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Smells like socialist spirit! Mocktastic Bernie 'Old Spice' Sanders puts the 'rant' in 'deodorant'

Hell yeah, it is!

CNBC’s John Harwood recently sat down with Democratic (well, socialist) presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders for a, um, thoughtful interview about the income inequality plaguing our evil economy: 580 mots de plus

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DIY Natural Deodorant for Him

When I was first introduced to natural deodorant, over a year ago, I was excited to try all the homemade recipes I was finding online. I liked and continue to use… 583 mots de plus

Natural Healthcare

DIY Deodorant That WORKS!!

Ever since my doctor talked to me about skin care and all the products we put on our bodies (what goes on goes in), I’ve been trying to get away from all the harsh chemicals and products we can’t even pronounce and go as simple as possible. 194 mots de plus


Divaly Recommends - Summer Must Haves!

Summer’s here with a bang and it’s leaving us feeling hot hot hot!!! Since we’re girls on the go, Vasudha and I always believe in one thing – which is being prepared!! 423 mots de plus


GeoDeo Detox Complex Deodorant-or how I stink pretty

Several years ago I suddenly became allergic to traditional stick antiperspirants. I broke out in a horrible rash and had to use diaper cream in my « pits » for an entire summer. 136 mots de plus

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Long-lasting odor elimination. Smooth‚ dry and non-staining. Non-irritating and aluminum free. Tested by professional athletes‚ this breakthrough formula is totally unscented and guaranteed to control odors for long-term results. 13 mots de plus


First Impression Friday!

Hello Everyone!

I know its Sunday but due to being super busy with work, I’ve only gotten around to this now! This weeks First Impression Friday is on Nivea’s Stress Protection Deodorant! 422 mots de plus