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NIVEA Extra White Serum Deodorant [Nivea SG][March 2017][Free]


Free sample to try out from Nivea.

Please click on this link to sign up for the free sample.

The sample will be sent via post to address you key in during sign up. 6 mots de plus


meow meow tweet deodorant: lavender bergamot 🌻 (cf+v)

Price: $14 for 1.8oz, $22 for 4.5oz at meowmeowtweet.com and at petitvour.com
Rating: 4.5/5 for the product itself, 2/5 for the packaging


Let me preface this review by saying: I’m kind of a deodorant connoisseur. 408 mots de plus


Let's Talk About Deodorant

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Everyone’s favorite topic, no?

Let me first say, I’m am no organic earth mama.  I do buy organic things sometimes, and I enjoy living a life with fewer chemicals in my food, but I also love my house to be cleaned with bleach-based products (I’m not feeding it to the baby, just using it in my toilet!) and don’t always wash my vegetables before cooking (sorry not sorry).   302 mots de plus

The Curly Ones

Dearest Joan,

F*#k being a mum is hard. Nothing ground breaking or earth shattering about that statement. Nothing that millions of mothers feel on a daily basis, probably dads too. 521 mots de plus


Safe deodorants are hard to find... (or maybe not?)

One of the things that I’ve been shocked about as I’ve continued to switch out my cosmetics, body care and hair care is the number of reviews that are already out there on safe, great products. 463 mots de plus

Skin Care

Dove: Beauty Finish Roll-On

« When Doves cry… »

Right, guys, Dove want you girls to have the most BEAUTIFUL pits. Yeah, Shiloh & co. (Brangelina’s kids and/or your underarms). 242 mots de plus

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