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If you didn’t even know natural deodorant existed, no worries. It wasn’t long ago that I stumbled upon it thanks to friends and my own research. 556 mots de plus

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Honest Company Deodorant Review

I am not sure if y’all know this but I am sort of a granola girl. I don’t eat meat, I always buy organic, and I am recently trying to pay more attention to what I put… 337 mots de plus


Deodoranta Elveda.

Yıllardır kullandığım deodorantlar beni sürekli rahatsız etmekteydi. Kimi etkisiz, kiminin kokusu parfümü bastıracak kadar ağır, kimi yapış yapış…

Antiperspirantlara-terlemeyi önleyici deodorantlara- oldum olası şüpheli yaklaşırdım, içeriğindeki alüminyum klorid ve türevlerinden dolayı. 503 mots de plus


khushboo / ਖੁਸ਼ਬੂ / deodorant

Over the weekend I went into a market and found a Lavender + Eucalyptus + Rosemary deodorant that is paraben, sulfate, fragrance, etc etc free! I decided to buy and and try it out. 211 mots de plus


Natural Deodorant...

After I gave birth, I noticed that my underarm odor was on 1000! Holy! I had problems with odor before but nothing was lasting, and I had to switch deodorants multiple times. 357 mots de plus

Mamas And Motherhood...

Try Using Deodorant Against Smelly Feet

Warmer temperatures may cause feet to sweat and smell even more. Consider using deodorant as one of your strategies against this problem.

Tackling The Day Like A Boss With Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant

Hi loves,

Today I have partnered up with Dove to bring you this post.  Dove is one of the top drugstore brands that I choose when it comes to body care.   399 mots de plus