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Moby auctioning music gear to benefit animal rights group

Moby is selling more than 100 vintage synthesizers and a slew of other musical equipment to benefit the animal rights group Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. 220 mots de plus


Do You Research the Food of a Country?

There is always a lot of planning that occurs before visiting a country for the very first time. What are the important sites to see, which cities should you visit, what are the best transportation options, etc. 360 mots de plus


Pioneer in a Mountaineer

This is a picture of my sister Josie and her late husband Edison. The poem-elfing that follows is a private one, written and posted as a thank-you to my other sister, Mary K.   988 mots de plus


Madonna loses legal fight to stop sale of hair, underwear and Tupac breakup letter

A judge overturned the singers injunction against the sale of her personal items, citing misdirection

Madonna has lost a legal combat to prevented the auction of personal items including a lock of her hair, her underwear and a breakup letter from former boyfriend, the late rapper… 432 mots de plus


Why You Should Not Set Goals For 2018, And Do This Instead

Here is why you will most likely miss your goals for the new years, and what you should do to meet them.

Source: Why You Should Not Set Goals For 2018, And Do This Instead


An Easy Way To Make Your Small Business More Visible-For Free

No two small businesses are alike, but most want to be like their larger counterparts in some key respects. For example, even if you own a company with only a few really great customers, you want t… 12 mots de plus


Van Morrison Would Rather Play Jazz Than Talk About It

The musician’s new album, “You’re Driving Me Crazy,” is his second release fully steeped in jazz. His favorite thing about it: “the spontaneity.”

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