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Pudina/Mint Rice

Tempt your palate with an aromatic and flavoursome rice recipe.This rice can be accompanied with raita, curds and green chutney .The flavour of the mint with green chillies and coriander is a perfect combo! 331 mots de plus


Language Fact: Quốc gia

LNowadays, when analyzing the structure of the word “quốc gia”, they all assume that “quốc” means “nước”(country) and “gia” corresponds to “nhà”(home). Sometimes, the word “nước nhà” is used instead of “quốc gia”. 279 mots de plus


4 Unforgettable Culinary Moments in Liguria

By Culinary Enrichment Director & Executive Chef Kathryn Kelly

One of my favorite places to travel to in Italy is the Ligurian coast. Nestled between the Mediterranean coastline and the majestic Alps, Liguria is a darling of Italian culinary aficionados and its dishes celebrate both the mountains and the sea. 280 mots de plus

The Culinary Center

The Taste of Emotion: A Conversation with Dominique Crenn

Cody Delistraty | Longreads | January 2017 | 8 minutes (2,327 words)

Dominique Crenn did not follow the typical path to chef stardom. Instead of going to culinary school or working in Paris kitchens, she earned a business degree from the Academy of International Commerce and moved to San Francisco. 2 440 mots de plus


Why not Explore the World?


One of my former managers from my old college basketball team wanted me to give her some advice about her fear of travelling. She mentioned that she is a embarrassed over the fact that she does not know another language. 689 mots de plus

Fast Food Hostility, Horror Stories: Who’s Minding the Store?

Fast food restaurants are in the headlines again and for all the wrong reasons. Reports indicate police officers in several states continue to receive unwanted political statements  marked on coffee cups. 414 mots de plus


9 simple healthy salads

These are my few picks to try from Jamie Oliver recipes. These are tasty and healthy salads make feasting more indulgent.

Click a salad name to get recipes.  47 mots de plus