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Odalan Bali

As mentioned, this is a year that I plan to rededicate myself to my hobbies.  And what a great start it was for Photography.  On a family holiday in Bali, we encountered a road block.  215 mots de plus


Dynasty and Double Standards: Women Leaders in South Asia

This article was published by Roar.lk. Full article here: http://roar.lk/features/of-dynasty-and-double-standards-women-leaders-in-south-asia/

While the U.S. has arguably shown the world that it would rather have a leader that grabs pussies than has one, in South Asia only the Maldives and Bhutan (which is a patrilineal monarchy in any case) have not had a female head of state. 190 mots de plus

Social & Political Commentary

Το κύκνειο άσμα του Ντέιβιντ Μπόουι θριάμβευσε στα British Awards

Ανακηρύχθηκε μουσικός της χρονιάς, όπως και το άλμπουμ του

Ο Ντέιβιντ Μπόουι και το τελευταίο του άλμπουμ Blackstar θριάμβευσαν στα φετινά βραβεία της βρετανικής μουσικής βιομηχανίας (Brit Awards). 23 mots de plus


Hello world!

Now is PonPonNihongo (Finally) ready for its first post! This post is mainly going to be an introduction to what PonPonNihongo is all about and what posts is to be expected. 137 mots de plus


Lover’s Quarrel


He turned away from Suzy’s ire

A look of hurt upon his face,

Her words were like a burning fire

So now he’d leave this dismal place! 263 mots de plus


Resolution Rehash

My friend has mantras instead of new years resolutions.  I saw a quick post on facebook, in January, but it stuck with me.  I can’t do an epic new years resolution that supposedly will last all year and make me a stronger and improved human. 147 mots de plus


Giving our children sustainable futures through multilingual education: Vanuatu's Ambassador to the UN speaks on International Mother Languages Day

Speech by Odo Tevi, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Vanuatu to the United Nations, New York, in Commemoration of the International Mother Language Day, 21st February 2017… 1 126 mots de plus