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Escaping Charge

I was charged by what felt like peace and wonder,

But it left me as quick as it had entered.

And before I had the chance to summon it back, 8 mots de plus


Day 9

Today I was in tinder and saw this. Does tinder know something I don’t? I just got an std test and I don’t have any new stds. 8 mots de plus


Day 5

The infamous note. This was when I realized how much of an impression we had on each other before we even met! The no questions asked wasn’t even a second thought for me. 44 mots de plus


Days of Their Lives (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Al Saher

Founder & Owner of: Express Feeliwrity

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor and Stories Writer

236 episodes, 10 seasons  268 mots de plus



It sounds almost true in France…

A life lived upon sweet chance.

Nights spent in gluttonous greed.

Days spent in abject need.

Hankering after a lust… 48 mots de plus

Day 4

The first package you ever sent me. Woah. I remember you kind of ruining the surprise by telling me what it was before it got to my house, but that didn’t much affect my already-out-of-control excitement. 85 mots de plus


looking back to a simple life

Nowadays, we are all so focused on our mobile phone and computers, that we as human beings are lacking the what we call « human interaction ». 216 mots de plus