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Braised Pork With Potato And Vermicelli

Apart from dumpling, vermicelli is another food to help me with my nostalgia.

Vermicelli is a commonly seen food in northern part of China, especially in winter. 271 mots de plus

Japanese Cuisine

Dear reader,

Are you hungry? I am, since it’s almost lunch time… ;-)

In this page, Japanese Cuisine, I intend to introduce some delicious Japanese dishes from a foreigner’s perspective. 84 mots de plus

Wilson Pardi Junior

Snails on a Plate - The Java Love Story

This last couple of days I have had a keen eye on what is really trending on Twitter. Basically this is something that I have not done in a while and anyone who has been following me must admit, following my twitter account is the most boring thing; if you say yes to this, you might as well go to  549 mots de plus


Velouté Sauce

Velouté (prounounced « vuh-loo-TAY ») is one of the fivemother sauces of classical cuisine, which means it’s a starting point from which a number of sauces can be made, rather than a finished sauce itself. 431 mots de plus


Cakeland revisited

A couple of months ago I visited an exhibition in Istanbul for cake, pasta, biscuit and confectionery producers. It was a real joy to stroll around the booths and observing these delicious cakes. Here are some photos…


Cuisine. Booze. The Snick. 8.29.16

​The Snick

1.5 oz Brokers Gin

.5 oz Grande Absinthe

1 oz St Germain

one Meyer lemon squeezed, minus two very thin slices

Juice of one lime… 59 mots de plus


Dordogne named among the 'best places in Europe'

Photo: Dale Musselman/Flickr

This rural southwestern département has made this year’s Lonely Planet list of top ten destinations in Europe for 2016.

Last year it was the mountainous Auvergne region that Lonely Planet shone a light on and now in the spotlight is an area in southwestern France that locals and expats have already cherished for quite some time: the Dordogne. 317 mots de plus