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R S Thomas and Evans

Ronald Stuart Thomas was born in the March of 1913 in the Welsh capital Cardiff and published as R S Thomas. 181 mots de plus

Mush From The Hill

#Poetry: You Are No Friend #MPBooks

A slightly weird poem today, emotionally driven as usual though, and this time dedicated to everyone who’s ever felt like they’ve had a strange shadow following them…. 253 mots de plus


Lucid Dreams

Breathing in lucid dreams
Exhaling nightmares
I close my eyes to rest
Shaken awake by lies
I am blind and confused
Labyrinthine sighs
Reverie is lost on me… 12 mots de plus


Dark : serpent gives birth to self

“the living being had no need for eyes because there was nothing outside of him to be seen…”

taking a break from writing and brainstorming to immerse myself in other media, this show was slapped onto the front page of my netflix. 189 mots de plus


Not a haiku.

I feel horrible for being absent on here. I haven’t had the time to write because my workload over the past few months has been dominating my waking (and sleeping) hours. 128 mots de plus

EMHS - ch73

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 73: Why is it No. 782 mots de plus

Female Protagonist

The waving man

by Crimson Death (Andrea)

A young male nurse was transferred to the Golden Sunshine retirement home for the elderly. He was on his first round. After seeing and attending the first four, he met Isabel, a former nurse who lived in the retirement house for 8 years, after the formal presentations, the old woman looked at him and said. 472 mots de plus