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Kamuina Nsapu Insurgency Adds to Dangers in DR Congo

Kamuina Nsapu Insurgency Adds to Dangers in DR Congo

Hans Hoebeke

International Crisis Group


The Kamuina Nsapu insurgency arose last year as a locally rooted conflict in the Kasai-Central province of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), but has since gained intensity and is spreading to neighbouring provinces. 2 629 mots de plus


Losing God's Money

Losing money always feels bad to me. So you might think losing God’s money would feel worse. Here’s what happened.

Back before Future Hope Africa had a bank account in the US or one in DR Congo that we could transfer money to, the only option we had was Western Union. 706 mots de plus

Stunned - and Inspired - by an Honorarium

“Don’t come with me – this is for you,” said my translator last Sunday.

I wasn’t sure I had heard him right. I was feeling a little scrambled, having just preached in English, from French preaching notes and a French Bible, with translation into Lingala, at a church in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 548 mots de plus

Masauti ya nyumbani (Sounds of home)

Every night I fell asleep to the sounds of my neighbors partying, the dance music audible through the thin walls and crimson drapes. Every morning a rooster awoke before the sun and squawked along with my morning alarm. 343 mots de plus

Further Notes

I recall reading somewhere that some people in Nigeria would eat rabid dogs and think that’s a way to ward off witchcraft, which is practically what some people in the RDC do with cats. 38 mots de plus

Rabid and Bewitched

Admittedly, I find it depressing but even when there were superstitions about cats in Zaire/RDC before that didn’t stop people from owning them as far back as I can remember in some digitised files and an article in 2008 where they’re commonly used to eliminate pests. 85 mots de plus

Notes on cats in RDC

Considering that while there were superstitions about cats in the Democratic Republic of Congo before, they were also commonly used as pest control and whatever use they have in magic would either be marginal and since every African country is ethnically diverse, it depends on the ethnicity and locality. 38 mots de plus