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How one teacher's aquarium dream made science at this Texas school 10 times cooler.

What do you do if you’re an awesome science teacher and you want your kids to learn about water animals but don’t have water nearby? … 945 mots de plus


Absurd Taxinomia

Will Self on his intention for writing his book Shark said he wanted to write Jaws without the Shark, which i took to mean using descriptive, prose to skirt around an object or situation in mind, somewhat like a riddle. 567 mots de plus



The ancestors have special place among the Igbo people. They are given their due honour and respect among the people and community. The primary duty of the ancestors is to guide and promote the welfare of the people/community members. 336 mots de plus


In transit

7:30am (GMT+8)

We got to Brisbane airport and it turns out that Tabitha’s dad has connections with Qantas and was able to get the four of us into the Qantas lounge! 708 mots de plus


The Blog of Blurbs

A blog of blurbs.

« Derivative and one note. »

« Oddly compelling. »

« A novel idea that ultimately proves wearing. »

« Brief, thought provoking – but in a bad way. 108 mots de plus

Stockholm as Strindberg's Muse

By Ingrid K. Williams

Rare is the writer who can still rile his countrymen more than a century after his death. But in Sweden, August Strindberg remains lodged under the country’s proverbial skin. 1 781 mots de plus


Cameroon: President breaks the silence on Anglophone problem.

After months of unrest in the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon, President Paul Biya has finally broken the silence, stating that it is time for objective talks in the country. 180 mots de plus