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Abstract | MOON IN MY HAND

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By FrancescoColomela



Great News!

Great news everyone!  The Golden Lands, Volume 1 is available in all possible ways (well…not really.)


What I mean is that you can by it on Amazon as a… 132 mots de plus

Still Life | Invention of Edison

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By SujithraMunusami



Penumbra: Shepherd (part three)

The two men shook the rain off their coats as they stepped in. Julia stood up.

« Really have never seen a werewolf taken down with such nerve and finesse. 308 mots de plus


The Great Mystery of Teenage Boys

It was some years ago that an adolescent Sister Madly attended the youth group at a local church. Wednesday night ice breakers in this particular denomination ranged from TP-ing the pastor‘s house to passing a marshmallow around the room, using only the toothpicks clenched between their teeth. 716 mots de plus

Sister Madly

A Dark Shadow Creeps

In the eyes if this old dog
A dark shadow creeps
In its blindness
She is suffering

In the branches of this barren tree
A dark shadow creeps… 56 mots de plus