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The Wishing Map 113

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The Wishing Map

Chapter Twenty-Two: Everything (Continued)

Previously: As they journeyed east, Zack and Gina were haunted by increasingly violent nightmares. 487 mots de plus


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Most dreams seem random. But not all. Have your dreams ever "spoken" to you?

Frankenstein's Monster

There’s something exquisitely morose about today’s pull.

Frankenstein harnessed nature’s electricity, and the power of the lightning bolt, to animate a monster put together by pieces of corpses gathered from the charnel house. 25 mots de plus


Chasing Death

“People were always eager to panic and overthink the dangers whenever you travelled somewhere. This was typical as the whole rhetoric of our culture declared that life was about chasing security and preparing for the future. 137 mots de plus



Merriam-Webster defines complacent as:  marked by self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies. Synonyms muddy the definition though with words such as: … 825 mots de plus


For the Sheep

“For the Sheep”

John 10:11-18 (10:11) – April 22, 2018

The Bible often talks about sheep. Sheep in a sheep fold. All we like sheep. The sheep and the shepherd. 1 356 mots de plus