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A legjobb természetes izzadásgátlók

Most, hogy nemsokára itt a nyár, illetve már mostanság is volt nagyon meleg, megint előtérbe került a jó  dezodorok fontossága. Mint azt már jó sokan tudjuk, az alumínium só tartalmú dezodorok – bár jó izzadásgátlók – de nem tesznek jót a szervezetednek, szóval ha teheted kerüld el őket messziről. 384 mots de plus

Why I switched to an All Natural Deodorant

Did you know after being diagnosed with breast cancer one of the first things they tell you is to stop using regular deodorant? Although the research connecting the two is inconclusive they are still asked to stop using deodorants with aluminum because of the way it can react with radiation. 334 mots de plus


Peek Me Bye Bye Odor Deodorant

It all started when I felt frustrated by how almost all my shirts have white or yellow stain on the armpit. So one night when I couldn’t sleep, I googled why deodorant stains clothes, and  1 304 mots de plus

Beauty Review

I Made My Own Deoderant... and you can too

Hi everyone!

This last year, I developed a dislike towards plastic – specifically the kind of plastic you only use once. So I decided that I would use the least amount of plastic that I could. 252 mots de plus


Eco friendly - bathroom products (Natural Deodorant)

He guys, back again to share what eco products that I’ve found work well, this time from the bathroom. Now, I’m far from zero waste but these are some of the small steps I’m slowly working on one at a time. 581 mots de plus

My Life


Imagine this scene. It’s a familiar one that we’ve all played out, in one way or another. You’re sat at a relaxing event of some description, enjoying the sounds of people laughing, glasses clinking in celebration and children chuckling at uncle nobhead doing something nobheadish… again. 1 461 mots de plus


Why You Should Buy A Deodorant Without Aluminum?

The deodorant is aluminum-free and doesn’t contain any harmful toxic
substances. You can care for you and your family with this product
without having to worry about any side effects caused by toxic… 6 mots de plus