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Hello! Today will have a 2 part post. Part one: a natural recipe for deodorant you can make at home! and Part two: my journey through the grocery store today. 664 mots de plus


Review | Schmidt's natural deodorant

A good and effective natural deodorant is quite hard to come by, in my opinion at least – I cracked one of those crystal deodorants after using it a few times (this was like 3 years ago by the way); maintained a love-hate relationship with  319 mots de plus


Saying goodbye to my antiperspirant and smelling like Nachos.

Over the past year or so I have toyed with the idea of ditching my Aluminum based antiperspirant. Why you ask? Well there are several reasons: 870 mots de plus


I don't Stink!

I stopped wearing deodorant and antiperspirant back in February of this year and I have been amazed and perplexed by the experience. I know the title says I don’t stink and back in the cold weather months this was most definitely the truth. 1 236 mots de plus

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Ubat Ketiak @ Deodorant

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera semua,

Ini adalah posting kedua saya. Apa yang menarik untuk saya kongsikan? Ubat ketiak. Ya…deodorant. Ramai antara kita memakai deodorant, tetapi tidak ramai antara kita yang memilih atau meneliti deodorant yang kita pakai selama ini. 644 mots de plus

The Pit Shop Deodorant Review

These days, I’ve been much more aware of chemicals and yuckies used in commercial brand cosmetics especially antiperspirants. Recently there has been some chatter about the chemicals leaching into our lymph nodes and causing increased rates of cancer and health problems. 1 564 mots de plus

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Soothing Anti-Perspirant Roll-On Deodorant from Simple - Review


I bought this roll-on deodorant a while back and I have hardly used it as I found another that I liked better. When I bought this, I was looking for a new roll on deodorant because I prefer them to aerosols. 430 mots de plus