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Americanized Chinese food is a legit cuisine—it's even being eaten in China

Would the Chinese ever crave a plate of Kung Pao chicken—a dish that doesn’t exist in China but is beloved by Americans? In 2013, two American graduate students set out to open what they believe is the first westernized Chinese food restaurant in China. 583 mots de plus

Herengracht Restaurant & Bar

This restaurant has a great location in the city center of Amsterdam, at the Herengracht canal. It has a cozy interior where you can enjoy a Dutch-French menu, or just have drinks and bites at the bar. 211 mots de plus


POLPO - A place for an Italian Cuisine me!

Cuisine is my passion of life. Even though I am a student in London at the moment (which means my priority should be study…duh?), but if I had to choose between good grades in school or a good pasta and a huge panna cotta in a restaurant, I would definitely follow my belly’s call. 364 mots de plus


The Daily Quote: Why Eating Insects Makes Sense

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I would do to feed my family should all of this shopping I’ve been doing all of my life – this store-to-table hunting & gathering & swiping of the debit card should all fall apart in an apocalyptic mess. 645 mots de plus


Sunday: Back in Fort Lauderdale . . . . .

Greetings, gentle readers.

AAC CPA and I are back on terra firma and again ensconced  at the Ritz-Carlton in Fort Lauderdale where we began this adventure 8 days ago. 827 mots de plus


Vietnamese cuisine. Rating of traditional dishes

As with all kitchen East, Vietnamese gastronomy – balanced and nutritious. Many of its traditions are borrowed from China and India, but not deprived of their identity. 211 mots de plus