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Painted Devils

Book cover illustration by Edward Gorey

NASA - The Dark Side of Pluto: Our New Horizons spacecraft took thi... Mike Conley

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Slodgy McStuffins (part one)

Little Timmy was first of his family to wake Christmas morning. Before his little brother and sister, before his mother and father, even before the sun – he was wide eyes and hyper bones. 950 mots de plus


Scraps Of Every

Detached skulls laughing out their insides
Rotten cores the destinations of rotting to
Skeletal interplay between thought and action
Autonomous monsters destroying ambition
This hallway leads to madness… 39 mots de plus


Flicker all you want but do not Die

Blazing feelings for one second and an abyss darker than a black hole engulfs me the next moment, the bulb thought to try his best to shine brightly. 185 mots de plus

Random Thought

Falling Among the Wicked

The shadows of life linger here, competing for things unknown,

Silent and creeping—footsteps on wood; echoes driving me to the brink,

Reeling, unfeeling—words misunderstood; piercing deed into bone, 348 mots de plus


Hide and Seek

Why is it that I need proof?It’s like I’m addicted to knowing

The truth

Faith is hard because

It makes me doubt because

Pain feels real and… 326 mots de plus