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Natural Odour Killers

We all have a personal fears: someone afraid of ghosts, someone of aliens, some of any kind of chemicals (which is a bit strange for a educated person living in XXI century). 184 mots de plus

Skin Care

Maison Jacynthe Geranium Deodorant and New Perfume Review!

Not too long ago, I discovered Maison Jacynthe’s makeup collection and completely fell in love with the brand! I obviously wanted to try more products from their wide selection of makeup, serums, essential oils, etc., and here I am! 628 mots de plus


My favourite and {safe} everyday items

Safe for our health products, a common thread on this blog for sure but it is something that I am incredibly passionate about and quite frankly am astounded that more people don’t care about it. 553 mots de plus


How to switch to a natural deodorant


Why? The aluminum in antiperspirants can be very detrimental to your health. Studies show that it can possibly lead to cancer. By using antiperspirants regularly, the bacteria on your armpits can become resistant to it, therefore, giving you a more potent body odor. 137 mots de plus


I Tried a Vegan Deodorant

Hello and happy Sunday. I recently became obsessed with Etsy, basically since I discovered many stores ship to Colombia, which is why I decided to start this post series called « Etsy Buys », where I’ll tell you about stuff I bought and my thoughts on it. 780 mots de plus

Beauty + Makeup

You can judge me...

All you want. It is free. I deserve the eye rolling!

I already warned you Lovelies that I sometimes (read « often ») have weird ideas. 176 mots de plus


Miracle summer deodorant

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