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« Not my cup of tea. »

those who have no interest

A lot of people have no interest in pushing culture forward, and they could care less what happens to the culture. 342 mots de plus

The Legend of Dracula

From the Romania website:

« We Draculs have a right to be proud… I am the last of my kind » – Dracula, from Bram Stoker’s Dracula… 583 mots de plus


The Myth of the Romanian Gymnast

If you saw the Seinfeld episode about the « gifts » of the Romanian gymnast, you know what I am saying.  But for most of you, all we know about Romania are the famous gymnasts like Nadia, and the Karolyi coaching team.  881 mots de plus


My first road race -- the debrief

Well, I survived my first road race! Wondering how I did? Here’s my official results! Hey, I didn’t get lost, and I didn’t finish last! 437 mots de plus

Being Better

You know you've been in Sweden a while when....

Hej everyone!

I thought in this post I’d share some of my discoveries about life in Sweden and particularly student life in Sweden and how things at first may seem strange or like new territory, but after a while they become ‘the norm’! 500 mots de plus

The Lingonberry Life

What Is a Bordeaux Wine?

From the Wine Cellar Insider:

Bordeaux wine gains its unique character and flavor profile from a combination of the grapes planted in the vineyards, the terroir and soil of Bordeaux, climate and the choices made by the wine maker. 1 249 mots de plus


At PragerU, we have released about 400 videos on virtually every subject outside of the natural sciences and math. Along with 2 billion views, the videos have garnered tens of thousands of comments.

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