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You dirge on and on. . . (caution, a bit harsh)

What is it that you give up by offing yourself?
The chance that things might get better, that’s what
The chance of seeing snow whipped up on a cold clear morning . 111 mots de plus


Blankets, pillows, and dark lights

There on the wall in treads, my name

I am wise

Beneath The Stars

Failed Exorcist part 2

Cast: Lee Dongahe
Cho Kyuhyun
Lee Sungmin
Jung Suhseung
Lee Min ah
Shin Minrin
Genre:Fantasy, Dark, Romance, Supranatural.

Disebuah Mansion tiga orang namja sedang memikirkan rencana mereka untuk mendapatkan apa yang mereka inginkan. 1 882 mots de plus


Invest in you... Give yourself some time.

This week, and last week if I’m honest, I’ve been finding it hard. Dark mornings, dark early evening, cold, foggy and damp – none of these have had a good effect on my mood. 504 mots de plus

The Glass Box Manifesto | Monsters

Every day, I grow more out of place. Steadily, these days, I am more and more uncomfortable in my own skin. Every hour, things get smaller. 912 mots de plus

J.T. Carlton

Instant Crush

half-closed eyes
our shadows
moving on the wall
unsubtle silhouettes
sketched in haste
in bold and frenetic motion
stark in its execution
we’re writing infinite stories… 45 mots de plus