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A Bigger Splash Early Review

In the Q+A after the London Film Festival screening of A Bigger Splash, director Luca Guadagnino said that to make a film about holidays that didn’t feature much nudity would be dishonest. 996 mots de plus

Black Mass - Deep chracterisation reveals there is no honour among theives. (Film review)

Black Mass has been accused of unsuccessfully mimicking its predecessors such as Goodfellas. It’s a tedious and lazy comparison that again reinforces the over-hyped adulation of Scorsese and further entrenched that film in particular as the ultimate bench mark for gangster film perfection. 948 mots de plus

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Depp Kills in 'Black Mass'

By Andrew Fader
In recent years, Hollywood has shifted some of its attention from the West Coast to the East, setting many crime films within and around the Boston area. 677 mots de plus



I realize my reviews haven’t exactly been timely lately, but this is the only one I actually dreaded writing. Black Mass is such a dull movie in extremely frustrating ways. 852 mots de plus


Black Mass

Black Mass perfectly fits its title. Both the title and the film itself suggest a vague menace, one that can’t really be pinned down in a concrete form, but is all the more threatening because of it inscrutability. 830 mots de plus


Movie Review: Black Mass

Johnny Depp is a good actor! I am sure no one can deny that fact! This Scorcese inspired gangster flick is essentially a canvas for… 1 461 mots de plus