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Sins of the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Overall rating: 3/5

While I love Danger as a character, her book was a forgettable one for me and I had completely forgot the plottwist at the end. 306 mots de plus

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Deny the Fly

Climate change.

Hope deniers don’t want to travel the (un)friendly skies (New York Times. Opens in a new window).

-Dr. Pyrate


Play Report-More Locked Doors

Having finished their lunch in the raided record room, the party readies to get moving. Benquil hears a sound in the hall and throws his firesilk cloak of invisibility over himself and gives silent pursuit. 1 052 mots de plus


City Of Monster Bunker #2

this is colorful monsters’ second and official bi-weekly podcast City Of Monster Bunker. we continue the adventures of the queer squad from Monster Bunker (original 16 episodes can be found wherever you get your podcasts). 67 mots de plus


Day 120: Speedometer

Panic had taken the wheel, and the speedometer on my heart was dangerously high.


Brian Head Fire crews announce cabin escorts

SOUTHERN UTAH – At 42,800 acres the Brian Head Fire is currently the largest blaze in the country.

Fire crews have worked both day and night to contain the flames and have managed to achieve 8-percent containment. 119 mots de plus



I commit
Moment to moment
Day to day

With every step
With every breath
With every thought


I live
In a state… 48 mots de plus