Mots-clés » Dark

Cloak of misery

Lone amidst abundant camaraderie

Unloved among tangles of lovers

Years gone by pining for the endearment

A cry for the expended atonement

Scratching the wounds of the past… 82 mots de plus


Thrill Of The Chase

racing heart

makes for blood

favouring the one foot

she won’t escape me


Broken Soul

I watched as the world around me fell
Crumbling from the weight of pain
Tears flowed freely down those cheeks
As everything collapsed into a fiery heap… 86 mots de plus


Welcome...? On behalf of The Monster Maker Extraordinaire ...

This is not a welcome to a darker place

I’m not here to greet you with a smile upon my face

© Kait King, 2015

New Author

WIP - Butterfly Series: I

This is the first drawing of the series. I decide to focus on one particular colour for each addition of the series, with maroon being the chosen one for this. 33 mots de plus