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over corpse, words

in hong kong they don’t have real estate for the dead

so they built buildings like so many postal boxes to store the ashes in… 220 mots de plus


It Wins

I can have the most fulfilling day,

the happiest day in my life,

but once the sun goes down,

the darkness within me wins.


Crystallized Nights

You grew up reading Shakespeare under streetlights and pale grey skies, celebrated and seemingly wise drunks like Hemingway were the occupants of your time. Polaroids in your pockets of warm days running into shops that sold records from the 90’s your friends never liked. 144 mots de plus


Free Book Sunday!!!!

Who doesn’t love free book?

I know I do. Here are some of the top free books on Amazon right now.

Craving by Helen Hardt… 1 185 mots de plus


NaPoWriMo - Day 22

Melding prompts again today with Poetic Asides suggestion to take the name of a plant, flower or tree and make it the title of your poem, and the… 158 mots de plus


Tourette Man To The Rescue

Tourette Man To The Rescue


A man tries to rob a bar but encounters a drunk superhero with tourettes.




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