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Demi Moore visita Machu Picchu

Vistiendo un poncho tradicional y tomando fotos fue vista la conocida actriz Demi Moore en Machu Picchu, a donde llegó rodeada de un equipo de seguridad que evitó que otros turistas y los medios de comunicación la asediaran. 206 mots de plus


The Other Ghost (flash fiction/parody)

My life’s pretty crap at the moment. I have no money, my home is being run by this airy-fairy American potter called Molly, my family and friends are gone, I don’t get out much. 261 mots de plus

Ashton Kutcher says group he founded with Demi Moore has saved 6,000 human trafficking victims

In an appearance promoting his latest Netflix series, The Ranch, actor Ashton Kutcher shared details about how Thorn, an organization founded by himself and ex-wife Demi Moore, has been working to combat human trafficking — and the unique challenge the internet poses to anti-trafficking groups. 197 mots de plus

Wild Oats - Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)


Between death and divorce, two women take a lucky moment to get away from their troubles. Only for the source of their relief to come after them. 563 mots de plus


12 Most Expensive Cosmetic Surgeries Of All Time

Seat back and be blown away as you discover the length people go to for the status quo

  • #12 –  Caitlyn Jenner ( $60,000)

The former olympian turned reality TV star and member of the Kardashian clan, made news ( like they always do) and shocked fans to the core when he decided to really come out of the closet and seal the deal by transforming himself from a man to a woman. 1 455 mots de plus

Barry Manilow

Correct officiating impacted Redskins victory over Ravens

The offense, defense and special teams all contributed in the Washington Redskins victory over the Baltimore Ravens, but they had some help. Heads-up officiating by NFL referees had a huge impact on at least two plays that directly affected the outcome. 434 mots de plus

Washington Redskins

The facts, the famous and the myth - PTSD Decoded

PTSD affects 12% of all Australians, so we thought we should decode the facts, the myths and the famous who are affected or have been affected by PTSD. 319 mots de plus