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Caché (2005)

Caché is a film about an upper-class Parisian family whose lives change dramatically when a series of mysterious tapes are being sent to their house. The recipients of these tapes are Georges and Anne, a married couple, but these tapes are targeted specifically towards Georges who is a famous TV personality and has a show where he has a discussion with scholars and authors about current books. 1 034 mots de plus


Caché - the hidden truths that destroy lives

Caché (Hidden) directed by Michael Haneke (France, 2005)

On 17th October 1961, the French National Police, following orders  from the head of the Parisian police force, Maurice Papon,  attacked a peaceful demonstration of around 30,000 pro-National Liberation Front (FLN) Algerians. 514 mots de plus


Movies My Parents Wanted Me To See: Cache

Cache” was written and directed by Michael Haneke who made “Funny Games” (both the original and the remake), “The White Ribbon” and “Amour.” My parents gave me the DVD to this film as a Christmas present, and I went ahead and watched it before going out to see the “Funny Games” remake in theaters. 902 mots de plus

Caché (2005)

Written and directed by Michael Haneke
(number 390)

I like French films, pretentious boring French films!

Again, I went in knowing nothing about the film, I watched it with Jarrod who also had no idea. 623 mots de plus


A Digital Masterwork: Michael Haneke's Caché (2005)

Caché is one of those movies that winds you so tightly after one watch that a second viewing is sure to be less satisfying. I finally plucked up the courage to give it another spin and while the experience is a different one with all the mystery dispelled, the film is no less impressive. 554 mots de plus


Girl On The Bridge (2000)

A young woman despondent with her life is interrupted during a suicide attempt by a circus knife thrower who talks her into becoming his new assistant. 131 mots de plus