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I throw the bottle away

And with it your name

No more drinking the pain

That you inserted in my veins

You played me like a game… 26 mots de plus

Daniel Land - "New York Boogie-Woogie"

Daniel Land was born in Devon, UK in 1980, and has been releasing dream-pop and ambient music for nearly a decade. His first album of songs, … 212 mots de plus

Prime Cut

Cognitive Dissonance


The path that was chosen for you

Was never part of the original plan

And as such

Has resulted in a cataclysm

With the vast majority of the populous… 329 mots de plus



Fury coursed his veins, swelling… pulsing, pumping…
Demons of rage dug into him making him bleed contempt.
Resentment unyieldingly and savagely devoured his sleep.
He clenched his fists, daring anyone to come his way. 121 mots de plus

Book Review: Hopeless

Let’s talk about some Colleen Hoover.. This was the first book of hers I ever bought, however I just got around to reading it this week!  955 mots de plus


Whispers: A tale of my forlorn soul to my fingernails
A point of truth occurs on my sordid laps,
I had enough of alcohol, enough of pills now… 113 mots de plus


A White Room

There she was, all alone, sitting in the corner. I watched from afar this girl who I had taken a liken to. I was taken aback by her peaceful nature as she sat with no conflict. 1 154 mots de plus

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