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Nike Pink Deodorant for Women

New summer favorite 😍

The scent is very floral and addictive. For girls into floral scents this is a must have.

Price is also very affordable.

Product Review

Global Deodorant & Anti-Perspirant Industry Trends, Analysis, Growth Opportunities 2016 Market Investments, Sales & Challenges

The quantitative and qualitative data on the global Deodorant & Anti-Perspirant market has been compiled using various industry journals, registries, and conference releases, amongst other activities in the industry. 113 mots de plus

Lady Speed Stick Review

Finally I will write about a deodorant that works for me well.

The discovery story starts with my previous deodorant. It ran out after not working well so I was definitely trying another brand. 464 mots de plus

Girl Things

The Smell

Justin stood at the door, raised his arm, bent his head down, and sniffed.

His armpit had a smell not unpleasant, recently de-odourized, but still, he could smell the body underneath. 208 mots de plus

Short Story

DIY Deodorant

In my humble opinion, no zero waste experiment is complete without dipping your toes into DIY. While there are increasingly more companies and products coming to market based on zero waste principles, chances are there won’t be anything near to you. 375 mots de plus


Deodorant- day 4-allergic reaction

Time to FREAK OUT. I was about to put deoderant on, until I looked at my pits. Red! Bumpy! Surprisingly it doesn’t hurt & im so thankful for that. 392 mots de plus

DIY Beauty

Crystal Spring - Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorant Spray Review

Seeing as I need to be accumulating 129 items for the next batch of days of the #minsgame, I’m going to allow myself a little extra time and so this week I’ll be reviewing the Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorant spray! 374 mots de plus