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I know I’m quite late with the news, but I just recently found out that René Redzepi has opened a new restaurant in Copenhagen that’s both delicious AND AFFORDABLE. 454 mots de plus


French Onion Soup and Consommé Célestine

Basic cuisine, practical lesson 7: Les Potages II (Soups 2)

This soup was so much fun to make. Aside from being slightly under salted, I nailed this soup! 142 mots de plus


Potage Julienne Darblay

Basic cuisine, practical lesson 5: Les Potages I (Soups 1)

This is a quintessential soup to learn in culinary school. It is parmentier soup (made-from-potatoes) and features a garnish of sweated julienned celery, carrot and leek. 135 mots de plus


Travel Tips for Vegans: A Twitter Chat

It’s been almost three years since I decide to leave vegetarianism behind and dive all the way into veganism. Fueled with a passion for animal rights and a curiosity for culinary diversity throughout the world, I brought together my love for travel with my new way of life. 669 mots de plus


Carnivore dreams: Brunch.

Bubbalicious brunch at The Westin Hotel puts Gatsby’s parties to shame. Lobster – want 5? Why not! Steaks? Have 10, go on!  Champagne: Mix it with shots of vodka, and some lethal chaos of cocktail that’s been dumped in a watermelon… Go wild, it’s Friday! 800 mots de plus


Recipes rooted in tradition

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

Extending a successful concept

The Many Flavours of Malay Cooking
By Rita Zahara
Pages: 200/cased
Price: S$45
Available at major bookstores

TV personality Rita Zahara’s first book on her mother’s recipes did so well in 2012 that it launched her into the food business, which is now expanding regionally. 1 666 mots de plus

Money Matters