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Vote on a Design! (Part III)

You guys are killing me!  I almost named this post something else since nobody is voting. But, the headline gets attention…. so we’re rolling with it. 369 mots de plus

Our dog owns me every time she gives me "THE LOOK"

Our Sheila

❝ New research suggests that over thousands of years of dog domestication, people preferred pups that could pull off that appealing, sad look…

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Serendipity: Dépaysement

The term dépaysement is a French concept which refers to that feeling of disorientation that specifically arises when you are not in your home country nor identify exclusively with it. 336 mots de plus


Four Countries in One Day: What to Watch Out For Driving from the Netherlands to England

Road trips from the Netherlands involve crossing country borders. Going by car to England using the Eurotunnel means traveling in a number of countries in one day: the Netherlands, Belgium, France and England. 706 mots de plus


Marin Alsop Raises the Baton for Women Conductors by MAYA SALAM


“The great thing about the last two years is I feel empowered to speak out even further. Now I feel like I have company, and that there’s a safety net.” 13 mots de plus


New York’s Tribute to the ‘Tombs Angel’: Lost, Found, Now Restored by PETER LIBBEY


A long-forgotten monument to a woman who helped inmates in New York’s infamous 19th-century jail is to be installed in a courthouse lobby. 13 mots de plus


Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Today’s Focus: Culture

« Two things that will powerfully determine what kind of day you have today: your attitude and your state of expectation.  » 69 mots de plus