Étiquettes » Dark

The~grey~ the~ Black.

If you create a circle around me, the voids should be flaccid

if the volcano erupts, the smoke should say the forlorn tales

the markings, the sayings… 90 mots de plus


Midnight Musing

We told the stories

Sang the songs

Built our lives on right not wrong

Stood for truth

Defended weak

Listened in when one would speak… 156 mots de plus


Absence from Posting Day 672

I know that I fell out of the routine of writing every day. I think this is because, in my eyes at least, my life is mind numbingly boring. 328 mots de plus

Jamun Tree

There’s a jamun tree outside my office. I did not know about it until today, when suddenly a couple of climbers jumped over it and rained jamuns over my head. 173 mots de plus


Every Single Dark Thing 

I did it. I finally told my friends what was going on. From my moms cancer to my work/immigration related problems. I felt guilty. That I was blocking them out. 267 mots de plus