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Prerealist Creative Exercises

A truly prerealist work is one created simply, honestly, and spontaneously with (hopefully) little interference from external stimuli. ‘External stimuli’ may include drugs, alcohol, previous teachings or influences, consciousness, purpose and intent – depending on your situation and beliefs. 2 067 mots de plus


Dada (Fragment #018)

I marched towards the library and collided with Patrick near the main entrance. I remembered this boor. He was an assistant at my entrance examination. I decided not to waste time greeting him and just passed on by. 363 mots de plus

Tetiana Aleksina

What art have I seen? Collage

Collage exhibition at Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.


Ranking Alice Cooper's Albums: 27-21

With only three weeks until the most terrifying day of the year arrives, I am here to guide you through the dark recesses of Alice Cooper’s entire studio catalog by ranking all of his albums from worst to first. 821 mots de plus


Emptiness and Form, and the Power of Zero...

I need to see the emptiness, so that I can hear the silence. That’s the latter-day Buddhist approach to life, as exemplified by the Mahayanist doctrine of ‘shunyata’, emptiness, zero-ness, more concerned with the bowl’s field of probabilities than the stuff that you might want to cram in it, the world as potential more than present, form over content, and quite content with that, foregone the shopping trips to outlet stores and brand-name malls, fulfilled by conscious lack and voluntary homelessness, just add a dose of Zen-like Dadaesque do-si-do and lose the logic, and now you’ve got something unique and special, a glimpse of eternity in a spoonful of sugar, infinity in a grain of sand. 158 mots de plus

The Art of Lon Parker - MANIFESTO


Shadows on a billboard, crowns and placards and symbols, puffs of smoke, horns, an engaging smile and cracks in the sky.

The Art of Lon Parker is a solo gallery art exhibition and sale. 83 mots de plus


Dada's Men In Blue

In the recent past, there’s been a debate among cricket fanatics across the country as to which Indian cricket team is the best travelling team. While some who witnessed how the juggernauts of Virat Kohli and his men trampled the Windies in their recently concluded series and the stellar performance in the tests against the Aussies in their backyard last December, claim there’s never been a better travelling team. 772 mots de plus