Mots-clés » Dark

Death's Light

He knocked twice on the door, late one night

When the house was dark, and the moon was bright

I didn’t answer his call, but he still came in… 660 mots de plus


Excuse These Claws

I’ve failed
You unveiled
My ugly
A monster
Under the mattress
Whilst I lay in bed
Hear it’s roars
Under me snores
Excuse these claws… 35 mots de plus

Too Sensative

My thin flailing skin
A layer of white toilet tissue
My jeans and jumper rub and poke
A wisp of a breeze sends me flying… 73 mots de plus

Losing My Thread

Just when
I’m starting to see sense
I lose my thread
Attached to a needle in the haystack
Adding to my ball of wool

The Train

I can hear the train
Tears squeezing
Storming down my face

I can hear the train
I am let down again
I am my only friend… 70 mots de plus

Past Demons

Tangled in the grasping hate

Pulled beneath the swarming

The black cloud clings to us

Obscuring our efforts

Absorbing our will

This spiteful multitude gorges on us… 62 mots de plus