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The in-between yarn

I have some lovely silk that is just begging to be woven, but it has always struck me as being a little bit skinnier than wool of the same ‘size’. 152 mots de plus

Learner Weaver

02- J'interprète mes rêves // v.o.f

Dans la continuité de rêves étranges…

10 mai 2016

Je rêve que je me brosse les dents à n’en plus finir…

Si vous rêvez que vous vous faites soigner les dents cela prédit que vos inquiétudes disparaitront.

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Car door opening etiquette 

You park your car in the mall parking or office parking or wherever and by the time you return you would be lucky if your car door is not scratched or dented. 57 mots de plus


Glute talk : Brazilian butt lift-How to spot a fake butt

So many women all over the world (in some countries it is more common),females pay to get a bigger butt.

Not pay for the gym member ship,they pay for surgery. 1 406 mots de plus


Dents glove museum

I recently had an amazing opportunity to visit Dents gloves factory in Warminster, Somerset and take a peek at the glorious gloves collection of their museum. 223 mots de plus