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Where is the Disconnect? A Critique of UN Policies in DR Congo

Eighteen years ago, Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) became the hub of a mass civil war due a smorgasbord of ethnic conflict within state borders, instability in Rwanda after a devastating genocide, and power-hungry neighbors determined to take control of DR Congo’s vast natural resources. 796 mots de plus

Democratic Republic Of Congo

Boat Capsizes In DR Congo, More Than 20 Missing

More than 20 people are reportedly missing, after the boat they were travelling in capsized, on Lake Kivu, in DR Congo. 172 mots de plus


Ebola and HIV in the 1970's

Selmi Nadhem and Hachicha D. Nejib describes Ebola as a communicative disease, meaning  it passes from contact with body fluids, blood, infected tissue from humans and animals and death or sick animals. 1 444 mots de plus


Africa and climate change - an alternative view of Paris COP21

I hear 150 or so heads of state are getting together in Paris. Hope you enjoy the Christmas shopping and a few meals out.

But while you are there – please, do us all a favour. 478 mots de plus


Fifteen months now here in the DRC. WOW! We are amazed at how quickly time goes by, yet at times it seems to crawl. I guess that’s the complexity of time, though, right? 1 306 mots de plus


a pain so deep...the life of a child soldier

Child Soldier: When Boys and Girls Are Used in War, by Jessica Dee Humphreys and Michel Chikwanine, illustrated by Claudia Dávila
published in 2015 by Kids Can Press… 386 mots de plus

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