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Lemon rice

Lemon rice is very simple and easy to make. Even bachelors can prepare it easily. This is one of my favourites. So, prepare it following the below method. 167 mots de plus


10 of my round-eyed food victims.

I know this sounds juvenile, but my love for food has taken a new… turn – I put faces on them!

It was cute at first, then I realized there was something a little twisted about eating food that had a face; moreover, taking a photo of the victim, drawing a happy face on it, letting it live its purpose (to be devoured and never be seen again), then uploading it on… 442 mots de plus

Les Étiquettes

As I mentioned, I ate well when I was in Trouville a few weeks ago. One of the restaurants that I was glad to visit was… 84 mots de plus


Quadruple Celebration

10 of #100HappyThings

Yesterday, my officemates and I celebrated four occasions in The Food Club Manila located at Diosdado Macapagal Ave., Pasay City. We reserved a table for yesterday’s lunch last week. 309 mots de plus

Journal And Insights

Unexpected Healthy Treats in Barcelona

I love eating healthy all time. Like I’ve never once fantasized about going to town on Barcelona’s Patatas Bravas or even an entire pitcher of Sangria! 642 mots de plus

L'Abeille -- Chef Moret

The stars are aligning!!!  Chef Moret made an incredible impact on my palate when we first met at Lasserre.  I vowed to follow wherever he decided to go as long as his passion wasn’t compromised and I wouldn’t have to fly more that 7 hours to dine.  570 mots de plus


I Done Cooked Somefink

I have created a curry that made my loins groan so loudly with happiness that I had to share it here for all of you to try as well. 449 mots de plus