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Owl and dog are friends forever

Tanja Brandt shares her videos and photos of Ingo the German shepherd and Poldi the owl. The two have been fast friends since Poldi was a hatchling… 10 mots de plus


Bitcoin's high valuation has ruined it as a medium of exchange

Technological limitations in the design of the Bitcoin system means that the network only processes about seven transactions per second, unless you pay someone with a lot of compute-power to log your transaction, currently at the rate of about $20/transaction. 10 mots de plus


ive been waiting

you looked at me

looking at you

and if you felt

what i felt

then you know

that the gaze

we shared

allowed me to… 11 mots de plus

#79: Ethical Worldbuilding from Real Places

Dear Story Nurse,

I have an idea for a novel I’m really excited about, but I’ve got overwhelmed by some of the world/character building.

The basic idea is a take-off on a Swords and Sorcery fantasy where, because of the availability of magic, technological development has stalled, and society has become a magocracy.

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Common Myths About Health Care Sharing Explained

Will my doctor treat me if I don’t have health insurance? What if I have a very large medical need? Isn’t health care sharing contributing to the rising cost of health care? 975 mots de plus


On the Road: The Original Scroll by Jack Kerouac

First Edition Cover

❝ …The scroll is in fact only slightly different and longer than the published novel. There are, however, a few key differences which impact the novel’s overall effects.

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