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Le Brio: What A Cunt

I unfortunately missed the premiere organized by Empire on the 5th of March; I got to watch Le Brio last night. The movie theatre had 6 people (including us), I understand it was a Monday – so I won’t judge. 321 mots de plus

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How ‘Cache’ Negotiates History, Race and Colonialism

Austrian director Michael Haneke explains that his 2005 film Caché is “a tale of morality dealing with how one lives with guilt. Do I accept it? 2 343 mots de plus

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Paris when it drizzles

Grey skies in Saint Germain. It has rained and rained. It has rained so much there has been coverage on the news and items on the radio expressly suggesting activities for this terrible weather. 214 mots de plus


LE BRIO (2017)

A film by Yvan Attal 

Cast: Daniel Auteuil, Camélia Jordana, Yasin Houicha

Neïla Salah grew up in Créteil and dreams of becoming a lawyer. Registered at the Parisian university of Assas, she is confronted  the first day by Pierre Mazard, professor known for his provocations and his prejudice conduct . 200 mots de plus


Cache Review

What if someone is watching and documenting every day of your life ? That is the question Haneke poses through this slow-paced exercise of watching the troubles which commence when a family discovers that someone is taping the exterior of their house and even private conversations, every single day. 693 mots de plus

Psychological Thriller