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Best Thing I Ever Ate... (French Edition!)

Bonjour! :)

As you know, I’ll be heading back to France this coming year. It has been a long, testing few months this summer, but in any case, I’m glad to go back (for the full story, read here). 1 254 mots de plus


Get your Muscles from Brussels

I hereby declare brussels sprouts my favorite food. And I honestly can’t believe I haven’t spotlighted them on the blog before… These sticky, crisp umami buds are a million miles apart from the nasty steamed things your mamma might have force fed you. 344 mots de plus


Discovering centuries of history in Celje (Part 2)

Celje is a pleasant town on the banks of the Savinja River, surrounded by hills and knolls. It boasts a rich natural and cultural heritage, as well as a remarkable history that reached its apogee in the late Middle Ages under the rule of the dynasty of the Counts of Celje. 897 mots de plus


Rozhen Monastery

This weekend, my new producer and I went out to visit some really cool places throughout Southwestern Bulgaria. It was a trip back in time to the 1700s when our first stop brought us to the Rozhen orthodox monastery in Blagoevgrad Province. 434 mots de plus


Destination Good Food at Fly Kouzina

Are you one of those staunch non-vegetarians who runs in the opposite direction from anything green? Most of those who know me will certainly agree that the above describes me perfectly. 456 mots de plus

Beef tongue with Georgian overtone

Not far from my house at the crossroads of Warden and Ellesmere Road is located one of the best butchers – Kostas Meat Market and Deli. 763 mots de plus


Spinach Flan Recipe

Happy Monday! I made this delicious savory custard yesterday which is the perfect dish for a Sunday brunch with friends and family. It always seems to impress your guests when you say you’re serving a flan. 227 mots de plus