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Jen nous fait déguster les mots avec ses tookies

Lorsque le design rencontre la gastronomie, et, plus précisément la pâtisserie, cela donne un mélange poétique et gourmand autour du cookie : le TOOKIE. Humoristiques, poétiques, romantiques, il y en a pour tous les goûts. 184 mots de plus

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Is that chocolate??

SADNESS is not anything to watch on tv, raining like crazy outside, alone at house, nothing much to do on fb, moving up n down the house, visiting the kitchen and find it stacked with healthy healthy food then go to the fridge, more healthy food….basically nothing to eat. 86 mots de plus

Tepache, like a Mexican kombucha

Today’s trip to the local tianguis (farmer’s market) introduced me to my new favorite pre-columbian beverage, tepache. Served cold from a barrel, tepache is the product of fermenting pineapple skins and rinds with piloncillo, aka panela, a dark brown sugar made from unrefined cane sugar. 123 mots de plus


Sushi Lano: A Bit of a Disappointing Experience

I made a visit to Sushi Lano sometime last semester although the picture looks like it’s only from a few days ago because of the bad weather we’ve been having! 378 mots de plus


Abuela de Miami: Wining & Dining at Bonefish Grill – Aventura #incredibleis

Abuela de Miami received a wonderful invitation to attend a private, VIP, one of a kind, special preview, pre-opening, five course meal at the new Bonefish Grill in Aventura.  464 mots de plus


Sunday mornings 💛

Dim sum w/ my beautiful family and the best roommate 😊 14 mots de plus