegetables and mixed flours,spices makes this puri more delicious. 284 mots de plus


Lechon Kawali and Fried Rice

Lechon Kawali is childhood favorite of mine as it is juicy inside but crispy outside. It is a deep-fried pork belly usually dipped in sauces like Mang Tomas all-purpose sauce, UFC banana ketchup, or soy sauce mixed with vinegar, sugar, onions, and chili (optional). 239 mots de plus


Bali on the Rocks.

So we slept in Friday morning before indulging in the Villa’s breakfast. FYI we stayed at Villa Shivareva where they provided one complimentary breakfast for us during our time there. 1 092 mots de plus


Thai Son: Cheap and Delicious

Back in the summer, I went with my brother to get my FoodSafe certificate renewed. And boy, was it painful to get through those 8 hours. 146 mots de plus