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~ Why don’t you arrange you heart just so,
when the company comes for tea,
those whiskey stains are forgotten,
if but for a little while…. ~

The Perfect Cup of Dark Roast Coffee

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Shun UV out of your life.

They burned the bridge and asked why I don’t visit anymore.

There are times like these when I’m staring at the night sky, listening to crickets and envying their simple, dull life.

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The Fear

Am I waiting for something
that I may never get?
Or vain thoughts of failure
is taking me out of the way?
Or really is it hard… 43 mots de plus


Fame: Curse

Not a word to say,

not a hope to grow.

I know I am wasted

Down and sad and low.

The people they knew once, 92 mots de plus


Sadness or Depression

I’m feeling an intensely deep sadness today that started yesterday. Thankfully I had therapy yesterday.

I had a good cry in therapy…after the initial break down that took place during an emotional flashback. 121 mots de plus


Book Review : The Nocte Trilogy by Courtney Cole

Title : Nocte ( The Nocte Trilogy #1)

By : Courtney Cole

Published: November 3rd 2014

By Lakehouse Press, Inc.

Genre:  NA – Romance – Mytery – Dark – Contemporary… 1 684 mots de plus

Book Review