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Battle of the Pits

I think the title of this is hilarious, but maybe that’s because it’s way past my bedtime. There’s an inherited « disease » in my family. 827 mots de plus

The cheque shirt

I still have his shirt, the one with red and black cheques. I asked him to give me it when we met for the last time. 247 mots de plus

Let's Talk About Sweat

Going cruelty-free was one of the most rewarding decisions I have ever made. It’s been easy finding cruelty-free makeup and skincare, but what has been difficult, is finding deodorant. 294 mots de plus


My summer companions!

Well hello everyone,

How you doing?…. Are you ready for summer? then probably you should do it, cause the sun is getting a little too harsh each and every day. 633 mots de plus

5 Items to "Fit" into Your Gym Bag

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned professional, it is essential to pack your bag with tools for success. Ranging from leisure to hygiene, here’s a list of the items I pack for my workout: 256 mots de plus


Waxxxx Anti Ingrown Lotion

Ini aku pake untuk bagian keti yaa 😁, bukan buat rambut kepala. Jadi aku tuh suka ada ingrown hair kalo abis wax atow cukur. Nah temenku rekomen produk ini buat meminimalisir ingrown hair dan mengurangi iritasi. 119 mots de plus

DIY Deodorant

Instead of tossing that old deodorant stick and adding to the waste we produce why not try out one of the recipes below and put it to good use! 288 mots de plus