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Mami Wata, Fairies and Demonisation

It’s been suggested elsewhere on European witchcraft that fairy/demon familiars and witches were really demonised spirits and shamans. That’s the one postulated by the likes of Emma Wilby in Cunning Folk. 166 mots de plus

Congo's Ebola Outbreak Poses Challenges for Bush Meat

For 25 years, Patrick Matondo has earned a living buying and selling monkeys, bats and other animals popularly known as bush meat along the Congo River. 777 mots de plus

Health Matters

Sustainable Agriculture Update

Below are the latest photos taken in DRC of our cassava crop.

Cassava is an edible starchy tuberous root, popular in our area of operations in DRC.  30 mots de plus

Agricultural Projects

Former Congolese Child Soldier Works to Normalize Peace Not War

Michel Chikwanine is a long way from where he grew up in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, but not from the memories of war. They haunt him every night — ever since he was captured by rebels in the city of Beni at the age of five. 453 mots de plus

Crime Against Humanity

WHO Chief: 'We Are Still at War' With Ebola

The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday cautioned against declaring victory too early in Congo’s Ebola epidemic, despite encouraging signs that it may be brought under control. 243 mots de plus

Health Matters

De Limburgers in Congo (1952)

Title: De Limburgers in Congo
Photographer(s): unknown
Writer(s): Marcel Luwell
K.M. Koloniale Dagen van Limburg / Limburgse Drukkerijen, Hasselt 1952
Pages: 140, only 19 photographic plates… 314 mots de plus

Democratic Republic Of Congo

Not the same

Admittedly that can be said of any geographical and continental region but it’s unsurprising that Africa has it worse in some regards. That is disregarding the possible differences between countries. 135 mots de plus