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4 Classic April Fool's Day Pranks

Story by Andrew Malloy

April Fool’s day is less than a week away, and the jokesters on campus are plotting their annual pranks. In the spirit of this momentous holiday here are some of the best pranks to pull on your roommate or a victim of your choice. 269 mots de plus

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Sure Women Maximum Protection Deodorant |Review

When it comes to buying deodorant it can be difficult to pick one that lasts throughout the day, doesn’t stain your clothes or leave white marks on your underarms. 390 mots de plus


Empty Products Part 2

Hey guys,

As promised, I’m uploading the second part of my empty products. Click here to read the first part, if you haven’t read it. Again not all products are beauty related. 554 mots de plus


A Bit Hippy Nothing to Smell Here Deodorant - BEST cruelty-free and aluminium-free deodorant EVER

So I could pretty much just sign off here, as I’ve covered the gist of this entire post in the title. But to make sure I completely convince you that you need this deodorant in your toiletry bag let me fill in the gaps. 768 mots de plus

Cruelty Free

Smelly Melly

My previous post about my perfumed Popple reminded me of another story involving perfume. It was the summer before sixth grade, and per usual, I would spend my days playing with my friends in the neighborhood. 1 073 mots de plus

The Elementary School Years

DIY Natural Deodorant

Over the last couple of years, I have been removing chemicals from my life, my home and my food.  It’s a lengthy process and one many people balk at.   362 mots de plus

My Ramblings

The magical white powder

I always wait for the little green man to appear before crossing the road. I drink alcohol only when strictly supervised – if left to my own devices, I cheekily revert to soda water (with a slice of lime if I’m feeling particularly whimsical). 335 mots de plus