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Up Your Bedroom Decor On a Budget

Step 1: Clean up!

As unattractive as it may sound, cleaning up is the very first step. For your room to feel like one out of a magazine, you need to clear away surfaces like desks, dressers, shelves and nightstands. 650 mots de plus


Ornament and Bell

I painted this little decorative elephant and bell in anticipation of the festive holiday iteration of roving watercolor class. (This particular course is full but you can browse 2018 courses here.)

Margaret On The Spot

Holiday lights all year round

In the recent Discovery of the Week post, I wrote about forecasted snow and the weather forecast was right! First snow of this Autumn got me inspired to write this cozy post. 308 mots de plus


Powerful Hacks and Tips for Water Blaster Cleaning

Today, water blaster has become so popular and is replacing many old cleaning methods. Its popularity can be understood, primarily because of its effectiveness in eradicating dirt and any other undesirable materials, such as old coatings, deeply embedded crystallized salt and other residue without causing any erosion damage of surfaces and machinery. 645 mots de plus


The Godfather 300RON/67EUR

« I’m Gonna Make Him An Offer He Can’t Refuse. » Who doesn’t love a good movie? But if you are a movie buff this minimalist StringArt poster will get your movie senses tingling in an instant. 28 mots de plus


Indulge in Good Living with Comfy Baby Bed Sheets

Babies are the little humans that need extra love and protection. They have extra sensitive skin that needs intense care. For such reasons there are companies that make products only for children. 509 mots de plus