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'How to Be Single' Doesn't Subvert The Rom-Com As Much As It Thinks It Does

The most popular moment in the packed screening of How to Be Single I attended this week involved a character played by Jake Lacy, who has basically become a stock « gentle feminist sex object » in rom-coms. 759 mots de plus


Dakota Johnson Wants To See Jamie Dornan Completely Naked In "Fifty Shades Darker"

This is something we can get 100% behind….

Dakota Johnson wants her Fifty Shades of Grey co-star Jamie Dornan to bare it ALL in the sequel, … 146 mots de plus


Doug Camilli: Kanye needs $100 million to promote Yeezy-wear

Have you got $100 million U.S. to spare? Call Kanye West. He’s looking for somebody to invest that much in his Yeezy line of clothing, t… 539 mots de plus


'How To Be Single' Is An Overstuffed, Cliché-Filled Rom-Com... And That's Okay

Let’s be clear right up front: There is nothing in the movie How to Be Single that provides any legitimate guidance regarding how to exist as a single person in contemporary America. 880 mots de plus


Rebel Wilson almost crushed her ankles at the European premiere of How To Be Single

Rebel Wilson got in a spiky situation at the European premiere of How To Be Single in London this week. 

The Australian actress had been flaunting it on the red carpet outside Vue Cinema in Leicester Square before heading inside where her high heel got wedged in an escalator. 298 mots de plus


Film Review: 'How to Be Single'

Early in “How to Be Single,” workaholic Manhattan doctor Meg (Leslie Mann) tells her regretfully single sister, Alice (Dakota Johnson), to stop watching “Sex and the City” — a wink-wink inside joke not only because they’re starring in an adaptation of the first novel by that show’s writer and story editor, Liz Tuccillo, but also because in every respect, Christian Ditter’s film plays like a condensed, slapdash version of that HBO hit. 805 mots de plus


REVIEW: How to Be Single

Far too often, Hollywood rom-coms problematize singleness. This genre portrays the lack of a romantic partner as a condition to be fixed – or even a disease to be cured. 344 mots de plus

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