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The extreme edge of my senses
Naked and exposed
For all the world to see

Inside me there are ghosts
Foul spirits never resting
Seeking my doom at every turn… 109 mots de plus


Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel Is Fun, If A Little Unsatisfying

(Source: kotaku.com)

Dark Souls speaks its own distinct language. The more you play, the easier that language is to understand. Dark Souls 3’s new Ashes of Ariendel DLC doesn’t really teach us many new words, but it’s still nice to have a new chapter. 1 153 mots de plus


The last offering

The constant flashing of the nauseatingly pink neon flamingo was giving Jedidiah a massively pounding headache. He tried desperately to look away, searching for a dark place to rest his streaming blue eyes, but tubes of the gaseous light were everywhere, in all the colors of the rainbow, with even a few colors that were totally unnatural. 871 mots de plus

Flash Fiction


Come! let us write dark prophecies
Erase and rewrite histories..

-The Gypsy

Dark days and light days

Ahhhh I’ve missed it here.

Been having a couple bad days recently, hard to get out of bed not really motivated to do anything especially as I’m proper broke at the moment. 52 mots de plus

Chapter 1

Hope For When Darkness Prevails

I know there is a force within me that lures me toward the light and yet there is a competing force that would keep me bound to darkness. 368 mots de plus

Morning lights

Arriving this morning it was still dark and the lights of the media park were shining through the trees at the office!

A cold, but fun start to the morning :)