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Swisse Women's Deodorant Spray - both cruelty and aluminium free!

Finding a suitable deodorant has been one of the biggest challenges since deciding to commit 100% to using only cruelty-free products.

I started the search with… 240 mots de plus

Cruelty Free

Axe's "White Label" line changes everything

Ahh, yes… Axe… The beloved body wash and body spray of middle schoolers across America… Well perhaps with the release of the « White Label » 195 mots de plus


Empties: The February Edit

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

It’s that time again! I only finished up 6 things this month and I was expecting to be finishing so much more. Well, maybe this means that March will be heavy month? 399 mots de plus


"The Shampoo Guy"

   In his 4th year at Swick’s Flea Market and Auction, « The Shampoo Guy » continues to bring necessary products to customers at great prices. His booth is open year-round, every Saturday from 9am-4pm unless there is ice or snow. 144 mots de plus

Swick's Flea Market And Auction

QUICK TIP! Rid those pesky deodorant stains from your clothes

Deodorant is a wonderful invention… one we would not be able to coexist with one another without.

But what happens when deodorant threatens your look? Deodorant may keep you smelling fresh, but what good does that do when your clothes are stained by the residue? 111 mots de plus


Product Review: Queen Helene natural deodorant

Once upon a time I was watching the Kardashians (bear with me folks) and Kourtney wasn’t wearing deodorant because of all the chemicals in it. And I thought, huh? 272 mots de plus