Mots-clés » Dark

There are these moments, where everything stops to matter and nothing, like a five -headed demon rests its claws against your back. You can feel him, but then you constantly wonder if you’re actually feeling nothing. 66 mots de plus

A Curious Visitor

Illness encroached me when I least anticipated it Now there’s time to spend with a horrid visitor That visitor is analogous to what I’ve grown to fear Comparable to who I keep so very dear (My mind is so wondrous My mind is quite queer My fancy is so tenebrous My fancy is keen) Now in the delapidated corridors of my temple Dwell spirits of thoughts I can’t afford thinking. 78 mots de plus


The wrong one.

« You must have killed the wrong girl because I, am still alive. » – she was screaming at her own shadow.


Prose Poem

The dark

The dark didn’t chase you…
It was there waiting for you to weaken and crumble.


Prose Poem

Pinks, Nudes, Reds & Darks

There is no such thing as « too many lipsticks ». Though my husband may disagree. The rainbow of lipsticks on my dressing table is a beautiful sight to wake up to in the morning so it’s hard to narrow down my absolute favourites. 512 mots de plus


Nothing Always Works - In It

I feel like I’m trapped in one of those industrial bins that you see in alleyways in American films, old fashioned gangsters bashing away at the metallic interior in an attempt to reach me through this odorous cage. 200 mots de plus