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AA Skincare Lemongrass & Lavender Roll-on Deodorant Review

We all know how much I love finding new skincare products and trying them out, and deodorant is no different.

Amphora Aromatics (AA Skincare) sent me their Naturally effective and refreshing deodorant for review. 387 mots de plus


DIY Night Out

Come on out Monday August 17 to Hair Creations in Beamsville…

This is an evening where you can come & make your own products.  Experience how simple and affordable it is to makeover the products you normally buy that are filled with toxic ingredients. 80 mots de plus

Diy Essential Oils

Our much anticipated "Probiotic Deodorant"

Stress and wrinkles? I bet you are working up a sweat just thinking about those two issues! Well, give those sweaty arm pits a rest! Did you know that you may be adding toxic chemicals to your body with a product as innocent as an anti-perspirant! 964 mots de plus


Smells Like Teen Armpit

An advertising campaign for Esther & Child domestic fragrances includes a timeline of significant events in the history of the air freshener.

13th century: Domestic refuse and the contents of chamber pots are thrown from the upstairs windows of homes out into the street, with the consequence that visitors bring it all back into the lower levels on their shoes or feet. 513 mots de plus


Product Review: Old Spice Amber Deodorant

This is the fourth deodorant that I have reviewed from Old Spice. This is actually my favorite of the four.

I like Old Spice products, as the scents aren’t generic or medicinal. 216 mots de plus


Natural Beauty: Jasön Deodorant

Rating: 5/10

Pros: Smelled good, nice cooling application, scent lasted pretty well…

Cons: Did not keep me dry, only worked with minimal sweat, lasted only half the day if not less. 285 mots de plus


Of deodorant, wet iPhones, and wedding extravaganzas!

So, it was one of those days.

There are just some days where I just…I don’t know, I struggle.  That time I called the sex line instead of the Spanish interpreter/language services.  840 mots de plus