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Post Script of the Unimaginative (Vulgar)

Nothing good has ever come of this
The truth in lies is full of shit
I think I have all the answers
Locked away inside my head… 356 mots de plus



The stitches pulled and stretched and gave away
The medication weak; the pain, it never did allay
The path, even when straight, still led astray… 118 mots de plus


If no reason to stay is a good reason to go, then no reason to live is a good reason to leave?


The Atalaya

The Atalaya, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Photograph © 2015 Mabry Campbell

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All balloons have busted
Syringes, bent and rusted
Gone are those I trusted
In salt from old tears, life is dusted

Mind so maladjusted
That for which I lusted… 10 mots de plus

Woodchester Mansion

This piece of flash is very loosely based on a real place near to where I live. The workmen’s tools really were left abandoned in the unfinished building over 100 years ago, and nobody has ever been able to figure out why. 451 mots de plus