Étiquettes » Dark

her fearful symmetry

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I’m not quite sure where to start with this. Don’t read my Goodreads review for starters. 591 mots de plus


Time Machine

You must be a time machine !
How else can you do it ?
The way you turn
my hard fiery days
into soothing nights… 131 mots de plus



Your love was most present
In my life’s soup
When you were quietly absent

Your sea is a strong wall
Too deep, too intense, too wide… 35 mots de plus


At the stake

« So what’s your plan now, Medavo, » the shivering woman asked the man staked next to her in the bonefield.

The tall, muscular man she addressed simply grunted at her, his attention focused almost entirely on loosening the constricting bands of hemp rope that bound him to the splintered wooden spar. 517 mots de plus


Star Exploding

Imagine star exploding in the night
A thousand shafts invading deeper space
Destruction that could bring a heart to light
Illuminating secret private place
Your eyes explode my universe within… 76 mots de plus


Chapter 1.5

Cloud cover has been forecast over my life for an indefinite period. The nights seem longer than ever because the sun simply refuses to shine. I question if the sun still exists, if it pity’s me as much as I pity myself. 566 mots de plus