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Il mio miglior amico

-Chi è il tuo miglior amico?-

Il film Il mio miglior amico di Patrice Leconte ruota attorno a questa domanda. Un giorno, lo scontroso critico d’arte… 322 mots de plus

Eroi Imperfetti

Hidden (Cache) (2005) 10th anniversary review

SPOILER WARNING! This review gives away plot twists.

« I wanted you to be present…. »

A man invites another to his shabby apartment. A man with whom he shares a dark secret from the past. 416 mots de plus


Un Cœur en Hiver (A Heart in Winter)

A cruel seduction, or just a man afraid, crippled by his inability to be in love? Violin craftsman Stéphane (Daniel Auteuil) finds himself attracted to Camille (Emmanuelle Béart), the girlfriend of his friend and business partner, Maxime (André Dussollier). 388 mots de plus

French Film


Patrice Chereau directs and co-writes this historical French epic melodrama.

Based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas and set in Paris in 1572, this tells the story of real characters and events during the reign of Charles IX, specifically the powerplay between the Catholics (the monarchy) and the protestants (the Huguenots). 249 mots de plus