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Life Stinks Organic Deodorant

Remember when I ordered the organic deodorant sample box from MightyNest? Well, it came last week. Was I excited to try it? Nervous, actually. Because the only thing I’ve ever heard about organic deodorant is that it doesn’t work. 360 mots de plus

Product Reviews

Get A Little Closer

In 1983, Arrid Extra Dry debuted this « Get a Little Closer ad » to promote their deodorant.  Like any corrupt mind, the context of this commercial can be perverted.  266 mots de plus


Deodorant Market 2017: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, Forecast to 2021

Deodorant Market 2017

Deodorants are a personal hygiene product that controls body odor. Deodorants include body spray, roll-ons, sticks and solids, pump, creams, and wipes. 595 mots de plus

REVIEW: Lavanila-The Healthy Deodorant Sport Luxe

Peeps, its time for a deodorant review. The one I am talking about has probably the best scent I have ever smelled and is 100% healthy. 465 mots de plus



I woke up annoyed. I’m not sure what I was annoyed about or why; only that everything seemed to be *just* a little bit more frustrating than was absolutely necessary. 566 mots de plus

Apropos Nothing

Forget Me Not....

There are moments in our lives when we forget something. Happens all the time. Whether it be something important like a doctor;s appointment or your own wedding. 386 mots de plus


Ditch the Deodorant

Since I arrived in Bali, I’ve been detoxing my arm pits. That means that I’ve stopped using deodorant entirely—no powders, no antiperspirants, no nothing. This is a dangerous social experiment, if you ask me, because my armpits naturally smell bad even… 434 mots de plus