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Comma Of The Week

For grammarians, and literary pedants, the Oxford comma represents a bit of a battle ground. It is a comma which is the last in a series of two or more items and usually precedes a conjunction like and or or. 191 mots de plus


Cuando la política le gana al arte: La batalla que perdió un mural con 7 años de antigüedad

En el 2015 viajé por primera vez a Serbia, en específico a una ciudad llamada Novi Sad, fue ahí donde vi por primera vez el mural llamado “La única verdad”, una pintura de grandes proporciones en el costado de un edificio que se encuentra en el corazón de la ciudad. 607 mots de plus


Cultural Chemistry – Book Review

Cultural Chemistry is a wonderfully engaging and insightful book by Patti McCarthy who is an expert on the topic of culture. Patti has lived and worked across the globe and has assisted many an expat in her career. 144 mots de plus


Rajasthan Day Celebration in Bundi l Bundi City HD

Rajasthan Festival

24th to 30th march 2017

Rajasthan, a land of scenic beauty and immemorial architecture, celebrates Rajasthan Diwas on the 30th of March. On this date, 68th years ago this amazing state was formed. 166 mots de plus


Deep concern as Israeli laws entrench the occupation

First published by the Arab Weekly on 26/3/2017

Photo: Remembering. Palestinian woman gestures in the village of Khirbet Zakaria with a view of the Israeli Gush Etzion settlement block seen in the background, on March 5th. 786 mots de plus


Poetry Corner: Robert Louis Stevenson

Windy Nights

Whenever the moon and stars are set,
Whenever the wind is high,
All night long in the dark and wet,
A man goes riding by. 70 mots de plus

Orkney News

The Baronet of Burra: Episode III

Continuing the story of the fatally injured Captain and Sir James Stuart…….

The dastardly assassins betook themselves to their horses, which were ready saddled; galloped with the utmost rapidity to one of the numerous bays which indent the island of Pomona; embarked on board of a vessel which had been in readiness for the occasion, and arrived safely in London, where, by the influence and intercession of certain masqued Jacobites, then in power, they procured a pardon. 450 mots de plus

Orkney News