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Death By Chocolate Autopsy Cake

Brace yourselves my dark-hearted babies, this cake is a multi-step project and will take a good six hours of your time, but I guarantee you the results will be well worth the effort. 1 668 mots de plus


My Tormentor

By. Me

The house was quiet


the world was calm,


Calm and oblivious of the torture.

The torture


The torture I felt as I crawled to the bolted front door. 53 mots de plus

The Other Side of the Moon

Though I try
I cannot see
the door of the moon.
It’s face smiles its cold stare.

The moon is a woman
with a man inside of her. 14 mots de plus

A Solitary Song

The little bird flew round in circles

Looking for what once had felt like home

Even though the once brilliant skies

Was now nothing but a bed of dark ominous clouds… 83 mots de plus



I entered quietly. My feet whispering softly over the tiled floor. He didn’t rouse, my poor man. Exhaustion pulled at him, this was painfully clear. 465 mots de plus