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Sure compressed - experiment

Couple of weeks ago I joined another BzzAgent campaign , this time I have been sent 2 deodorants antiperspirants in the form of aerosol . 592 mots de plus

Mádara Cosmetics basics test

I’ve been trying out basic skincare products form the Latvian organic skincare company Mádara. As I’m not the biggest beauty product user I took on the nice challenge of testing the basics that make the most of my beauty regimen – shampoo, shower soaps and deodorant. 677 mots de plus


Call Me a Lab Rat

The closer we get to December, the more I am looking at topics that I have yet to cover and things I have yet to tackle.   612 mots de plus

Au Naturale 

#WholeFoods Favorite Non-toxic deodorants


Bald People

Bald people should not wear polo neck jumpers as it just makes them look like a roll on deodorant.


No More Yoga-Smell!

The good folks over at BzzAgent must think I have a body odour issue… They invited me to yet another deodorant campaign!

It’s that, or the guys and gals at Secret think I need to step up my no-sweat game. 741 mots de plus