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Lost and Found

Hey everyone!

So a couple weeks ago I traveled to the beach with my grandparents and cousins for the weekend. I was a little stressed because I had a lot of homework due that Monday, but I was excited to relax and have a good time there. 223 mots de plus


Book Review: Minutes Before Sunset

Minutes Before Sunset
The Timely Death Trilogy: Book One
Shannon A. Thompson
Urban Fantasy

Rating: 4/5

Follow the lives of two struggling teenagers as they try to make sense of the world around them. 706 mots de plus


Earthworm Baked On Concrete Tile

A drop and then another
Rain and sadness fall
The ground soaks up the tearing sky
And to you another flood
You work your way up to escape… 108 mots de plus


The Morning that Lasts Forever

Her nails grazed my flesh,

like ink fading on the ice,

streaks dyed in,

died out.

I asked her to feel me again,

to show me the buried roses; 82 mots de plus