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The Lost Son (1999)

I finally watched The Lost Son after lengthy procrastination. My hesitation was due to the film’s topic: child sex trafficking. Not my idea of how to unwind on a Friday evening. 1 235 mots de plus

Ciarán Hinds

Hidden (2005), Michael Haneke

A multi-layered parable dressed as a thriller, Michael Haneke’s 2005 Hidden, delves into the historical subconscious of the European colonizer, swims at the bottom of media manipulation, and when it comes up for air, with blood in its teeth, it does not offer any answers. 941 mots de plus

Dragon Knight: It's Got Pretty Scenery

Perhaps my mistake was watching this when I was under the weather. I came down with something in the middle of the week and watching tv was about all I was up for, so I figured I’d watch something for the blog. 1 278 mots de plus


The Six Greatest Actors in the World

Ahead of the Oscars I thought I’d present my own celebration (and recommendations). My six greatest actors of all time. Six? Bit of an odd number? 1 356 mots de plus