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Radiotherapy Day One

I was nervous about starting radiotherapy. I didn’t have it with Cancer Number One, so it’s the fear of the unknown. But I needn’t have worried; the most stressful part of the day was getting to hospital (prosthetic limb fail, kids’ packed lunch prep, multi-storey carpark packed to the rafters – the usual). 121 mots de plus

For all the things I’ve posted on this blog and my social networking. The most questions I’ve ever been asked is about this natural deodorant. Are people more interested in natural beauty then high street stores stocks for?

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Review Dove Original Light and Smooth Antiperspirant Deodorant Roll-On (SPONSORED)

Selama ini aku itu enggak pernah pede keluar rumah tanpa pakai deodorant soalnya aku punya kety yang cenderung gampang banget keringetan. Sayangnya deodorant yang selama ini aku pakai bikin kulit ketiak aku kasar dan gelap. 414 mots de plus


DIY Natural deodorant

Besides the fact that this sort of alternative is trending, you hear about making your own deodorant everywhere and the reasons have more to do with health than just being trendy. 680 mots de plus


Going Natural: Deodorant Edition

Today’s topic: natural deodorant. The argument for natural (non-toxic) deodorants is mostly based on aluminum. Deodorants and antiperspirants typically go hand in hand and aluminum (or aluminum salts) is the active ingredient in most, if not all, antiperspirants. 548 mots de plus


The Stinky Truth ... Or ... My (Seemingly Neverending) Quest to Find a Natural Deodorant

Adding to the great posts about striving towards a stink-free (or at least less stinky) life: Deodorants that didn’t work for me, and one that surprised me.  920 mots de plus


Started with the bathroom declutter

Updated from original post on Facebook 10th July 2017 when I was on holidays

Today’s ramblings, it’s a long one so grab a cuppa, take a mini break with me as I sit in the sun on my bed, soaking up the sun – gosh it’s great not to be at work! 854 mots de plus

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