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Cleanliness is...the only way you're getting close to Mom!

I was informed by the good people at « WordPress » that I have reached my two year anniversary for this blog. Two years…that’s a lot of soul-searching, personal reflecting, and thinking that went on. 564 mots de plus

Family With Autistic Child


No one likes to spend time with someone who has “the stink.” Therefore, finding the best deodorant for your body type is crucial. Chances are, you haven’t taken the time or the effort in finding the best deodorant. 821 mots de plus


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Black Suede and Wild Country – Cologne Spray, After Shave Conditioner, Hair & Body Wash, Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant – my hubby loves these and smells great and sexy! 25 mots de plus

Avon Beauty Deals

The Healthy Deodorant

One issue raised around deodorants is the question of their connection to breast cancer or Alzheimer’s. Now, this is a highly speculated argument in some circles, however the chemicals, parabens, and aluminum (this is included to function as the anti-perspirant), can leave one wondering. 294 mots de plus

Chemical Free

Hottest day in London since 2006

Tomorrow is a huge day for Bonbon Balloons, the company I’m interning at. Their biggest event is House Festival which is tomorrow and since arriving in June, I’ve been mostly busy helping get things ready for this event. 776 mots de plus

UPDATE: Up to Date on the Deodorant Journey

It’s been awwwwhile, because many things have been happening in my life.  So I haven’t had a chance to regroup and tell ya’ll where I’m at with my smelly adventure. 287 mots de plus

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