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Danger on the road

Several rules, regulations and laws are set in place for road users, whether they be pedestrians, cyclists or vehicle drivers which all are designed with safety in mind. 470 mots de plus


Drinking and Driving?

Drunk driving is a serious problem that continues to cause thousands of deaths each year. Too many lives have been lost to drunk driving. This should stop and all the people must stop driving when they are drunk. 280 mots de plus


The Importance of Character and The Danger of Labels

Whenever I write a story I always use people I’ve met as some sort of inspiration for a character in my work. I like to use different characteristics to create someone who is wholly unique . 563 mots de plus


My bold mission envision those boundless frontier,
Journey so perilous, i need to walk through,
Ample to cover, while i plan all new,
Lessons from past, imminent to my rescue,

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London attack: Westminster attacker identified as British-born Khalid Masood

The Westminster attacker was British-born and previously investigated by Britain’s spy agency MI5 « some years ago » for violent extremism, Prime Minister Theresa May has revealed. 12 mots de plus


Friday night frenzy

It’s a Friday evening at about quarter past 5, which can only mean one thing… the rush to get home for the weekend. As much as I can understand people’s desire to get home and start the nice, relaxing few days off work, it does not explain why people suddenly lose all common sense. 247 mots de plus


The Woods Whisper

They spoke in halting phrases, the elves whispering in the trees, like leaves rustling in the wind.

All hung on branches, or lay on boughs, or leant slumped on boles, dispirited. 243 mots de plus