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Antti Saarilampi - Tym (Music Video)

Here’s a video for Antti Saarilampi’s Tym. It is time for us to activate.


Lost in time

She had her eyes open the whole time while her hand moved towards the light switch. With a slight flick of her fingers she plunged the world around her in complete darkness. 329 mots de plus

Musings Of An Idle Mind

Odd (No real name for this, its kinda dark tho)

Detached and deranged and oh so strange they did so think they were not real.

So climbing a tower they thought to peel they did a dance and thought to glance upon the high noon moon and fall upon the sun. 32 mots de plus


What Could Have Been

I see worms and a malachite soldier.

There are worms tangled in threads of yarn, parasitic against one another.

— ©️catloverr.com 2017


Inelastic Collisions ~ Love and Other Nonlinear Relationships

And the guy on the radio
Is saying something like . . .
“Crash into me . . .”
And I want to
I really want… 84 mots de plus


Inconstant Moon Lover

Why would I take the Moon as a lover

Perchance she lies reclining in a
Night sky the color of milk on blue granite… 93 mots de plus