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You Think That in Them You Have Eternal Life

You Think That in Them You Have Eternal Life

Love seeks  to save and rescue.     God’s love  for us  seeks  to save and rescue — but,  not everybody cares  about being saved  or rescued.     801 mots de plus


Danger of Teenage Pregnancy

*Low weight birth/premature birth

*Anemia/low iron levels

*high blood pressure pregnancy,induced hypertension

*a higher rate of infant mortality.


Why Do Rockfalls Like This One In Yosemite Happen?

« Rockfalls happen about 60 to 70 times per year in Yosemite, but usually they have an obvious cause. A winter storm has blown through, or there was an earthquake. 261 mots de plus


Shootout at the #Kavanaugh OK Corral

Wednesday features Dr. Ford aka Wonder Woman versus the GOP at the #Kavanaugh OK (boys will be boys) Corral.  The GOP will continue its quest to rush their candidate into the US Supreme Court. 72 mots de plus


Lundi limerick #2

A beetle called Bertie, from Brum,

got stuck on his back in the sun.

A friend came from Dover

and flipped him back over,

preventing a slow roasted tum! 8 mots de plus


"Tingles" - A Short Fiction Piece

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and literally can’t move even to turn off my cell phone alarm because both my arms are asleep.  My alarm will go off for several minutes before my arms stop tingling and I can move them enough to climb out of bed and hit the snooze button  When this happens, I always think how grateful I am there wasn’t a fire happening at that moment. 1 211 mots de plus