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Shop till you drop

We went shopping today in Mechelen, the weather couldn’t stop us! What a stormy day…

The first shop we visited was Rituals. When you enter a Rituals shop, you are so relaxed. 122 mots de plus


Les bienfaits insoupçonnables de l'huile de coco

Hello les girls ! ♡

On se retrouve aujourd’hui pour parler des bienfaits de l’huile de coco. Et pour cause, c’est une huile qui est bonne pour votre peau, vos cheveux, vos dents et votre corps ! 414 mots de plus


Hot List: Winter Accessories

One of the best things about winter is dressing up! Dressing head-to-toe in warm accessories. Fedoras, leather gloves, tall boots, fur coats, warm earmuffs – the options and colors are endless. 48 mots de plus

Friday Cool - From Russia With Love

Lady P gets all Doctor Zhivago with a delightful faux fur hat courtesy of Dents. Another little bargain from the January sale at Brays in Malvern

Friday Cool

Two Pieces, Tees and Red

I am usually not a fan of formal clothing style except on men, I mean we can all agree that there is just something all so fine about a man looking all so serious in some fine tailored pair of suit but I just don’t get the same excitement when I see women spotting this look mostly. 116 mots de plus


Parce que le lundi c'est swell. #39

Moi– J’adore ton sourire! T’es le plus beau!

L’Enfant– Moi aussi j’adore ton sourire! … OH! Souris encore…

Moi– Quoi?

L’Enfant– J’veux voir tes dents… 58 mots de plus